The law of attraction and its connection with destiny have been discussed in many circles over the years. But there seems to be some common misconception regarding what destiny actually is. Many people consider destiny to be another form of intention, one that was set into motion long before a person was born, even way before their human mind developed and was able to think for itself. Some people refer to this type of destiny as the skeleton structure or blueprint because it’s believed that it determines how a person’s life will unfold. Destiny is also mentioned in some teachings and is described as a path that accommodates a person’s desires and growth requirements, and the goals a person wishes to achieve. But those who have followed the teachings of the LOA often wonder can the law of attraction change destiny? Let’s find out.

Can the law of attraction change destiny? Yes. Unlike fate, your destiny is not set in stone. Your destiny is simply full of life lessons and opportunities. By using the law of attraction you can learn how to attract more positive opportunities and experiences in life. With the right tools and a positive mindset, you can use the LOA to your advantage to live a happier, fuller life. To use the LOA to change your destiny you’ll need to use visualization exercises in order to send a clear message to the universe regarding what you want to manifest. You will also need to learn how to let go of the negativity you’ve been holding onto for years in order to move forward and change your destiny for the better.

As you can see, the law of attraction does have the power to change your destiny, but ultimately, it’s up to you to learn how to master the LOA and use it to your advantage. Read on to learn how.

The Law Of Destiny

The law of destiny is what forces influence in a person’s life in order to ensure they encounter the important life experiences they need to for continued development. Basically, destiny is a series of opportunities that allow us to acquire new abilities, learn important life lessons, help others, and develop our consciousness.

In many instances, destiny is regarded as fate, which is a fixed timeline of events that are essentially unchangeable. But while the words fate and destiny are often used interchangeably, they both have very different meanings.

Fate is seen as a series of set in stone events. While destiny is more of a likely outcome with positive connotations.

Simply put, fate is about karma and destiny is about opportunity. We’re totally in control of our destiny, yet we have no control over fate. We’re forced to our fate, but destiny cannot be forced on us. Destiny is what gives us the opportunity to change a situation to our advantage, allowing up to accomplish something great through our efforts. It can give us the best opportunity to develop our consciousness, however, it’s merely an outline. We don’t have to follow our destiny if we don’t want to. Think of life as a maze. We don’t know where we’re going, and where we’ll end up, however, destiny allows us to make our way through life using our best judgment.

Using the law of attraction, we can change our destiny and ask the universe to guide us through life, providing what we need the most, while we continue down destiny’s path. So, what is the LOA, and how does it work?

The Law Of Destiny

How the LOA Really Works

When you follow the law of attraction, you’ll commonly hear the term like attracts like. The human mind is said to be like a magnet, attracting the same type of energy that our thoughts send out. So, if you’re constantly negative, then you’re basically attracting more negativity into your life. Our thoughts are what influence our life, so whatever we think about the most will eventually come into our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you mainly think positively or negatively. The law of attraction blindly operates. It works whether you’re aware of it or not, or whether or not you make an effort to attract certain things into your life. However, the law of attraction can be weakened or strengthened by the laws of destiny, which means not everyone who dreams of becoming a millionaire or a movie star will achieve that level of success.

In the media, the law of attraction is often exploited as just another gimmick, a scheme that claims it can help you to get rich quick. Many people that claim to be LOA gurus also claim that we can get whatever we wish for. However, that’s not how the universe works. If you want to get the LOA to work for you and change your destiny, setting you on a more successful path, then you have to work for it both mentally and physically. You have to make a conscious effort to change your negative mindset in order to attract more positivity into your life and raise your vibration so that the universe will take notice and hear your message.

The Power of Positivity

The best way to utilize the law of attraction in order to change your destiny is to adopt a more positive outlook on your life and allow destiny to do its work. This means you have to trust the universe instead of resisting it. You cannot dwell on the mistakes you’ve made in the past or even worry about what the future holds because this will only attract negative energy and events. When you’re not concerned about what lies ahead of you, what your destiny holds, then you’ll find that you can achieve success almost effortlessly.

