In this Cosmic Energy Profile Review, we’ll take a deep dive into this system that was written and created by Liz and Ric Thompson. They have worked together to create a program that focuses on the connection of the human spirit with the universe. If you’re wondering what this program is all about, then you’re not alone. So, how does this program work, and what promises does it offer? Let’s learn more.

Our Verdict:

This program will create your cosmic energy profile using your name and your date of birth. Your profile includes a wide range of information and will act as your guide through life. It’s designed to help you understand your relationship with the universe and learn how to manifest what you desire. Your cosmic energy profile will provide you with important information about your life path and the major obstacles that you will cross. This program is a good fit for people looking for clues to their future and those curious about the role destiny plays in their lives.


This program provides a ton of personalized information about you, and most people are impressed with how accurate it is. In fact, many people who have purchased this program have claimed that the information it provides was spot on. Once you have learned about your Cosmic Energy Profile in addition to your Galactic Profile, you’ll have a clear path for daily action. Now, let’s learn more about this program, how it works, and how you can expect to benefit from using this unique and innovative system.

Cosmic Energy Profile Features
  • Seven-day free trial
  • Is based on practices used by the Mayans
  • Low price
  • Acts as a guide on your journey through the universe
  • Customized program
  • Ongoing program support

How it Works

The creators of this program believe that life and the universe have much in store for every person, that it’s merely a matter of knowing where to look. By providing a few pieces of information about yourself such as your birth date and your name, a profile will be created. The program follows the ancient Mayan astrological practices and was designed to help you make all the right decisions in life. Destiny and freedom go hand-in-hand and you can tap into them by using this unique system. You’ll be able to have a better life, a happier outlook, and you will truly appreciate all that you’re given once you begin to follow the steps that the universe has outlined for you.

The initial energy profile that’s given to you is just the beginning. You will also get a cosmic analysis that will clear the path for you by fine-tuning your universal frequency. But the system is more than just a simple profile. It’s referred to as a system because it works in harmony to perfect and create a well-balanced guide on your path to the future and how you can get more enjoyment out of life. Essentially, it works with every aspect of your life, using a combination of the ancient methods that will provide you with an outline of an astral map that is designed to help you reach your goals.

Essentially, it is a master blueprint of your life. It’s a map that’s filled with advice with your best interests in mind and it provides you with important information regarding your future. Research, knowledge, and wisdom have made the creation of this program possible. This means that you will have access to thousands of years of wisdom.

When you have the astral map, the goals and dreams you’ve had for years can easily be achieved as long as you follow all of the proper steps. A person’s intuition is already in sync with the universe, which is why you’re here now.

How Do You Get Started?

By now you’re probably curious about the other material included in the system and how it can help you achieve all the freedom you need and set you on a guided path to reaching important life goals.

The system is all about utilizing the individual energy that’s found inside of you. This energy is tied into the universe and attached to your daily life. When a person is aware of this energy,  they can learn how to control it.

This is a system that involves complex calculations using astrology and astronomy together. The Mayans used to trace their cosmic profiles using mathematical precision.

However, this can only be done through individual information and customization. The authors of this program claim that the beauty behind this system is how precise and accurate it is providing parameters with exactly what they need, which is the lost alignment calculations and knowledge that will provide people with the path they need to follow in order to fulfill their destiny.

Finding Your Path

This program is based on Mayan calendars and signs. It’s designed to help the reader find their unique sign based on their date of birth. Some readers may be skeptical about the results that this type of system can provide. But those people that believe in astrology and understand how the universe can influence a person’s destiny will be eager to learn more about their life path.

The Mayan Connection

The Mayans were brilliant astrologists and were able to map the earth’s movement. They also mapped constellations, the stars, and predicted eclipses. With their impressive knowledge, the Mayans created the calendar, a map that’s carved in a circular stone. The dial contains secrets to the cyclical nature of the universe. While researchers do not fully understand how the sundial works, the Mayans used it to get their unique cosmic energy profiles.

The Earth’s Energy

According to the creators of the program, the Mayan calendar contains the wisdom of the earth. The Mayan calendar has even been used in the past by priests to predict the future, catastrophes, and important events. With the use of modern technology, the authors of this program have been able to adapt this information and the unique ancient system to predict the events in a person’s life.

The Mayan people believed that a person’s path in life and their personality were determined the moment that person was born. Most people are not familiar with how ancient Mayan astrology works, but those who are willing to give this type of system a try will be impressed and a little alarmed by how accurate it is.

In the days of the Mayans, they also used their calendar to plants crops, to predict rain or meteor showers, or to decide who to marry. These days, life is much more complicated and comes with many important life-changing decisions that many people struggle to make. This new system has been modernized and can help guide you through life by teaching you how to make the right decisions, what moves to avoid, and how you can improve your connection with the universe and use that new strong connection to your advantage. This new system will take symbols and information from the ancient calendar and uses Dream Spell, a system that adapts the ancient wisdom and star cycles to provide a unique energy profile. This system combines modern technology with ancient wisdom to create accurate and powerful profiles that can be life-changing for many.

