Most people will claim the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them. They’ll talk down about it and criticize you for wanting to give it a go. Truth is, it didn’t work for those people because they didn’t understand what the difference was with setting goals and achieving their objectives.

Setting goals is considered to be an imaginative and also rational process while achieving objectives is known to be an emotional experience and a habitual one.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

When every aspect of the mind and body responses are lined up correctly the Law of Attraction works.

To get the Law of Attraction to work for you, both emotional and logical areas of the brain need to be in tune together. They should be in sync. Similar to a beautiful symphony.

Getting into the Flow

When there’s something in particular that you want and wish for, you’re in a certain vibration as you start to emotionalize your aspirations. However, if you stop that vibration it’s dissipated and then loses strength.

Consider your desires and goals as conscious. Use your imagination or make use of rational thinking. Choosing what exactly you want can become part of the brain’s accountability. It emits a small frequency, similar to the small light that comes on in your refrigerator.

Power Lies in the Brain

Another reason the other 95% of people won’t ever be able to accomplish favorable outcomes is because while they may be thinking positively, their subconscious beliefs, personal values and routines that aren’t in line with one another.

Whether you want to make more money or find your soulmate, it’s not enough to write it down or create a vision board. You need to work on getting your conscious brain and your subconscious brain to become in line together with each other to create coexistence. It needs to be enthused repeatedly into the subconsciousness so that coherence is then created between both parts of the brain.

Visualize It

An inner symphony needs to be created between your subconscious brain and the conscious brain-between ideas, visions, goals and habits.

Make sure to emotionalize your target and impress it to the subconscious brain as you take actions towards what you desire and want to work towards. This is where the Law of Attraction works well for you.

Things People Don’t Tell You About the Law of Attraction

It’s Working All the Time

People sometimes think it’s not working when in fact, it’s ALWAYS working. It might just not be working for you at the given time. The Universe continuously reflects the energy and vibration you’re emitting. If you are telling yourself that you won’t be happy until you have a certain thing, the Universe is going to continue bringing you unhappy thoughts.

You’re Not Going to Nail it Right Away

Manifestation, like anything else, takes time and is a practice. It’s not something t hat’s done once and then miracles happen.

It’s a practice of flow, grace, ease, and oneness with the Universe’s energy. This can take time and since you’re always growing and developing it doesn’t happen overnight.

You Can’t Fake Positivity

Thinking positive and having only good vibes has become a disease. This is because you can’t necessarily be positive all the time.

You hear that the Law of Attraction works as long as you are positive, and it can create panic when you catch yourself thinking about something not positive. It can create resistance as certain emotions and feelings come up. What we think is the real problem rather than the thought.

There aren’t good or bad thoughts or good or bad emotions. The only thoughts and feelings are the ones that move you closer to what you desire as well as those that move you further away from your desires.

Don’t suppress any of your emotions. Be present with them and sit with them. Allow them to move through you in healthy ways. Acknowledge these feelings are present as this will create ease around them.

Inner Work is Important

The Law of Attraction isn’t as simple as vision boards, affirmations and asking the Universe for things. It works on the principle of like attracting like. When energy matches the energy of what you desire, you’ll attract it to your life. It really doesn’t matter if you work hard for your desires, as long as there are limiting beliefs or aren’t a vibrational match, it won’t be manifested to your life.

Try to clear away limiting beliefs and clean up your life a bit so there are not as many negative factors affecting your inner self. This helps you come back into alignment to better manifest those desires you want.

The Universe Doesn’t Work Unless You Do

While inner work is important, your dream partner isn’t going to come knocking on your door tomorrow and sweep you off your feet just because you asked. Even if you cleared away all negativity and limiting beliefs it still doesn’t work overnight.

Nothing will get delivered to your door. There are some things you’ll have to do in order to have the Law of Attraction working for you. However, the action comes from vibrations you send to the Universe, such as playfulness, inspiration and joy.

It’s Up to Timing

This one can be hard in a world that runs off instant gratification. However, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work like that. If it did work like that everyone would be doing it and manifesting things they want.

When you start working with the Law of Attraction, you become conscious about the fact that things are subject to will and timing. When you want and ask for a certain desire, and if you are a vibrational match, the Universe will bring it to you at the ideal time not when you want.

This means you might not get it right now. There may be some lessons along the way to learn before you’re ready.

