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Programs that revolve around The Law of Attraction don’t often offer an innovative approach to becoming the type of confident, powerful person that can easily manifest their wildest dreams and desires. Until now. 

If you’re looking for an effective alternative to traditional Law of Attraction programs, then you’ve come to the right place. This program offers an innovative strategy on how to rewire your brain to gain a more positive outlook on your life and manifest everything you desire. 

The 15 Minute Manifestation program was created by Eddie Sergey. It consists of an audio file that contains several tracks that are designed to help rewire the subconscious mind. The goal of the program is to help you get over your self-limiting, negative attitude and gain more effective, positive mindset. The author promises to help you achieve your dreams by closely following this program. 

15 Minute Manifestation Features
  • Instant access to audio tracks
  • Based on scientific research from University College London
  • Includes Deep Sleep Now bonus system
  • A large number of positive testimonials
  • Comes with a 365 day, 100% money back guarantee

Overview and Features 

This package contains a total of three main tracks and one bonus track. These MP3 tracks can be downloaded immediately after purchase. 

The author claims you only need to listen to the tracks once daily for a period of three weeks and you’ll be able to manifest all you’ve ever wanted. 

The audio tracks are the sole focus of the program. The author also believes that by focusing on the theta wave frequency, you’ll be able to rewire your mind. According to Eddie, the theta wave can communicate with the subconscious mind, which he refers to as the editor, and can reprogram it. 

The author believes that the difference between his program and motivational seminars and books is that this theta wave has the ability to focus the subconscious mind and help you bring your desires to reality. He feels that the direct rewiring depends on the listener’s ability to pay attention and open their mind. 

The author suggests that reality is made up of subatomic particles. The theta wave represents possibilities. This possibility is said to be infused in the subconscious when you listen to the included tracks daily.

Audio Tracks

Track one: This track is considered the foundation because it prepares the mind. It can also erase the listener’s negative attitude and beliefs, preventing them from manifesting past desires that were a product of negativity. 

Track two: This track should be listened to once the mind has been rid of past negative beliefs. This track introduces a new story, which contains your real desires. 

Track three: Once your subconscious has been introduced to this positive story, the third track will help you experiment with reality. This shows you how you have turned your negative way of thinking into a positive attitude. 

Bonus: This is the Deep Sleep Now track. This track uses delta brain waves in order to promote relaxation and sleep. These are actually the natural brain waves that are present when a person is sleeping. 


As we mentioned earlier, this program consists of four audio tracks total, including the bonus sleep track. These tracks are arranged sequentially and are designed to help you become a positive thinker, so you can achieve all of your goals and desires. 

This system is only available in digital format. It’s downloaded as an audio file only and isn’t available in hard copy format or CD.

Brain Waves 

The name of this program is somewhat confusing. Traditional manifestation programs focus on using the Law of Attraction in order to send messages to the universe regarding what is desired. The 15 Minute Manifestation system uses brainwave frequencies which are responsible for programming the brain to act in a positive manner. The author claims that this unique strategy is effective because it has access to the listener’s subconscious. 

Daily Use

Each day you’ll listen to the program, which (obviously) is 15 minutes in length. You’ll do this for three weeks. It will be this consistency and frequency that will determine how the program affects the mind. You don’t have to practice any exercises or memorize any of the program’s material. The whole idea behind the program is to allow the theta waves to access your subconscious. 

So, how did Eddie come up with this manifestation program? It’s actually based on quantum physics, which deals with waves that determine how brain waves work and how to manipulate them. 

About the Author

Eddie Sergey is the man behind this program and he created it based on a childhood experience. He goes on to discuss his diagnosis of brain cancer as a child. Instead of taking him for chemotherapy treatment, his mother decided to use natural remedies to treat him, such as supplements and an organic diet. 

The author also says his mother made him listen to audio cassette recordings, which he feels is largely responsible for eliminating the cancer. He goes on to explain that the cassettes used the theta wave frequency. According to Eddie, this helped to heal him mentally. Over time, he also began to experience a physical manifestation of the healing. 

After his cancer went into remission, his next challenge was overcoming poverty. He feels that not only did the audio recordings help to heal his body and mind, but they also changed his way of thinking, eliminating his negative mindset the same way they eliminated the cancer. 