Taking that First Step

Fortunately, obtaining your cosmic energy profile is fast and simple, so you can get started learning about yourself and your path in life right away. Immediate access to your cosmic energy profile is one of the biggest advantages this program offers.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, then you’ve taken the first step towards making some important changes in your life.

Getting Started

Once you visit the website you will be asked to enter your date of birth in addition to your name and email address. You’ll be given immediate access to information that may seem a bit complicated at first. Every person will have a galactic signature. The signature is determined by universal energies that were present on a person’s day of birth. The signature consists of a couple of main parts, the galactic tone and the day sign. These two things represent a person’s character and their inner being. Additionally, the signature is also responsible for your outer representation to the world and to the people around you. The energy profile will show you who you really are as a person and what your true path in life is meant to be.

A person’s life sign consists of several colors. In this system, there are four colors: yellow, blue, white, and red. Each of these colors represents a number of things about a person. As an example, one of the colors can represent the role that you will play in the Universal creation process.

Keep in mind that all colors will play a major role when it comes to your chart. However, there’s also your personal primary color one that will represent the biggest aspect of who you are as a person.

Next step in the program, you’ll be able to learn more about your Galactic tone. You’ll find an entire page of information concerning yourself and you’ll be blown away by how correct this information is. The included information will go over aspects of your life such as your career, relationships, family, and social life.

The last thing you’ll read concerns your destiny in the world. You’ll have access to information concerning what you need to focus on and what you may find the most challenging.

As I mentioned earlier, the day sign consists of two parts. This part will provide an in-depth explanation of your symbol. In the beginning, you’ll find a disclaimer that states that this information will be the most important part of the program thus far.

For many, the included information will be very impressive. Information provided will give you the opportunity to look even deeper into your cosmic energy profile and learn how to make the universe start helping you to live a life that you deserve.

Destiny Chart

Once you purchase the program, you’ll have access to review a wide selection of information regarding yourself and you will get a personal Destiny Chart. So, what type of information does the chart reveal?

Guide Kin

While the term may seem strange once you purchase the program you learn more about your guide kin and how it represents your higher self. This portion of the chart which shows your family’s, and your individual guide kin, and can help you to make important decisions that will have a major influence on the rest of your life.

Occult Kin

For many, this portion of the chart is a favorite and delves into your unique superpower.

 Antipode Kin

In this portion of the chart, you will learn about this special Universal Power that will keep you challenged. This can help you become the best version of yourself. Until you have a deeper understanding of your unique antipode, you’ll probably continue wasting a lot of energy fighting it. Once you have a deeper understanding it will become your biggest strength.

What You Can Learn

This system is designed to help you deal with the many challenges that you often come across and teach you how to easily manage them.

  • You’ll also learn about your hidden talents which will be brought to the surface.
  • You also get a life map that will provide you with the accurate paths you must follow for success
  • The knowledge included in this program is designed to help you utilize the energy you have with the universe
  • Once you know what to expect, you’ll have the advantage you
  • need to get ahead in life easier and faster
  • You’ll learn how to utilize your individual energy in order to attract and manifest what you desire.
  • According to the authors, this is a system that has been rooted in science. The authors of this program have used the included techniques on many people and have watched their lives progress and bloom. Because of this, the creator’s believe that this is a system that has been proven to work.
  • This program is easily accessible online which makes it simple for users who are trying to access it. All you need is an internet connection to download the information. Additionally, the contents of the system are scientifically accurate. The authors have clearly researched the ancient methods utilized by the Mayans and it is reflected in the personal accurate profiles.
  • The arrangement and structure of the system make it very user-friendly, easy to follow and simple to apply in real life.
  • The included information is arranged in a manner that makes it not overwhelming and allows the reader to grow progressively.
  • The creators know what they’re talking about and will give you important information you that can rely on.
  • This program has a focus on principles and alignment that are easy to apply and can change even the minds of skeptics.
  • The authors of this program also offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked so you can purchase the system and keep it for 30 days with no risk.


This package includes a 7-Day trial program that you have can cancel at any time. The trial membership can be upgraded to a monthly one if you want to learn more. There are a couple of different membership options to choose from such as daily or monthly memberships. To learn more about this program, how it works, and what you need to get started, click here to find out more.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Science-based information
  • This program focuses on making positive life changes
  • Easy to follow
  • Low price


  • This program will only be effective if you follow the guidance provided by the information

Final Thoughts

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐+1/2

This Cosmic Energy Profile review is designed to help you determine whether or not this is a program that would be helpful, how it works, and what you can expect concerning the type of information it provides. The authors of this system say that your profile can predict changes in universal patterns and those patterns can help you get ahead in life.

The cosmic energy profile will act as your guide through life, but whether or not you choose to follow this path is entirely up to you. Some people may be doubtful about the results this type of program can provide, that is until they learn that the Mayans followed this same system with incredible outcomes. Considering the money-back guarantee and the seven-day free trial, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try. I gave this program a rating of four and a half stars.