This Dream Life Mastery review will discuss this popular program written by Dr. Steve G. Jones. if you’re a follower of the law of attraction, then you may have stumbled across this program in the hope that it can help you send a clear message out to the universe. Like many law of attraction programs this system is designed to show the reader how to bring prosperity and happiness into their life by building a solid foundation. But unlike competing programs this is a step-by-step system that has been created to show readers exactly what they need to do to effectively remove the blocks that are preventing them from manifesting their desires.

Our Verdict: This program consists of several unique modules that are designed to help the reader slowly Implement important changes in their life that can lead them down a path of financial success and stability. The program also includes a very detailed step-by-step process that will clearly show the reader how to implement these changes right away in order to manifest their desires and begin living a life of financial freedom and peace of mind. The motivational tools in the program will give readers that push they need to get started making important lifestyle changes in order achieve the joy and success everyone is searching for. The program itself is very easy to follow, making it simple for those new to the law of attraction to learn how to rewire their mind and focus more on positivity, while removing obstacles that have prevented them from successfully manifesting what they desire out of life.


This program will take readers on an honest journey through self-discovery and help them to uncover their true purpose in life. It will help users push to get to the root of their true motivations while guiding them in the right direction and reigniting their passion for life and success. Because winning at life is considered an ongoing process, the author will help to keep this type of momentum going and equip the reader with the skills they need in order to create consistent successful results.

There are many people who are simply unsatisfied with their relationship and their financial status. Unless they choose the right path, the process of finding true happiness and becoming financially successful can be very stressful and difficult. This is a great program that can help people discover the key to happiness, how to find a fulfilling relationship, and how to be the best possible version of themselves.

This system features a very detailed guide that will teach the user how to effectively use the included strategies in order to finally find financial stability and happiness.

Dream Life Mastery Overview

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐+ 1/2

  • Includes step by step instructions on how to implement important lifestyle changes
  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes free webinar
  • Audio track for meditation
  • Important dietary information

How it Works

Aside from a main guide, this course includes videos in each module that the user will watch as they follow along in the guide. There is also an included audio recording that can be played during meditation, which can help to clear the user’s mind and allow them to focus on positivity as they let go of a negative mindset.

This program is an online course that teaches the user how they can harness the five universal laws of miracle making. These laws are used to build and design a life of financial success and happiness. Additionally, the reader will also discover the 3 life catapult habits that can push the user out of their comfort zone and have them motivated to find their path to success. The program will also help to eliminate and identify the five toxic and very common dysfunctional habits and beliefs that can prevent someone from manifesting their true desires. While many programs will focus on using manifestation tools such as a manifestation journal, this system really pushes the reader to work toward their goals and to get out there and get started right away.

Unlike competing programs such as, The Cosmic Energy Profile, which teaches a person how to identify their true alignment in life, this is a system that makes the user work hard to realize their purpose and pushes them to be the best version of themselves, giving the reader the motivation they need to get started living their best life.

Who is the Author?

The program’s author is Dr. Steve G. Jones, who is a clinical hypnotherapist. Jones discovered the secret to creating the life of his dreams and decided to create a system so he could share it with others. In the beginning, the author was $80,000 in debt, but he soon learned how to overcome his financial challenges by unlocking the full potential of his mind. Additionally, he decided to invite his friends to share their expertise on the subject, so they also contributed to some of the powerful information in the system.

Inside this Package

This system’s step by step main guide is very easy to follow and consists of several modules that are designed to help the reader make progress quickly and begin to build their dream life.

The author has spent a significant amount of time focusing on learning the secrets that can help to reprogram the mind. He’s created a program that uses a combination of the law of attraction and neuro-linguistic programming in order to guide followers on the path to success.

This program is made up of several modules that come with videos that you’ll watch as you make progress in the guide. I’ll go over the modules below.

Module One

The first module focuses on how to build a happy life. The reader will learn about what it takes to have and meaningful life while they enjoy financial success and peace of mind.

Module Two

The second module will introduce simple techniques that the reader will follow in order to achieve long-lasting success. This module includes an effective action plan that enables the reader to create better habits that can lead to a successful career and financial stability.

