Are you happy with what’s staring you back in the mirror? What do you see? The answer to your questions helps determine just how successfully you can use the Law of Attraction to help with weight loss.

Weight gain can begin with one simple negative thought. When this thought is left untouched and is followed by more negative thoughts excess weight continues to manifest. Excess weight comes as a result of negative thinking and it all began with one thought. However, with positive thinking you can change this and with some help from the Law of Attraction.

What’s Stopping Your Success

You’re probably sick and tired of being overweight or not at your ideal weight. You’ve tried the fad diets and supplements with no success. Maybe you have had success and the minute you stopped your weight came back ten-fold.

But, did you know there are ‘fat triggers’ in the mind that make the body want to be fat regardless of how much exercise you do or what you eat? Surprising, right? These triggers can be blocking your success of losing weight.

But, the Law of Attraction and being loving and grateful to your body can help with losing weight.

Can Positive Thinking Help with Weight Loss?

Positive thinking can really play a huge role in weight loss. Having a more positive outlook and attitude allows you to celebrate the smaller wins and smaller goals that you achieve and accomplish. It makes you feel like progress is being made which in turn allows you to stay more motivated to lose even more weight.

However, having a negative attitude can have you feeling like every set back or small slip up gets you further and further away from being able to lose the weight you desperately want to lose. By having little to no confidence in yourself you have lower chances of having success with weight loss.

Law of Attraction to Lose Weight

When you use the Law of Attraction to lose weight, you’ll find it’s similar to manifesting money. You need to have a really clear vision of what it is that you want. Be specific of how much weight it is you want to lose. The universe doesn’t know what skinny or fat looks like, and it doesn’t know how much weight you want to lose. For instance, set an amount of weight you want to lose and a deadline.

Reprogram Your Mind

Once you’ve determined what you want and see your future self, you’ve already created the body you’ve thought about. In your mind, the ideal body exists, and this is the time to transform this body as a true physical form.

People wonder where to begin, and simply put, begin with affirmations and other visualization that is positive. Start saying repetitive affirmations at least 2 times a day-once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Make sure you do them in front of the mirror and these can be repeated whenever you have time in the day.

How to Manifest Weight Loss

There are several things you can do to help manifest weight loss. These can include exercises that will help reprogram the mind and manifest the body that you’ve been searching for. Listed below are a few steps to take to help put your emotions where they need to be to lead to an increased self-confidence and physical fitness.

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

There are a number of success stories that show how people have used the Law of Attraction to lose unwanted weight. These people have gotten very specific about what they want their body to look like. Spend a little bit of time realizing what your reasons are for losing weight. Make sure your reasons are positive rather than a negative.

For instance, losing weight to look better than someone else is a negative reason. Losing weight to feel better about yourself and to be healthier is a positive reason.

Love Your Body

The same as above, losing weight with the Law of Attraction is easier to do once you already love your body, and manifest a positive attitude. Positive thinking helps build self-esteem and can help feel grateful for what you’re doing now. Make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Dress how you plan to when you’ve lost the weight
  • Make a list of what your body can do
  • Be kind to your body
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people
  • Remind yourself that you have a perfect body

Change the Relationship You Have with Food

While working on the relationship with your body when trying to lose weight is important, it’s just as important to work on your relationship with food that you eat. Pay attention to how you’re feeling when you eat and how you can change it.

For instance, does eating certain foods make you feel bad? Consider cutting those foods out. Do you feel better when you eat healthier options? Add more healthy options into your diet. If you are a snacker, or a binge eater consider determining what feelings are driving these habits and find ways to deal with these emotions, so you aren’t snacking.

Exercise the Mind

Using your brain power is another way to uses the Law of Attraction for weight loss. Work on enhancing your cognitive skills and t his will improve your reasoning ability. It helps to enhance self-control and occupies the mind with positivity. You can do things such as:

  • Switch up your tasks so regularity is changed up
  • Engage with more people throughout your day
  • Use the opposite hand to brush your teeth
  • Read things out loud or have someone read to you
  • Challenge the mind to find 10 ways to use an object

Increase Self Awareness

You need to look below the surface and develop more self-awareness for yourself. You can do this in a few different ways such as seeing yourself active. There has been research done showing that if you imagine and believe you’re more active than others you’ll lose more weight than those who don’t. This is a generalized approach so whenever you set goals, spend time seeing yourself as being able to achieve them.


