When using the law of attraction, or the LOA for short,  you have to really put in the work and time to make your desires a reality. You have to participate in the process, and do your best to stay positive. This can mean creating a manifestation jar to help with visualizing your dreams and success.

A manifestation jar consists of either objects that represent your life and desires, or it can contain strips of paper in which you’ve written down your dreams, hopes, and beliefs. These jars can be a great tool to use if you feel yourself struggling to remain positive when using the law of attraction, or they can be used to ensure that you’re sending out a clear message to the universe regarding what you desire. Many people who follow the LOA use their dream jars as a way to meditate and focus on their desires, several times a day. Once you’ve created a jar, you will feel more inspired, hopeful, and confident in the process.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own dream jar, how it can help you to stay the course, and how it can help you to send out a clearer message to the universe.

LOA Inspiration

Creating a manifestation jar, also referred to as a dream jar, can really help to inspire you and give you more faith in the process of the law of attraction. But they can also help the universe to hear your message clearly, which is an issue that many beginners tend to struggle with. When the universe knows exactly what you want, obviously it increases the likelihood that you’ll receive what your heart desires. Of course, there are other ways you can get your message across to the universe, whether it’s through meditation or by making your own affirmations and saying them daily. However, many beginners have found success through the use of dream jars. There are a couple of ways you can go about using these jars. There is a three jar setup, which allows you to focus more on your goals and why you feel that you haven’t achieved them. Then there is the single dream jar, which requires you to add physical objects that can represent your dreams and goals. Each of these methods is equally effective.

Most people visualize, wish, and dream about their life, but if there’s a belief that’s blocking a particular dream, then that dream may never be realized.

Another common mistake that people who use the LOA often make when trying to achieve their dreams is not creating a space that will allow their dreams to grow. If a person’s dreams are not able to flourish, they can become crowded with negative ideas or thoughts, all of which are fighting for space.

Because of this, many people have turned to dream jars.

Using dream jars is simple. Grab a few transparent glass jars with lids. The bigger the jars, the better. The jars should be kept in a place where they won’t be disturbed.

Each day, you’ll set aside time to sit with the jars. If you belong to a group of LOA followers, then you can share the process with them for encouragement and accountability. If it’s just you, then sitting alone with your jars can still be a very powerful experience.

Making Dream Jars

Making Dream Jars

Now that you have a few jars, it’s time to label them as follows:

  • Success
  • Beliefs
  • Dreams

The labels can be handwritten or printed.

Next, you’ll take gold, white, green, and red colored paper the paper should be cut into three-inch by two-inch strips. Cut approximately ten to twelve strips.

Now, use the white paper to write down your dreams. When doing so, it’s important that you’re very specific. If you have complex dreams, break it down into small segments and write each of the segments down on a separate piece of paper. Add one to three drops of your favorite essential oil to the jar, swirling it around so that it evenly coats the bottom of the jar. Avoid putting too much oil in the jar in order to prevent it from saturating the paper. The goal is to add just enough of the oil to lightly coat the jar. The smell of the oil will help you with creating new patterns of behavior and new associations in support of your goals and dreams. This will help to teach your brain what success smells like.

You can put as many dreams as you want into the jar. These can be major goals or something as simple as having a productive Monday at work.

Once all of your dreams have been placed in the jar then you’re ready to address the beliefs that surround the dreams. Grab one dream at a time from the jar, reading each one out loud. It’s important to read the dreams aloud so the universe can hear you.

In the beginning, if you’re new to the law of attraction, then this type of visualization exercise may feel a little silly. But what you’re really doing here is ensuring that you send out a strong clear message that the universe can hear, while also naturally raising your vibration.

What Could be Blocking My Dreams?

For the beliefs jar, you’ll use green and red papers and cut them into strips just like you did for the dream jar. Before you start writing anything, ask yourself:

  • What beliefs do you have about each dream that you think may be blocking it? The answer should be written on the red paper and placed in the belief jar.

