December, 2019


If you have tried programs in the past that are designed to teach you how to use the law of attraction, but you didn’t have any success, then the Einstein Success Code may be the answer.

We guarantee that you’ve never come across a program quite like this before. In fact, it makes some pretty outlandish claims regarding how you can finally achieve the success and wealth you’ve been working for, but does it really work? 

These days, everyone is searching for a way to achieve their goals and live the life they so desperately want. But many don’t know where to turn or have the tools they need to make it happen. That’s where Einstein Success Code comes in.

Its philosophy may seem unconventional, even to the true law of attraction believer. 

In this Einstein Success Code review, we’ll learn more about this exciting new program and determine whether or not it can really set you up for success.


If you’re a believer in the law of attraction, then this program may offer some interesting information and techniques that you can use in order to meet your goals and send out the right message to the universe. But it can also leave you feeling a little confused and a little disheartened considering the author makes some pretty amazing claims regarding what this program can really do. 

This program was created by Kevin Rogers and is designed to teach you how you can switch on the secret neural loophole in your mind. The author claims that this program can help you to uncover your true purpose in life, using a number of innovative techniques. But does it really work, or is this program simply a scam? 

Let’s find out. 

Albert Einstein was a man to be admired. Wealthy, intelligent, successful, and happy, his success is what dreams are made of. So, it comes as no surprise that the author chose Einstein as the subject of his study. 

In terms of originality, we really have to give it to the author. Rogers claims that Albert Einstein discovered a secret neural loophole that helped him to attract recognition, money, and fame. 

By following this program, you’ll experience unlimited energy and creativity, which can help to put you on a more successful, purposeful path in life. The program focuses on using manifestation in order to attract what you desire out of life, with the help of the thirteen Einstein thought patterns. 

This program delves into these thirteen thought patterns that Einstein himself supposedly used, in order to achieve fame and fortune. 

The patterns included in the program are as follows:

Force harnessing: This app is designed to allow readers to view the world in the same manner that Einstein did. Essentially, you’ll enjoy a totally new mindset in which you truly believe the world is full of endless possibilities. 

Define purpose: Here, you’ll find essential information about yourself

Bulletproof confidence: You’ll learn how to become more confident in yourself.

Superpower activator: Learn how you can instantly transform your negative thought process and look at the world in a more positive light. 

Flow state: Determine what your goals in life really are and how you can achieve them.

Become unstoppable: Get that motivation you need to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles in your path. 

Bold risk taker: Learn how to be more confident in your decision making. 

Lateral thinking: A guide that can help you take control of your life. 

CEO mind: How to overcome hardships in your life and how you can make wiser decisions. 

Action jump starter: How to advance in life 

Brain rejuvenator: Learn how to overcome personal limitations 

Negative pattern: This guide trains your brain to stop dwelling on the past and instead focus on your future goals 

Wealth accelerator: This guide will motivate you to make serious positive changes in your life, starting today. 

How this Program Works 

In a nutshell, the author claims that this program can help you focus on your true goals in life while also improving brain function and providing you with the type of motivation you need to make things happen. 

The steps included in the guide that is designed to make this happen are supposed to be followed daily. 

So, what exactly does the program teach you?

  • You’ll learn how to view the world just like Albert Einstein did. What does this mean exactly? You’ll have Einstein’s powerful mindset, confidence, and positive outlook on the world. The author believes Einstein tapped into a powerful portion of the brain that most people aren’t aware exists, and this is how he became so powerful and successful. 
  • The program will give your mind a makeover, turning your negative thinking into positive thinking. You’ll stop dwelling on the mistakes you made in the past. You won’t let obstacles in your path get in the way of reaching your goals. 
  • Do you want Einstein level power and confidence? This program will show you how you can totally transform your mind, making you feel more powerful, confident, and motivated to make some serious changes in your life. 
  • The author claims this program provides the fastest path to success, teaching you how to finally overcome the barriers in your life that have prevented your success in the past. 
  • The thirteen codes work to activate the brain in order to help you become an influential person who has the power to manifest whatever you desire from the universe. 

A Clear Look at the Program 

What can we say about a program that claims you can tap into an unknown power in the brain in order to access that hidden pathway that instantly changes everything that’s prevented you from being the person you were meant to be? The author shovels out a lot of food for thought, but at the same time, it can be too much to swallow. 