He found himself thinking positively and found many innovative ways to make money, which added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next two years. 

He then began to record voice messages over the theta waves. This is how the 15 Minute Manifestation was born. 

What We Loved

Since this program is designed for people with chaotic schedules, we love that it only takes 15 minutes to complete. 

The program itself is also easy to understand and doesn’t ask much of the buyer other than to listen. There are no time-consuming exercises or journaling required. 

The goal of the program is to help you become a better, more positive person. This is done by helping you break away from negative thinking that’s self-limiting. A positive mindset and attitude is the key to a successful life. 

The bonus track Deep Sleep Now is a nice extra that promotes more restful sleep. 

Overall, this program is easy to implement in your life no matter how busy you are and how much experience you have manifesting wealth, love, or anything else you want in your life.

Does this LOA Program Work?

The author has made it clear that the techniques used in this program have been scientifically proven to work. It worked for him after his cancer diagnosis, and it has worked for many other people as well. The 15 Minute Manifestation program uses a scientific process that reconditions the mind to act and think positively. However, if you’re looking for a Law of Attraction program that will provide results overnight, then this program may not be for you. On the other hand, if you need a safe, natural system that can result in consistent positive changes in your life, then you may want to give this program a try.

If you’ve spent countless hours online, looking at a variety of Law of Attraction programs that promise you the world without any proven results, then 15 Minute Manifestation is the breath of fresh air you’ve been searching for.

The program’s creator is a real person and someone who has firsthand experience regarding how effective it is. He’s not out for a fast buck. Instead, he has a genuine interest in helping people and has turned a personal tragedy into a way to make major changes in the lives of others. 

A Leading Personal Development Program

So, why is this program so popular in the Law of Attraction community? 

It might be because it’s one of the easiest to use Law of Attraction programs ever created.  All you have to do is listen to audio tracks for fifteen minutes a day. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. The program also encourages you to use the creative visualization technique regularly, increasing your chances of manifesting exactly what you want from the universe. 

So, what’s on the audio tracks exactly?

Remember, earlier we noted that it wasn’t so much what was on the audio tracks, but the theta wave frequency the tracks emitted. However, most listeners will enjoy the audible sound on the tracks. 

The audio tracks include the following topics: 

Natural state: This track is designed to alter the limiting beliefs that are present in your inner mind. These limiting beliefs are what is holding you back from manifesting what you desire. 

New story: This track allows you to create a new story. You’ll learn how you can view events in the past differently from the way you remember it. The goal of the track is to help you learn how to enjoy the present.

Moving towards abundance: This track will teach you about the Law of Attraction and how it works. You’ll also learn about the signs to look for that indicate the Law of Attraction is working. This track encourages you to do a short visualization related to what you desire. 

Basically, the audio tracks are similar to hypnosis audio, using a soothing and relaxing voice that speaks to you while soft music plays in the background. 

As you listen, you won’t have to deal with reciting affirmations. Instead, the voice speaks directly to you about manifesting your desires. As you listen, the theta waves are working in the background. 


  • This program is perfect for busy people who don’t have much time to devote to a traditional Law of Attraction program 
  • Comes with a free delta wave audio track designed to improve sleep
  • You will not have to memorize affirmations or complete an assignment after each audio track


  • This is not a traditional Law of Attraction program
  • You must follow the program and listen to the tracks daily in order to experience results

A Look at Theta Waves 

brain wavesDid you know there are a total of five brain wave frequencies? This includes gamma, delta, alpha, beta, and theta. These brain waves are constantly in motion. The brain is able to consistently produce waves at all frequencies. 

Everything a person does or says is regulated by the frequency of brain waves. When a person talks to someone else the mind is in beta. The beta wave has a frequency of fourteen to twenty-eight cycles a second. In this state you’re very alert and active. 

When the brain is in the alpha state it moves at a frequency of seven to fourteen cycles a second. The alpha frequency is a mental state of meditation and deep relaxation. It’s the bridge between theta and beta. The alpha waves will govern fantasy, daydreams, and denotes a state of relaxed and detached consciousness. If you remember a particular meditation or dream that was intense and deep, this means you were able to sufficiently generate the frequency in alpha. There was a bridge formed between the conscious and subconscious mind. 