Module Three

This module teaches followers how to think just like a millionaire. The author firmly believes that without actually living like a millionaire a person can never become one. The module also focuses on what readers can do to improve their productivity and how they can find the time for more fulfilling activities.

Module Four

This module discusses the human mind and how the mind is considered a very efficient tool that the reader can use to control many life situations based on their desires. Readers will learn how to take full control of every detail of their lives using positive thoughts and strength.

Module Five

The author believes that people have become slaves of sedentary lifestyles which has led to unhealthy habits and a poor diet. This module discusses how the reader can take action and make significant lifestyle changes by building a solid nutrition plan and by adopting healthier habits.

Module Six

In module 6, the reader will learn how they can create a sustainable flow of passive income. This will help the reader to leverage more resources, while learning how to be self-reliant.

Module Seven

This module focuses on emotional intelligence and how the reader can build a more successful relationship with their partner. It discusses how to attract the ideal partner and live a life full of love that’s emotionally balanced.

Module Eight

Here, readers will learn about the 60-day challenge. This involves a simple step-by-step system that helps the reader to change their old habits gradually, replacing them with positive habits that can lead to success.

Free Webinar

If you’ve gone through the program material and you’re still not sure whether or not the system will work for you, then you can also choose to sign up for a free webinar. The webinar is called The Millionaire Mind Change Method. This webinar is completely free and is hosted by Mark Ling, a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur. The webinar focuses on improving your self-confidence and how to create self confidence in the subconscious mind. Ling believes that this can have a powerful impact on your financial success.

The webinar covers how the author was able to climb out of significant debt within a year. It also discusses what readers can do in order to achieve financial freedom. The webinar covers other important information including the five unknown secrets to eliminating fears, questions, and uncertainties, how to produce a higher cash flow, the four actions you need to take to reset internal riches set points, and what prevents most people from reaching financial success. At the end of the webinar, the author also opens a door to a special program called the Millionaire Portal: 12 Laws of Gaining Even More Money. The only catch is that you must book the webinar ahead of time and you will also not be able to rewind or fast-forward the video. The webinar itself is around an hour and a half in length.

If you’re eager to get started with the program now, click here to sign up.


When manifestation is not working, audio tracks can be used to help clear your mind of negative thoughts, making yourself more receptive to positive thoughts. Positivity is the key to manifestation. Inside this program you’ll find an audio file called Overflowing Riches. This is a self-hypnosis audio track that’s designed to reprogram a person’s negative thoughts for a more positive mindset that can help the listener to attract what they most desire from the universe. The sounds played are designed to help the listener change to A reduced brainwave state which will take away stress and tension, leaving them feeling more confident and at peace.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with this system, then you can request a refund within 30 days of use. This will give listeners more than enough time to test out the program and determine whether or not it’s right for them.

Does Self-Hypnosis Work?

The author believes that using the included self-hypnosis techniques can help to rewire the brain and eliminate bad connections that lead to negative thought processes. This system uses videos and an audio recording that can be listened to as the reader follows along in the guide. But how effective are these self-hypnosis techniques, and can they really be used to help a person achieve their life goals?

There are many people who believe self-hypnosis is very effective and claim that it teaches a person how to stay motivated and focused on their goals. Using self-hypnosis techniques, a person can enter the right mindset needed to reach those goals, leaving a person feeling more motivated, with a renewed desire to succeed.

These techniques can help a person to change their outlook on limited beliefs. The goal is to have the listener feel eager to succeed and achieve their goals. When self-hypnosis is used in combination with the main guide, both can work as great motivational tools. This renewed drive will also speed up the program user’s progress as it helps them to remain motivated and will reinforce a positive mindset and outlook.

Hypnotherapy can work to help a person remain on the right track if they continue to listen to the included audio track and follow the other steps included in the program that are designed to help the user achieve their goals. Using self-hypnosis Includes involving the subconscious mind which can help the person to reconnect with their conscious goals. These techniques can also give the listener the right attitude they need in order to achieve those goals and will keep them on the right path to success. Essentially, these techniques will give a person that extra push they need to begin reaching for their goals and can help those who are struggling to stay positive and motivated.