Most people associate meditation with stress relief. However, it’s great for promoting weight loss. It’s great for visualizing yourself already losing the weight and can help instill positive thoughts in the mind about losing weight. Think skinny thoughts, get skinny.

This can be done in about 10-15 minutes a day.  Simply spend a few minutes on deem and slow breathing while you close your eyes. Build up a picture of you at the end of your journey and really get all of your senses involved.

For some meditation can be difficult, so simply start with some minor breathing exercises.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Affirmations are great when using the Law of Attraction. These affirmations can be simple and positive thoughts and phrases that reflect the goal you are after. They help internalize positive views of yourself. Some examples can include:

  • I can do what I set my mind to.
  • I’m healing my mind and body.
  • I deserve to feel great about my body and myself.
  • I’m losing weight now.
  • I care for my body every day.
  • I care, love and respect myself no matter how I look.

Weight Loss Tips with the Law of Attraction

There are a few tips to help you manifest and lose weight effectively with the Law of Attraction. They help with losing weight more effectively and a lot faster than the traditional methods. While a good and balanced diet is crucial, the attitude and mindset can really help as well.

Get Out of the Spiral

There are millions of people who suffer with weight loss daily. They see themselves as being overweight and wonder what they can do to lose it.  It’s a rather emotional topic for some people especially if they’ve tried losing weight for a while now. Some people are tied up with shame and guilt thinking it’s all their fault.

However, it’s important to get out of the spiral. If you find something is hurting you, get away from it. Cut things out of your life that make you feel bad. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Feel Great About Who You Are

Try not to focus on the negatives as hard as this is. Focusing on the negative will only being more negative to you. Replace all these thoughts with positives. Instead of cutting yourself down and out of things that do make you feel good, feel good about who you are. As soon as you start thinking of things, you’ll see there are a lot of great things about you.

You’re in Control

The Law of Attraction can be an amazing thing. It can also be a lot for you to wrap your head around at times, as you have to get a grasp on all connotations of it. When you feel good and think clearly good things will come to you in return. This is something a lot of people fail to remember. You are in control of what happens to you in the way of thoughts-good or bad.

Focus on Right Things

Everyone gets where they are in life by focusing on thoughts, actions, and emotions. We tend to get what we focus on. The biggest mistake is to focus on things that are bad. Rather than focusing on losing weight, focus on a more positive thought such as being slim or having the perfect body.

Power of the Present

Past is just that- the past and should stay there. The future holds ideas, while reality is the present. When you focus on things such as “I will be slim”, you’re setting yourself in the future. It’s the land of dreams and the what ifs.

However, if you truly want to attract good things in your life, you need to focus on the present. Don’t focus on “I will be slim”, instead focus on “I am slim.” Feel it as if it were real and that you are in the moment.

Change the Reality of How Things Are

If you had a friend who w as penniless and they began to think in the terms of “I will become rich” then that only reinforces and confirms what is real, which is that they are poor. If you focus on the thought “I will be thin” what you are really reinforcing is the fact that you are not where you want to be. You want to think more along the lines of the present.

Make it Real

It’s not going to do you any good thinking “I am thin (jk, no I’m not). You need to think of it as if you actually were. Think of it with honesty and as if it were true. Make sure you back your feelings up and imagine what it’s like being thin and looking great. Make sure you have a clear picture in your mind.


If you are constantly being criticized by someone, you might start believing what they are saying. After hearing it enough, you might start to criticize yourself and repeat what they are saying to you.

Consider reversing those things. Each and every day, think to yourself “I am thin and healthy!” Make sure you repeat this to yourself daily and mentally picture it.

The law of attraction can really help you with your weight loss goals. Don’t neglect the power it can have for you. While it might seem like nothing is changing and happening right now, it can be discouraging for some. However, keep in mind this is all just temporary. Don’t get discouraged and remember that persistence is key. If you are serious and really want to lose wight, know that the Law of Attraction will help you out as long as you are manifesting your thoughts and thinking of things in a positive light.