Theta is a state of deep relaxation. It’s used during REM sleep and during hypnosis. The brain waves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles a second. People will meditate for several hours in order to reach this state to access the perfect calm. 

Theta brain waves are considered the linked to the subconscious mind. They control the part of the brain that lies between the unconscious and conscious and can retain feelings and memories. They can also direct behavior and beliefs. 

Theta waves are characterized by feelings of inspiration and creativity. Theta is the stage right before you fall asleep. 

Scientists have discovered that theta brainwave frequencies can:

  • Promote a substantial reduction of stress in people who are prone to anxiety
  • Facilitate mental clarity and deep physical relaxation 
  • Increase verbal ability 
  • Promote euphoria

Theta waves can be incredibly difficult to experience through conscious effort. In fact, people tend to only experience theta waves in those hard to remember moments right before you fall asleep. However, this isn’t the best time to experience moments of learning and creativity. 

Theta waves are slow, much slower than alpha waves. 

As mentioned, you usually only fall into the theta state right before you drift off to sleep or even when you’re dreaming. Once you do manage to stumble upon theta consciously it’s typically indicative of access to memories. Essentially like dreaming while you’re awake. 

On a scientific level, you can find theta brain waves between four and seven Hz. The delta brain waves are the only state slower and involve deep, dreamless sleep. 

Relaxation And Manifestation

When the brain is producing theta brain waves, you’ll feel deeply relaxed. Theta waves produce a type of detached relaxed sensation, almost like a hypnotic state. During this time the brain can be very receptive. Which is one of the key reasons why this program seems to work, regardless of whether you’re a true believer or not. 

In this state, a person tends to absorb whatever material they’re presented with, which can circumvent resistance that’s present in a fully conscious state. 

As an example, how do you feel about money? Do you think someday you’ll be rich, or do you constantly worry about paying the rent? How do you feel about yourself? Do you think you’re worthy of a loving relationship, or do you find that you often settle for anyone who comes along? Do you currently have your dream job or are you only making enough to get by? 

The point here is that everyone stores these thoughts about themselves at a subconscious level. There’s research that suggests whatever a person believes to be true tends to become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. 

So, what would happen if you were able to fast track the speed at which your beliefs are changed? What would happen if you could instantly think like a confident, wealthy person, noticing new opportunities where before you saw nothing? 

How would you feel if you could begin repairing your self-esteem so that you’d be able to have the type of confidence you need in order to get the career you want, the partner you want, and the income you need? 

Listening to empowering messages that utilize theta brain waves can help you absorb the message, allowing you to communicate with your subconscious at a deeper level for fast, effective, results.

The good news is that 15 Minute Manifestation is a type of guided program that can instantly make you feel good about yourself, powerful, and confident, at an unconscious level. 

Now that you know more about the power of brain waves, especially theta waves, you can see why many people consider the 15 Minute manifestation an innovative way to learn how to harness the power of the mind. 

15 Minute Manifestation Conclusion and Rating

Manifest With Product Rating Updated December, 2022: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

15 Minute ManifestationThe techniques used in this program will not only save you plenty of time, for some, it may even be the most effective way to use the Law of Attraction. 

If traditional Law of Attraction programs aren’t working for you, or if you’re too focused on self-doubt and other negative feelings, then this program may be the answer. 

The author doesn’t promise instant results and doesn’t claim this program can work for everyone, but if you’re tired of traditional Law of Attraction programs, then the 15 Minute Manifestation can be a great option. Since this program offers a new take on the Law of Attraction, you can use it in conjunction with a traditional Law of Attraction program for even better results. 

Since this program is based on a unique strategy of rewiring the brain using theta waves, we think it’s worth a closer look. Considering there have been many studies on theta waves and their effects on the subconscious mind, this program seems more like the real deal compared to other Law of Attraction programs that are mainly filled with empty promises and fluff. 

Overall, we felt that the author made a great effort in putting together a simple program that’s easy to follow and effective. We gave this program a rating of four out of five stars.

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