For many, the law of attraction can be a major disappointment. This is common with beginners because they don’t know how to attract what they want from the universe, where to start, or what the law of attraction is really all about. You’ve tried using the law of attraction for several weeks, maybe even months, and it hasn’t worked. You haven’t received anything from the universe. In fact, if anything, your life is much worse. This type of disappointment has eaten away at your hope of leading a more successful life and you’re about ready to call it quits with the law of attraction for good. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know what you’ve done wrong and how to make the law of attraction work for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the best law of attraction tips that are very beginner friendly and designed to get you back on the path to LOA success. 

Key Takeaway: Following these tips can help you to get a better grasp of what the law of attraction is all about and how to use it correctly. These tips are especially recommended to people who have tried and failed to successfully use the law of attraction in the past. Even if you’re not a true believer in LOA, our tips can help you send the right message out to the universe. Of course, in order to use them successfully, you’ll need to make some changes in how you view your life and set important, yet realistic goals for yourself.

Read on to learn how to successfully use the law of attraction to get what you want most out of life.

Timing Isn’t Everything 

First of all, don’t stress over how long it’s taking for LOA to work in your favor. All this is doing is weakening your message to the universe. You’re filling yourself with doubt and doubt is what is sabotaging your efforts. Instead, let go of your doubts. Don’t stare at your calendar day in and day out focusing on how long the process is taking. Each day, you must wake up expecting that day to be the day. You need that confidence and that certainty. If it doesn’t happen for you that day, be confident that it’ll happen the next. This type of certainty is key. 

Let it Go

Live each day to its fullest. You’ve heard that saying before, and when it comes to the law of attraction making the most out of each day and going with the flow can put you on the right track to a more positive outlook on life. Since like attracts like, this is where you want to be. 

Many people who don’t experience instant results using the law of attraction tend to give up too quickly. Don’t expect to meet your soulmate tomorrow or become a millionaire overnight. Don’t give in to your doubts and your negative way of thinking. Let your negative thoughts go and instead, expect results slowly, over time.

Learn to go with the flow and be grateful for whatever the universe sends you. Showing your gratitude to the universe and keeping a positive mental attitude can help you along your journey to a successful career or increased wealth.

Accessing the True Power of Intention

Power of Intention

One way you can access the true power of intention is to bring your attention to space between your thoughts. When you let a sense of powerful space move through your thoughts, that is intention. 

Try making an intention right now. Do something that’s easy and simple such as taking a drink of water. Follow through with it, doing it as effortlessly as possible. Imagine you feel transparent and light while taking this action. When you’re practicing making intentions doing simple things, this can empower you in several areas. It will also connect you with the energy and feeling of intention. 

When you connect with the feeling of space between each thought, you’re contacting and merging into what you most want to feel, and that’s love. Connecting with love will empower you to change your feelings and thoughts, creating pure intentions. This love is found inside of you, in your heart and between your thoughts. When we’re conscious, we choose our thoughts, we can entertain thoughts, feelings, and ideas to uplift us and empower us. 

When you choose a thought that’s uplifting you’re making an intention. You can make an intention with creative energy found beyond the mind. When you make an intention, it means that you are essentially manifesting an event. 

Pure intentions are writing out a new resume instead of procrastinating and only thinking about doing it. It’s asking a person you’re interested in out on a date instead of just texting them about their day or casually bumping into them at work. 

Essentially, an action is an intention made manifest. So, if love can bring intention into awareness and action can bring intention to the physical realm, then intention creates your experiences. It’s spiritual power.

Enhancing Your Law of Attraction Skills

As a beginner, you may need a type of structured program that can gently guide you along the path of the LOA and teach you how to send the right message to the universe. Programs such as the 15 Minute Manifestation take a unique approach to training the mind to develop a positive outlook. It’s a short program that’s just three weeks in length and requires you to listen to an audio recording for fifteen minutes a day. It’s very beginner friendly and offers some great law of attraction exercises that will put you more in tune with the universe. 

You Have the Power

It’s important that you recognize that you have the power to attract whatever you want. When you visualize what you want but you have no idea how to get it, your first step is to be at peace with not knowing how instead of becoming frustrated. Frustration only leads to negative thinking and negative energy. Additionally, this frustration will narrow your focus. 

Once you become at peace with not knowing, your acceptance will cut through your negative thoughts like a sword. 

Following Your Joy 

With manifesting, it’s your job to help the universe with the process. This means taking guided, intuitive action. You must be at peace, then act from your joy and power. Take breaks and allow the universe to move through you, showing you what you need to do. 

For some, this may seem a little frustrating. How do you relax and allow the universe to do all the heavy lifting?

Many people have their own tips and tricks regarding how to use the LOA and what works and what doesn’t. Do what feels right to you. If you feel more empowered and on the right track when you meditate or do pointed activities that are related to using the law of attraction, such as meditation or creating a dream board, do it. If you feel that doing certain exercises make you more successful with the law of attraction, then you’re on the right track. Do what makes you happy.

Visualizations and Affirmations 

It’s okay to do visualizations or say affirmations, although some people will tell you otherwise. Many people who have been successful with the law of attraction believe that your true creative power is beyond techniques, methods, and exercises. Your true power is a lot like gravity. It will pull in what it needs. But what works or doesn’t work for one person may or may not work for the next. Law of attraction can work differently for everyone. It all depends on how receptive you are and what your brain responds to. If you’re a highly visual person, then obviously, using visualization techniques will help you. 

If you’re lacking confidence in the LOA, if you’re constantly struggling with your self-worth, then affirmations may be just what you need to boost your mood and get you into the right mindset.

Visualizations such as dream boards, or even mental visualizations can be a great way to think on what your goals in life really are and what you need from the universe.

Affirmations can be a big game changer for many people who are normally stuck in a negative mindset. These affirmations are simply positive messages you can repeat to boost your confidence and move. You can write down your own affirmations, which can be very specific, such as goals you have at work or how much money you need by a certain date. Or, you can purchase a book of affirmations or search for them online.

Both of these options are great ways to clarify what you want from the universe and can also help you send a clear message regarding what you need and want.

It’s perfectly fine to practice and use tools and techniques, just make sure you’re truly present when you use manifestation tools such as affirmations or visualization. When you take the future and the past out of the equation, you’ll feel more powerful in the present. You must say the affirmation as though it’s already a reality, separating yourself from doubt in order to set the wheels of fulfillment in motion.

Best Law of Attraction Tips for Instant Wealth and Success
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Best Law of Attraction Tips for Instant Wealth and Success
Learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest your heart's desire, learn about the common mistakes most beginners make and how to achieve instant results.