As an example, Rogers states that his guide can help you find that missing link in order to instantly change the way you think so you can become a more positive person. This is accomplished by accessing the hidden neural pathway that Einstein discovered. 

The program includes the thirteen codes that Einstein himself is said to have used to improve his brain building capacity in order to achieve fame, fortune, influence, and success. 

So, can this program really help you to activate your brain and unlock the power of your mind? If you’re a believer in the law of attraction and manifestation, then this program may be right up your alley, but most skeptics will immediately pass this program over. 

What We Loved 

We love that this program takes a unique approach to using the law of attraction. This path is similar to the one you’ll find with most LOA programs; however, the author has specifically studied Einstein to learn what led to his successes and uses him as the prime example that the universe listens when you send out the right message. 

The true strength of the program lies in the fact that it encourages readers to use their problem-solving skills in a more creative manner. The program doesn’t just provide theories regarding how to improve brain power and function, it discusses how to use it. 

The author will discuss at length how Einstein came up with new ideas and how these new ideas and methods led him to success and wealth. 

Rogers really pushes readers to dig deep for that confidence they’ve been lacking. Only with motivation and confidence can you set out to achieve your goals and achieve the success you’ve been working for. 

Money-Back Guarantee

This program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. So, if you’re unsatisfied with this program and the results you can contact the customer support team and request a refund. 

Author’s Claims 

As you can see, the author has created a unique program that’s partially based on the law of attraction with the legend Albert Einstein at the center. The program is designed to give you the skills you need to achieve your dreams and the ability to stay motivated. If you’re someone who has struggled with a lack of self-confidence, and you’re interested in learning how to harness the powers of the universe, then this program may be worth a read. But the author will lose some of us along the way with his assurance that the program solely revolves around the great mind of Albert Einstein, especially since he lacks the proof or research to back this up. 

While it may be true that the author spent several years researching the life of Albert Einstein, there’s really no way to be sure exactly what the legend’s thought process was, other than to assume that he must have been very confident in his research and abilities in order to achieve what he did. But that doesn’t take years of research to conclude. 

The program itself lacks the type of structure some people need when studying the law of attraction. Competing programs such as the 15 Minute Manifestation or the Manifestation Miracle are more straightforward and includes manifestation tips and important guides and tools that readers can rely on in order to better grasp this subject. 

Rogers instead, has taken the approach of rambling on about this subject and doesn’t offer much in terms of exercises or study guides. 

Fortunately, this program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if necessary. 

Included Bonuses 

To tempt you into buying this out of the world program the author has included three bonuses. These bonuses really aren’t anything to write home about, but for some, they do feature some intriguing content and techniques that will allow you to get a little more out of this program. 

The first bonus is called the Neural Networking Success Manual. Inside, you’ll find neural networking secrets that will allow you to upload new pathways to your brain. These are said to be the very same pathways that Einstein used in order to manifest fame, success, and wealth. 

The second bonus is called Wired for Success. In this guide, the author will go over how to reprogram your brain in order to become as confident and as successful as Einstein. 

The last bonus is titled Ultimate Success Supercharger. This is a twenty-part audio series that will help you reprogram your mind for success. Each audio recording is just five minutes, so you can listen to most of the audio tracks in one sitting if you can get through it. 

The Einstein Success Code shows you how you need to think and thereby reshapes your attitude. 

Can this Program Reprogram Your Way of Thinking?

Reprogram Your Way of Thinking

If you’ve had experience with the LOA in the past and you want to try a different path, the author certainly comes up with a unique approach to harnessing the power of the universe using positive thinking. 

These days, anything is possible. So, if you’re interested in exploring the secret neural loophole in your brain, the same one that led Einstein to fame and fortune, you may want to download this program ASAP. 

Can the Einstein Success Code teach you how to become more confident in yourself, teach you how to use the law of attraction to manifest success and fortune, and essentially change who you are for the better?

This will mainly depend on how willing the reader is to change and what they themselves can do to make more positive changes in their life. If you’re committed to the program and follow the included material, there’s no doubt you can end up with a positive mental attitude, but some of the author’s claims are simply unrealistic and unreasonable, even for the law of attraction believer. 

How to Behave Like a Millionaire

The author solely believes that one of the keys to success is confidence. A negative outlook, despair, hopelessness, and a lack of motivation can all set you up for failure. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to exude the confidence of a millionaire. In Wired for Success, that’s the focus. You’ll learn how to behave like you’re wealthy in order to achieve wealth. Seems simple enough. 

