The Law of Attraction has become the most powerful law known to the Universe. It’s always in effect like gravity. It works in your life at every moment and is always in motion. Your mind is always in a state of creation. You’re creating your future with every passing moment. Every thought, subconsciously or consciously, is creating your future life. You can’t stop your mind from creating because it always happens.

Expect miracles with the Law of Attraction.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it’s vital that you know to start from the highest spiritual plane and work down to the lowest physical plane. This might be something different than what you are used to.

Again, like attracts like. If you’re feeling excited, sad, joyful, blessed, stressed, angry, anxious, or resentful that’s what you are going to attract. That’s the energy you are sending out. So, whatever you feel, make sure it’s positive as hard as it can be some days.

Your energy frequencies will need to be in tune for what you want to attract.

Start by knowing what you want or desire. Anything is possible and this is something you have to believe. Make sure they are specific and put all of your emotions into what you envision in your mind.

Why the Law of Attraction Works?

Many people wonder just how the LOA works, and there are primarily 2 reasons:

Scientific Explanation

By focusing on creating a new life and believing it’s possible, more risks are taken, and you notice more opportunities. You also are able to open yourself up to more possibilities. When you don’t believe in these things you find yourself on a downward spiral. You can change the pattern and direction of your life by bringing your thoughts to a more positive aspect.

Spiritual Explanation

There are some people that feel the LOA works by aligning God with wishes. Everyone is made of energy which operates at different frequencies. When we change our energy with positive thoughts, better things tend to happen.

By using thoughtful and grateful thoughts and focusing on your current dreams as opposed to frustrations and things that stress you out, we can bring a new change to your frequency. What you attract will depend on how and where you focus attention. However, you need to believe everything you want is already yours.

Using the Law of Attraction

There are a few steps to the Law of Attraction and a few ways to make it work for you.

Ask for What You Want

Everyday you send signals and requests to the Universe. Whether you know it or don’t. What you think about, talk about, read about and anything you give attention to. However, things we give our attention to is often random things and not necessarily deliberate. You are simply responding to situations.

The Law of Attraction states whether it’s wanted or unwanted, anything that you give attention to is attracted to your life.

That’s why it’s important to think about things you want rather than what you don’t want. Make sure you practice feeling emotions that you’ll have when you have what you want.

The more you focus on what you do want, the faster your manifestation and dreams will appear in your life.

Believe in Your Manifestations

Maintaining a positive attitude is key to making the Law of Attraction work for you. However, being positive all the time is not always easy.

Believing you’ll get what you want means going about your day with certainty. It means knowing that you’ve put your future in the hands of the Universe.

There might be limiting beliefs that will stop you from thinking positive. You need to change these limiting beliefs into better thoughts that you deserve things you want. It means thinking that you are worthy, desirable, capable, and lovable. You’re smart enough and good enough in every way.

Become a Vibrational Match

In order to get what you are manifesting you need to become a vibrational match. This means focusing on having positive emotions that include joy, love, gratitude, and appreciation. You should also practice feeling these emotions as if you actually had what you want.

Also, create emotions through your thoughts that you think about daily. In fact, it’s your thoughts that create these feelings so make sure you catch yourself when these emotions turn negative and switch them to positive thoughts.

Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

Know Your Desires

No matter what you desire in life it’s possible to get with the right mindset and thought process. Anything you desire can be fulfilled. Many people still aren’t sure what they want, and they never end up truly happy in life.

Make sure you are specific such as: “I’d love a brand-new black Audi A5 with leather interior.”

Put your emotions into images in your mind such as this. The vibrations of all of your emotions is what truly makes the Law come to life for you.

Believe It’s Coming

Manifesting really comes down to believing your desires will come true. Without believing these things, the Law will probably not work for you.

It’s hard to trust in something you don’t have and therefore difficult to be positive. Start small with what you want and then work your way up to the larger things.


By visualizing something in detail, you’ll find you can do wonders for yourself. You’ll find that by having a more positive attitude your manifestations will come true a lot faster.

Guided meditations are a great way to visualize what you want. These guided meditations are designed to take you on journeys in your mind which are going to manifest more specific desires you want.

Starting at the End

This might sound counter-productive in the beginning but starting at the end and working from your foal to the beginning can be a great way to create your clear path.

