Practicing your creative visualization on your commute to work is the ideal time. You have no children asking for your attention, no chores to worry about doing, and more. You are alone in your car on your 10-15 minute commute to work. It’s plenty of time to think about your future.

But, some people can find it a little tricky to block out distractions that they can block out at home, but this is where you can use headphones. Put on some soothing or inspiring music and let it help with visualizing goals.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Basically put, the Law of Attraction simply is the ability to attract into your life whatever you’re focusing on. No matter what age you are, what religious beliefs you have or what nationality you are, the Law of Attraction can work for you. The Law of Attraction uses the power of your thoughts and turns them into reality. It comes down to the fact that all things that are thoughts turn into reality at some point.

The 7 Laws of Attraction

There are 7 laws of attraction which are:

  • Gratitude
  • Manifestation
  • Affirmation
  • Focus with Confidence
  • Unwavering Desire
  • Conceptualization and Imagination
  • Profound Belief

The law of attraction can be thought of as gravity as it works the same way. Things in the universe will find a way to migrate back to you. Like will attract like. Some people believe this while others don’t.

Is the Law of Attraction a Real Thing?

You may know that the Law of Attraction has been seen even throughout history. There are many people who have left a mark on the world that have shown that the Law of Attraction does work.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of accepting and acknowledging the Law of Attraction is the realization that all aspects of decision making in life, whether they are good or bad, have been shaped from you alone. This is sometimes bitter to swallow, which is especially true for those who have loved ones that have taken some hard blows in life.

Manifesting What You Want

You can see how manifesting can work for other people, but can it really work for you?

The biggest challenge with manifesting is that people aren’t sure where to start and they don’t know what all steps are that can be involved.

What Do You Want?

If you haven’t a clue as to what you want, then manifesting won’t exactly work out just yet. You need to know what you want and desire first of all. Get clear on any specifics you want, too.

Consider creating a list of anywhere from 20-25 things you want in life. Remember, get as specific as possible and list in positive attributes. Avoid using any negativity.

Ask the Universe for it

Once your list is made, it’s time to amplify your overall signal to the universe. Ask for what you want. When you are clear and specific, the universe is better able to help you. If you don’t ask, you might not get the things you want. Make sure you are asking once a day.

Work Towards Goals

By working towards your goals, you are working towards success and increasing your chances of getting what you want.

Write 3 actions down that you can do today to get what you want. You can use the internet as a helping hand if you don’t know what to do. The internet can also help you come up with fun and creative methods making it more fun. Continue taking action until you’ve reached the goals you have in mind.

Trust in the Process

There may be times you get frustrated and discouraged, and you might find yourself wondering if manifesting is even working or not. If you find yourself struggling and wondering when things are going to start happening, make sure to trust in the process. Rome wasn’t built overnight so you need to be kind to yourself and trust in the process.

Acknowledge Whatever You Get

You might not realize it, but the universe is continuously giving you what you some help. It can be easy to miss any of the signs. When you can begin to see these signs and recognize and acknowledge them, you’ll find that the universe will begin giving you what you are asking for.

You can keep track of this by using a journal to help write things down as they happen. Write down small things that serve as proof that you are getting closer to your goal.

For instance, if you’re trying to get out of debt, a credit card company offering to work out a settlement is a small step to reaching your goal of being debt-free.

Keep Your Vibes High

The Law of Attraction states that you attract whatever you send out. If you want to attract more, you have to increase and raise your vibes. These are like small radio signals that get sent out to the universe. Stay positive, stay focused and stay thankful.

By simply spending 10-15 minutes a day doing something that is going to make you feel good, you are ensuring that your vibes stay high.

Having a crappy mood means you might just be rewarded with crap. By having a positive attitude you are ensuring you get positivity in your life.

Clear All Resistance

If you haven’t manifested and received what you want, you are most likely resisting what the universe is trying to offer to you. Doubts, procrastination, anxiety, frustration, regret, and more are all types of resentment that can be preventing you from getting things that you want.

When you do find this resistance coming up try to remind yourself to relax and breathe. You can turn to family or friends for support to get you through it.

Why the Law of Attraction Works?

Similar to the difficulty with understand how gravity works, it’s difficult to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

Gravity is even a mystery to some scientists. We do know that gravity can prevent us and things on the planet to float away, but we just don’t know the “why”.

We understand that the Law of Attraction works we just don’t have the means to understand “why” they work.