Sometimes Bad Things Happen That Aren’t Your Fault

Sometimes, things happen. Sometimes they are out of your control and not your fault. You didn’t do something horrible or make any type of mistake along the way.

The Universe has infinite possibilities that occur at any time. Unfortunately, the pendulum can swing both ways. There are several reasons that things happen, and some have nothing to do with anything that you did or didn’t do. Just know that trusting the Universe will be the best thing for you to do.

Why the Law of Attraction Might Not be Working for You

Thinking But Not Feeling

Thinking and feeling need to be present in order for the LOA to work for you. You can’t do one and not the other. If you’re thinking “I have a beautiful house” and even say it time and time again in your head without actually feeling that it’s true, it won’t happen for you.

Thinking is the first step then feeling. Feeling is important as the Universe doesn’t care what words you say. The Universe only cares how you feel about what you say.

Focusing Too Much

If you keep looking at what is and how it isn’t what you want, you’ll get more of it. It’s good to be in the present but try having times in the day where you can shift reality to what you want. Think about what you want as if it’s in the present instead of looking at the present and getting upset.

You won’t see 99% of manifestations until they arrive in your life. So, your manifestations could appear at any given time. Don’t worry about what’s happening right now as this could all change at any given time.

You’re Constantly Checking to See Where Manifestations Are

By constantly checking for manifestations, you’re ending a “where are they” vibe out to the Universe. This practices the vibration of what you don’t have as opposed to what you want. Send out the vibe of having what you truly want or at least what you are certain will come.

But, doubting the process will hinder results and the LOA will typically work slower for you and won’t deliver as fast.

Trying Too Hard

When you take time to try really hard to get something you want you are actually creating resistance and push against it. You have to learn to let it flow without resistance. While you are envisioning and saying positive affirmations to yourself day in and day out, you are most likely trying too hard.

Thinking by Default Rather Than Focusing on What You Want

Changing how you think can be hard to do. Your default way of thinking might be going to negative thinking of ‘what is’ rather than thinking positive ‘what you want’. Manifesting and changing how you think can take a bit of time.

While you think you’ve changed your way of thinking, it might not be enough in order to make an impact on manifestations. Patience and practice are needed to work with your feelings and your mind to bring about the things that you want.

Continuously Asking What You’re Doing Wrong

Manifestations can take some time to come. If you’re trying to create something and it doesn’t happen after say a week, you are most likely thinking “what am I doing wrong?” and “how come I’m not good at the Law of Attraction?”

Things don’t happen instantly. You’re not necessarily doing anything wrong. Right as you’re about to give up is typically when your manifestation was going to show up. While someone else might be good at creating their desires, there may be more to the story. They may have been waiting a long time and finally were aligned up right with the Universe to get what they wanted.

You’re Being Too Specific

It’s always a good idea to be really specific only IF that’s what you truly want. However, it can get tricky if you’re being specific without knowing the facts.

For instance, you want to date a certain person who you’ve admired from afar. They’re funny, handsome, and seem like the perfect partner for you. You want someone you can connect with. Someone who seems to be like you. So, you focus until you are able to attract them. Once you start dating them you realize they are a slob and they have anger issues. From afar they seemed like they were the perfect catch, and this is an example of not knowing all the facts.

It’s good to be specific but make sure you’re careful exactly what you are being specific about. The Universe may know better than you what it should deliver if you’re open to manifestations not looking like you had pictured them.

You’re Trying to Attract Money Rather Than What Money Can Buy You

Isn’t it exciting to sit and picture having $10,000 in your bank account? You’re envisioning a piece of paper in your account which to many isn’t exciting at all. However, have you pictured what $10,000 can buy you?

Picturing a vacation to Hawaii is easier to imagine than a $100 bill. Things come in a few different ways. Money is just one avenue. It’s not the only way to get things though. Here are a few other ways that you might get things such as a vacation without getting money:

  • Winning a vacation
  • Trading your car in for a vacation
  • Using Air Miles points for vacations
  • Someone might give you a vacation they can’t go on
  • Your boyfriend decides to take you on a vacation

There are several ways to get things that you want with use of the LOA. If something doesn’t work that you are trying, consider switching it up and trying something new. Everyone is different so what works for you might not work for someone else. It’s all about figuring out what you want and figuring out ways to get to that point. The Law of Attraction does work, just at different paces for each and every individual.