With your vision of how you want to live your life in mind, it’s time to work out just how you plan on getting there.

There are a few ways to do this. But, for now, start out by working our just what it would take in order to live the dream you want.

No matter what it is take some time coming up with a specific goal and when it’s reached, it lets you live the lifestyle you want.

Inner Dialogue

Anything you think about daily is going to affect your emotions and your actions. Infusing thoughts with what’s desired changes how you act and therefore changes emotions. When you infuse your thoughts with your desires, your unconscious looks for opportunities to make these desires a reality.

Make sure you pay attention to your inner dialogue. Change how you are talking to yourself. You can instill new thoughts into your mind by using positive affirmations. One positive thought leads to hundreds more and soon enough your energy changes and attracts like-minded people into your life.

Letting Go

Once you’ve got your desire in motion and believe it’s coming, it’s time to let go. This means don’t hold on too much to your desire and don’t continue hoping for it as it is already coming.

If you hold on too tight, you’ll kill your desire and it won’t come to your life. Hold on to it lightly and it’ll breathe forever and enjoy life.


Be grateful for each and every single thing you receive in life. When gratitude is practiced daily, you infuse your thoughts and your feelings with positive vibrational energy. This means you are able to manifest more desires into your life.

Why the LOA Works for Some and Not Others

You’re Vague

When you say you want more money what do you really mean? More money can mean that lucky penny that you found on the street the other day.

One reason you might not be getting what you want is because you are being vague and not clear enough. The Universe loves specifics. It can also mean the money you found in your pants pocket. Technically that’s more money. Become a whole lot more specific.

Too Desperate

Another reason your manifested dreams might not be coming to you is because you are too desperate. You have yourself too attached to the desire you want. You want it or need it way to freakin’ much and this is creating a lot more resistance.

You can’t create from a state of needing something. Resistance blocks your manifestations from coming to your life. You need to send the desire out and trust it’s coming to you at the right time.

How Long Does it Take the Law of Attraction to Work?

This is like comparing the LOA to a vending machine that you put a coin in-your wish- and expecting your wish to come true. It’s only natural for humans to desire something and then to receive reassurance that it’s going to happen.

Everyone’s Different

It’s not a math problem that is easily solved. It’s hard to say how long it’ll take for your desires to come to your life. Everyone moves at their own pace and everyone has their own circumstances in life. Everyone has their limiting beliefs and their shadows that might just be holding them back.

People Don’t Always Know What They Want

Have you been wanting something really bad? But then discovered something a lot better along the way? This can make it hard to make up your mind about what you want. Do you want to date a certain person but find that it’s not working out or you have found someone better you’re interested in?

If something doesn’t pan out it might be because there are better things out there.

Physical Manifestations Aren’t the Essence of Happiness

Do you remember being excited as a kid about a new toy or outfit? Do you also remember forgetting about it a few days later? As adults we like our possessions and our belongings more since we work for them. However, the same as when you were a child the excitement fades after a while.

When we seek something itself, such as money, it’s not the thing we want but what it can do for our life. The fun, the freedom, and the inner peace, or excitement. These qualities you can bring to your life right now and the best part is you don’t need to wait on manifestation. Take a walk and listen to the birds.

We Always Attract Things

It seems we always get focused on the big things we want in our life that we forget to focus on the small things that are brought to our life every day. This could be an unexpected job promotion, a new client, a raise and even a nice compliment.

At the same time this means you have to take responsibility for the bad things that come into your life. When something negative is experienced, it’s typically traced to our thoughts. Negativity will generally lower your vibrations, and this can have you feeling sorry for yourself and can cloud your judgement.

Everyone thinks negatively from time to time. That’s just how humans are. Self-awareness is the key. When you feel that you are going down the path to negativity, take note of what exactly is happening. Then the next step is to change your course and get on a completely different topic.

The Law of Attraction is real, and it works. You just need to know the steps to practice it in your life. Every day things are being manifested into your life whether you know it or not. Do a little extra manifesting with these tips.

Take some time to think deeply about ideas and see if they make sense emotionally and logically. The more positive you have in your mind the more positive you will attract to your life. Many people have found success with the LOA and you can too!