The Law of Attraction is similar to the “fake it till you make it” theory. You are what you think, meaning if you think positive, positive will find you and vice versa.

How to Practice Law of Attraction

Practicing the law of attraction can be simple if you know what to do. There are several things you can do which can include:

  • Meditating
  • Mantra writing
  • Become Just What You Want

These are just a few of the several ways to incorporate practicing the Law of Attraction into your daily life.

Why is Persistence Key?

Persistence is key with anything in life no matter what you want or are working towards. Persistence is the main key when practicing the Law of Attraction. There is no telling how long things will take to manifest in your life. Everyone has their own hurdles to tackle and while some people may begin to see results right away, some people might not see results for several weeks or months.

Make sure you are expressing continuous gratitude and thankfulness until you begin seeing results.

Attracting What You Desire Exercises

The following exercises are great for helping you to manifest positive things to your life. They are great for overcoming any challenges you might be facing as well while trying to work through the Law of Attraction.

Sensory Visualization

Some people have vivid imaginations, and this can make it easy to do vision boards as listed below. For those of you who have a difficult time visualizing things, start small like visualizing a piece of fruit and then work your way up.

Start by closing your eyes and picturing the fruit. Imagine yourself smelling it, touching it, etc. Try doing this exercise with small things to help build your visualization skills up to larger things allowing yourself to visualize what you wish to manifest.

Vision Boards

These have become popular for being able to help you figure out what exactly it is that you want. They contain images and also words that can help resonate what you are hoping to attract to your life.

Images can help you remind yourself of what it is you are after. Look at the board daily to remind yourself what goals you are working towards and what you want to attract in your life.


This is the practice of self-awareness and no judgement. When you’re mindful, you are more than aware of your feelings and what you’re thinking. You are observing it without analyzing it, too.

Mindfulness isn’t simply changing anything or even trying to understand. Mindfulness is important to the Law of Attraction sine it takes self-awareness to get what you need or want.

Gratitude List

Gratitude is what sets you up for success as it allows you to get in the right mindset to receive positivity. If you are already grateful for things you have the universe is more apt to give you more things. Consider making a gratitude list to help source and then express gratitude. You can:

  • Make a list at night or in the morning of what you are grateful for in life now
  • Make a list of what you’re thankful for and add to this list whenever you think of something

You’ll be waking up every morning and reading a list of things you have in life at this moment. It can help put you in a better mood and can shift your perspective allowing you to find other things that please you. Again, like attracts like.

Be Intentional

To work with the Law of Attraction, make sure you are intentional with any of your thoughts, actions, or feelings. Intention will focus the brain activity and use available resources to help with performing certain actions. This disciplined focus allows you to achieve accurate and faster results with the Law of Attraction.

Simply focus on anything you do and do anything with intention. It might feel tedious or overwhelming, but practice makes perfect. You’ll see just how your focus shifts to the moment.

Free the Body

Dance like nobody is watching and fling all of your inhibitions into the wind. This exercise is great for overcoming inhibitions. There are some people that struggle with feeling embarrassed or even shameful even while they are alone. But, what’s harmful about acting out an imaginary scenario when you’re alone? For some, it still feels very silly.

People tend to worry and care what other people think, and this goes for even when you are alone. People worry about their image so much and they even inhibit their actions when they are alone.

Take some time to practice freeing the body. Find some place where you can be alone and let loose to the music and the beat of your own drum. You can use music or not and simply let your body do what it wants.

Finding Time to Practice

The biggest fear for so many people is just how to find time to practice the Law of Attraction. When and how are you supposed to incorporate these rituals and routines into your already hectic schedule?

The good thing is that you only need a few minutes at home, preferably in the morning to do meaningful and focused practices for the Law of Attraction.

In fact, you’ll be pleased to know it takes a mere 17 seconds to begin the manifestations.

People with busy and otherwise hectic schedules are finding a few minutes to squeeze into their hectic schedule so you can as well.

Every free minute you have can be used effectively towards manifestations and practicing the Law of Attraction.

The ideal time

Here are a few ideas of when to find time:

  • When you wake up
  • During your lunch break
  • During your drive to work
  • Before you go to bed
  • Set off manifesting when you talk

The Law of Attraction is simply that, just a law. It can be powerful for some people. Unfortunately, there are several resources that can help you become a pro at manifesting, but many of them are outdated. But, the above mentioned tips can really help you get on the path to manifesting your dreams into a reality!