How this Program Relates to the Teachings of The Law of Attraction 

The LOA revolves around positive thinking. But it’s also true that the powers of the universe are at work, whether you send out a specific message or not. 

One of the many downfalls that hinder LOA results is the fact that most people simply don’t have confidence that it will work. They can also be consumed by feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt, all of which is a recipe for failure, at least as far as the law of attraction is concerned. 

But most programs that are based on how to use the law of attraction focus on exercises that teach you how to send a clear message to the universe. Many will also come with exercises you can use that will help you combat negative thinking. 

In this way, this program is somewhat similar, teaching you how to feel self-assured that success, wealth, and happiness, are only moments away. But the program doesn’t really teach you much in terms of what the LOA is and what changes in your life you can make now to get the ball rolling. 

It does provide ways to gain self-confidence and tune into your self-worth, but using the LOA is so much more than that. 

However, if you’re someone who often struggles with negative thinking or you feel that you’re undeserving of success, then this program can help boost your self-confidence and may even help you learn more about yourself and why you were not successful with using the law of attraction the first time around. 


  • The step by step system is easy to follow 
  • Comes with thirteen access codes that you can apply to every aspect of your life 
  • Three free bonuses
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can provide the reader with more self-confidence 
  • Sixty-day money back guarantee
  • Available for immediate download after purchase 
  • The audio series consists of short five-minute sessions 


  • The claims of exploring secret neural pathways seem pretty farfetched
  • There is no hard copy of the program available 
  • The author bases his program on a person he has researched over the years but cannot provide any proof of his findings

Summing it Up 

This program revolves around spiritual manifestation and the concept that it’s possible to reprogram your brain in order to become as successful as Albert Einstein. This is done by accessing a hidden neural pathway that supposedly Einstein himself used. 

This program is designed to show you exactly how you can become just as wealthy and successful as Einstein using the included information and techniques provided by the author Keven Rogers. Rogers claims he came up with the program after years of researching Einstein. However, you won’t find any information regarding this research or the credentials of this self-proclaimed neuro researcher. 

There is a total of thirteen success codes included that the author claims are designed to help you achieve happiness, fame, wealth, and love. The author wants you to believe that the program will help you manifest everything you desire. The program is designed to remove doubt and fear from your mind, allowing the neuro pathways to overflow with creativity. 

Since Einstein is one of the most successful people in history, the author believes that he has discovered the key to Einstein’s success. Einstein believed that thoughts are energy, thus thoughts have frequencies. When you have positive thoughts the frequency vibration is high. When you have negative thoughts, the frequency is very low. Because of this, in order to be successful, you’ll need to learn how to reprogram your brain in order to reach that constant higher frequency. This program claims it can help you develop the ability to control negative thoughts, develop positive thoughts, and can teach you how you can become successful in order to get everything you want. 

However, the author cautions that you shouldn’t expect to get instant results. 

If you’ve read this Einstein Success Code review you may have realized it’s not exactly the program you thought it was. If you’re searching for a program that has a higher user rating and one that has a unique approach regarding how to use the law of attraction, the 15 Minute Manifestation is a great program that’s very beginner friendly and offers a unique approach to using the LOA in order to reach your goals. It’s also available at a comparable price. 

Einstein Success Code Conclusion and Rating

Manifest With Product Rating Updated December, 2019: (3/5)

Einstein Success CodeSo, is this program a scam or can you actually tap into the same thought process that Einstein used to create a successful, happy life? 

The Einstein Success Code claims it can teach you how to give your brain a complete overhaul by accessing hidden neural pathways. The author goes one step further and states that Einstein first discovered this secret pathway and it’s what made him so successful. 

While the program definitely has its drawbacks, if you read through the material you can learn how to have a more positive outlook on life and beat back your negative way of thinking.

 Ultimately, all this program will leave you with is a slightly brighter outlook on life. 

With the purchase, you’ll get the main guide, a few bonus guides, and an audio series, but for most people, this program won’t be worth a second look. Those of you with a serious interest in learning about the law of attraction and how you can turn yourself into a wealth and success magnet will want to look elsewhere, for a program that offers more structure, more information, and more proof that it will actually work. 

While many people will be skeptical considering the unique content, teachings, and structure of the program, the sixty-day money back guarantee can provide a safety net of sorts for people who are interested in learning for themselves if this program is the real deal. 

We gave this program a rating of three out of five stars.

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