Creating a Sense of Purpose

This program will take the user on a journey that will teach them how to rediscover themselves to help them uncover their true purpose in life. The goal of the program is to give the reader a major push in the right direction, while reigniting their passions and helping them to uncover their true motivations in life.

The author believes that success is an ongoing process, so the system can help the follower keep the momentum going. This is a program that is designed to equip a follower with the skills they need to play the long game in order to create massive results that are consistent.

What Makes this Program Stand Out?

Unlike other law of attraction programs, the system makes it very simple for the user to learn. There is written content, videos, and audio, all of which make it very easy for the reader to follow the instructions and put the techniques to work. The included instructions in the course include the exact steps that the author took to realize financial success and stability.

While it’s true that this is not the only program you’ll find on how to manifest your dreams, unlike other systems this is the first one that will give you clear and precise instructions on how you can start acting and thinking in order to get the results you want.

But like any program that focuses on the law of attraction, this system will only work if you follow the included instructions closely and focus on maintaining a positive mindset. You can’t expect wealth and success overnight. Instead, you’ll need to focus on your goals, and celebrate the small successes that you’ll enjoy along the way. It’s these small victories that will help to keep you motivated. The program itself does an excellent job of keeping users motivated and focused, but it will ultimately be up to you whether or not this program works, depending on how dedicated you are and how willing you are to make important lifestyle changes in order to realize your dreams.

What You’ll Learn

While following the program, people will learn how they can optimize their mindset gradually and effectively. They will learn how to identify their real goals and carry them out successfully in order to realize financial freedom.

They’ll also discover the best diet to follow that can boost their metabolism, and boost their brain activity, their immune system, and promote overall health. The program also discusses how they can burn fat while they enjoy the food they love, while losing weight without following a crash diet.

The program focuses on how to rewire a person’s negative mindset, showing them the path to take for a more successful life. The system itself is very motivational and provides helpful information that can give people the drive they need to achieve their goals.

Additionally, the program also shows the reader step-by-step what they need to do to implement these important changes and get started on the path to success right away.

Why the Law of Attraction has Not Worked for You in the Past

Many people who have tried the LOA for the first time are not successful. In some cases, a person will give up using the law of attraction in a matter of a week or two because it hasn’t provided the type of results they expected. However, this is a huge mistake. The LOA will only work for people who send out positive energy. The author of Dream Life Mastery has created a program that’s easy for everyone to use, even those who have struggled to use the LOA in the past due to a negative mindset. In fact, It’s the perfect program to use if you don’t believe in the power of law of attraction or you have trouble thinking positively. The author uses self-hypnosis techniques combined with the principles of the law of attraction in order to push the program user in the right direction. People tend to fail using the law of attraction because they don’t give it enough time to work. They expect results overnight. The lack of results can cause negative thoughts to flood the mind, and as you know, like attracts like. So, if someone is feeling negatively toward the LOA, then they’re even less likely to see the results they’re hoping for. So, how does the author teach us how to use the LOA more effectively?

Celebrating Every Success

Even the smallest successes should be celebrated. This will help to further motivate you to continue to use the program and achieve bigger and better results. The included videos, the guide, and the audio track can be listened to daily to keep a person motivated and on track. Basically, this program is designed to get the user pumped up and ready for action. By listening to the program’s self-hypnosis audio track and focusing on goals, celebrating every victory, big or small, the user will have the best chance at finally achieving success.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The program is well-structured
  • The system is designed to change negative thought patterns that can prevent the LOA from working
  • This system is based on proven scientific methods
  • Immediate access to the program after purchase


  • There is no one-on-one support from the author
  • The system is available in digital format only
  • Readers must follow the instructions exactly, in order to see results

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: [star rating=”4.5” numeric=”yes”]

The Dream Life Mastery program will teach you how to alter your attitude and remove any obstacles that can be preventing you from successfully manifesting what you desire. It also includes information on what successful millionaires have done to achieve financial abundance. In the guide, you’ll find that the steps are clear and easy to follow, and the advice that is given is motivational and logical. Regardless of the stage of life that you’re presently in, this is a system that can clear your mind and help you to develop the right mental attitude towards success. I gave this program a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.