How to Use the LOA to Change Your Destiny

Remember, your destiny isn’t set in stone. Destiny is more about opportunities and life lessons. It’s not unchangeable like fate. Instead, you can utilize the law of attraction to make your destiny full of positive events, people, and experiences. So, how can you go about using the law of attraction to change your path in life?

Before you starting using the LOA, you need to be open to changing how you think and feel. It can be difficult to break your usual negative mindset. Because of this, don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it difficult to think more positively in the beginning.

Breaking this type of habit can take time, but eventually, the principles of the law of attraction will feel much more natural to you. When you feel yourself slipping into that old habit, make a conscious effort to think positively. Visualize your goals, imagine how you would feel if you received everything you desire from the universe and focus on those feelings.

A Much-Needed Change

When you wake up each morning, start off your day by thinking of everything that makes you happy and everything that you’re grateful for. Showing the universe that you’re grateful for everything it has given you so far is very important and it can help to put you in a more positive mindset. You don’t have to think about the same things every day. Try to think about both small and major things that you’re grateful for, such as a sunny day or the raise you got at work recently.

Next, make a list of your goals. Seriously think about what you want out of life. You may want to vacation in Europe, help the poor, or get a promotion at work. Everyone has dreams, and none of them are too small or too big. Try to set goals for every area of your life, such as work, school, home life, even in terms of your physical fitness. Set relationship goals. Do you want to meet your soul mate and get married in a few years? Do you want to make new friends? Do you want to bond more with your children? Write all of these goals down and think about these goals if you ever start to feel doubt or negativity begin to creep in.

The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization

By far, visualization exercises are the most powerful techniques you can use. Even athletes commonly do visualizations before a game. In order to visualize, begin by relaxing. Some people prefer to meditate before visualizing. Once you feel relaxed, allow images to flow through your mind. Visualization can take some practice. However, over time, you’ll be able to visualize effortlessly. As an example, if you want a new car, close your eyes and see every detail. The color of the car, how it sounds when you rev the engine, how the leather smells.

If you have your eye on a house, try visualizing waking up in the house, cooking in the kitchen, hanging out on the back porch. What does the backyard look like? Do you have an amazing view? Is there a garden? Trees? Focus on all of the details.

How to Start Being More Positive

If you’ve been a negative person then you may not have a reputation for being the nicest person at the office. Your first step is being nicer, and working on being more positive. Try focusing on helping others. But how will helping others help you? Helping other people will not only help you to feel better about yourself it can also attract more positive circumstances and can leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

The best thing about the law of attraction is the fact that once you’ve started to get that ball rolling and you begin manifesting your desires, it will work as positive reinforcement and can instantly boost your confidence. You’ll begin to immediately manifest even more, which will help to raise your vibration and attract more positivity into your life.

If you’re a more positive person, you’ll find that you’ll manifest your desires faster than if you’re constantly struggling with negativity. This is because you have raised your vibration, forcing the universe to take notice of you and hear your message. A more positive mindset will also make you more enjoyable to be around, encouraging new people to enter your life or even people you’ve known from a distance to take notice of your positive mental attitude and want to learn more about you. When people respond to you better, you’ll notice that more doors will open for you. When you’re a positive person, you’ll find that people and positivity, in general, are attracted to you like you’re a positivity magnet. Make sure you take the time to talk about your new positive mindset and experiences with others. Many people will find this very inspiring.

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Can the LOA Help My Relationship?

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Final Thoughts

The law of attraction gives you the ability to choose the right path in life. One that’s full of success and happiness. But learning how to change your destiny and avoid many of the common mistakes many people make when using the LOA will take patience and practice.

Can the law of attraction change destiny? Yes. Your destiny is not set in stone. Instead, it’s more about opportunities and life lessons that you’ll encounter during your life. If you use the LOA, you’ll encounter more positive experiences and opportunities on your journey in life. Of course, in the beginning, it can be difficult for many people to adjust to a more positive mindset, but with a little practice, you’ll find that it’s much easier to shake off the negativity and focus on the positives in your life instead.

Can the Law of Attraction Help to change Your Destiny?
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Can the Law of Attraction Help to change Your Destiny?
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