Once you’ve written down all of your beliefs, you need to explore each one, taking an honest look and dispelling each one. Try to focus on your goals and how these beliefs are simply getting in your way of success.

After you’ve gone over each of your beliefs, write down the beliefs that support your goals. This should be done on the gold sheets and placed in the success jar.

The steps for creating each of these jars will also help you to feel more confident in your dreams and goals, as you use critical thinking to determine why you haven’t made progress or what could possibly be holding you back.

A Simple Dream Jar: Finding Your Inspiration

A Simple Dream Jar: Finding Your Inspiration

If you don’t want to use the three dream jar option, you can also use a single jar, one that will only hold your dreams. Write down anything that inspires you, with each inspiration written down on a small strip of white paper.

Now, take time to visualize what could represent each area in your life where you want to manifest something. Some people use small live plants to represent healing and abundance. Others will use dried herbs, such as sage to represent healing and to also block out any negative energy.

You can also grab magazines or books and cut out pictures of items and quotes that inspire you.

When you add these items to the jar, you must take great care when placing them. If you want certain objects to remain in place, use double-sided tape to secure them.

Next, add the lid and place the jar in the sun, or a quiet spot in your home where it won’t be disturbed.

Live Your Dreams

After you’ve made your jar, set a timer each day for two minutes and pick a dream out of the jar. Read the dream out loud, close your eyes and visualize the dream. You must imagine the dream has become a reality. Feel it as though it has already come true. Focus on those positive emotions that come with achieving a goal. Feel each and every detail, regardless of how small. For faster results, you’ll want to sit in this reality for a period of two minutes three times a day. Once the time is up, place the jar back in its spot.

The key here is to remember that you’re training your brain to attract what you desire. Consistency will be very important. If you only do this exercise once a week or even once a month, you won’t see the results you want. The subconscious needs to be reinforced with these thoughts regularly and consistently.

Do These Dream Jars Really Work?

Dream jars are similar to visualization boards in the sense that they help you to clearly focus your mind and energy on your dreams and goals. Just by adding a piece of paper to your jar with your goal on it doesn’t mean that all your dreams will come true. Instead, this is a great exercise that can reaffirm your faith in the universe, help to get rid of negative thoughts, inspire you to keep using the LOA, and it can also send out a clearer message to the universe regarding what you want.

Training Your Brain for Success

Training Your Brain for Success

Using this type of visual manifestation tool can help to get your mind right, can make it easier to focus on your goals, and it really can help you to fight and shake off those negative thoughts that try to creep into your mind when you don’t notice any major changes when you’re using the law of attraction. If you’re feeling doubtful and you’re in need of support, then using a dream jar or even a visualization board, can help to get you back on the right path to realizing your dreams. But as I mentioned earlier, using your jar regularly will be very important in order to see success. And like other LOA exercises and practices, it will take time for you to realize your dreams, for the universe to set into action and deliver what you desire. Have realistic expectations regarding how long this process will take. Use your jar three times a day for inspiration and speak to the universe whenever you’re struggling to stay positive or you feel like you’re not being heard.

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How Often do I Need to Focus on the LOA Daily?

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to the law of attraction, there are no gimmicks or quick fixes that will help the process to work overnight. But there are tools and exercises that you can use that can strengthen your positive mental energy.

A manifestation jar is not magic. Just like other LOA exercises and tools, it’s designed to help you focus your mind on your desires, using positive energy in order to raise your vibration and send out a clearer message to the universe. Using your jar daily will ensure that the universe is aware of your presence and has heard your message. But keep in mind, you must use this jar several times a day, consistently, in order to utilize its power correctly and to get your message out to the universe.

How to Use a Manifestation Jar to Get What You Want
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How to Use a Manifestation Jar to Get What You Want
Learn how you can make your own manifestation jar in order to send a clearer message out to the universe, raise your vibration and improve your mental energy.