If you have practiced the law of attraction in the past or you actively practice it now, then you may already know that there’s a spiritual connection. But is manifestation and the law of attraction biblical? Does following the law of attraction conflict with Christianity, or do the two somehow align? This is a topic that’s been debated for years by religious authorities and LOA practitioners. We’ll delve a little deeper into both the similarities and differences between religion and the law of attraction to learn more about what they can teach us and how we can control our own destiny and happiness.

Is manifestation and the law of attraction biblical? No. Both the LOA and religion expect us to have faith and believe in a higher power, and while they do share some of the same principles, ultimately, they are very different both in their belief system and how we can help ourselves to get what we deserve out of life. The LOA and religion both require us to have faith in the unseen and have a more positive mindset, but the law of attraction requires us to have a very different mindset in terms of what we can do to attract what we need, while with religion, should we not receive what we desire, we believe that God does not want us to have it, for a very specific reason.

There are many similarities between the law of attraction and religion, however, both involve very different principles. Read on to learn more about these differences and some of the similarities and how you can find many of the same principles of the LOA in the bible.

Is Being Spiritual and Religious the Same Thing?

Being religious is not necessarily the same thing as being spiritual. While all religions are different, many share the same type of ideals. The real question here is whether or not there’s any foundation for the LOA in the bible.

If it’s been a while since you’ve read the bible, I recommend you revisit it and search for any similarities to the law of attraction, but you should also look at the differences as well. You’ll find that there are several references to the LOA, although it’s not referred to as the law of attraction in the Bible or in any other type of scripture. Instead, the Bible focuses on many of the philosophies and principles behind the law of attraction.

Many people who believe in God seem to automatically dismiss the LOA as dark magic, or as a type of new age movement that’s against religion. The law of attraction is so much more than what many people believe it is. It’s not a self-help movement, and it’s not based on the occult. While those with religious beliefs tend to think so, it doesn’t have to be religion vs the law of attraction, especially when you take a closer look at the biblical references that seem to highlight the philosophy of the LOA. So, if you’ve been wondering if manifesting your desires and the bible have some connection, you’ll be surprised to learn how the two share so many principles.

The Philosophy of the Law of Attraction

Did you know that some religious centers and churches do teach the LOA? However, you have to pay close attention because during a sermon different words are used to convey the same ideas as the teachings of the law of attraction. As an example, God is a word that can be substituted for the word imagination, while the word lord can be used as a substitution for the word law. In the Bible, you’ll discover many examples where the principles of the law of attraction are clearly used. In the book of Genesis, you’ll read that Joseph holds the belief of becoming an important leader and that he believes this so strongly in his mind that it manifests. Regardless of all of the obstacles that came in his path, he kept the faith and manifested his desires.

What Biblical Scriptures Align with the Law of Attraction?

What Biblical Scriptures Align with the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction involves using your thoughts and energy which are produced by your dominant thoughts and passions. In the LOA, it’s believed that a person has the power to transmute success or failure with the power of their thoughts. It may sound silly, but many people do believe that your thoughts are what control the type of energy you produce. If you’re constantly in a negative mindset, then you will send out negative energy to the universe. Since the universe sends back what it receives, then you’ll receive only negative things in your life.

But how does this philosophy jibe with what’s found in the bible?

There are many scriptures found in the bible that explain and support this law and how it’s used.

LOA: What a passionate man thinks, he then becomes.

Proverb 23:7: For as he thinks in his heart, he so is.

LOA: What a person says and deeply feels, he attracts.

Hebrews 11:1: Faith is confidence that what a man hopes for will actually happen. Faith gives a man assurance about the things he cannot see.

LOA: Having faith is to believe what you don’t see and the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.

King James: Faith is the substance of things that are hoped for and the evidence of things that are not seen.

Through the process of manifestation, a person is shaping their life because the universe is always tuned into a person’s thoughts. However, if the LOA involves believing in a type of higher power then who’s to say that the teachings of religion, in general, are not true? People who are religious obviously also believe in a higher power. Followers of LOA believe that the universe is at work, whereas those who believe and follow the teachings of Christianity believe that God is responsible for what they receive in life, whether good or bad.

Religion is a complex and very personal belief system. Many of the main religions, such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, all share one thing in common, which is a devotion to God. In each religion, people pray to God, asking for things and praying for blessings. These are the habits or rituals that each religion practices. Of course, with the LOA, people also have certain habits and practice rituals.

The Tools of the Law of Attraction

Those who practice manifestation will utilize certain types of tools in order to manifest what their heart desires, instead of simply praying to a higher power. These tools are also considered habits. As an example, if you say you want to attract a specific book into your life, but you don’t have enough money to afford to buy it, in order to be able to manifest this book into your life, you’ll have to switch your mind to a frequency that vibrates positivity while focusing your thoughts on how much you love this book, how you’ll feel when you read it and how much joy it brings you. You would need to visualize yourself reading it and imagine that you already have it.

In order to get the book, you’d do whatever you could to get the universe to sit up and pay attention. This can include writing in a manifestation journal, creating a dream jar, meditating, or making a visualization board. You may even read affirmations out loud that associate with any of your personal beliefs. These rituals clearly show the connection between the LOA and religion. Whether it’s creating a dream board or praying, both involve speaking to a higher power.

The biggest similarity between the LOA and religion is faith. Having faith in the universe or in God by following these rituals is believed to help attract what you want in your life.

What are the Real Differences Between the LOA and Religion?

What are the Real Differences Between the LOA and Religion?

While looking at the similarities between the two, did you notice any differences as well? There are many differences between the two, which lies within a person’s attitude

However, the most important similarity between religion and the law of attraction is having faith. Having faith in God or having faith that by following your rituals you will attract what you want into your life.

A person who’s religious who doesn’t get what they want believes that God knows what is best for them, so if they don’t get what they have asked for, then they believe it was not meant to be. They believe that God must have different plans in store for them so they essentially leave their fate in God’s hands. However, someone who follows the LOA and doesn’t manage to attract what they desire tends to blame themselves and wonder what they can do to make the universe take notice and listen to their message. Law of attraction followers often blame the fact that they’re not manifesting on a low vibration, or believe that they’re vibrating on the wrong frequency.

There are some differences and similarities between the law of attraction and religion, however, is it possible that a religion exists that believes both in God and the powers of the universe, that both are working together to deliver into your life what you need when you need it the most?

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How do I Use the Law of Attraction?

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Can an LOA Program Help Me to Manifest Faster?

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Final Thoughts

So, is manifestation and the law of attraction biblical? No, both are simply connected through faith. While with religion you rely on God, with the LOA you rely on your thoughts and how they can affect the type of energy you’re sending out to the universe. Since like attracts like, then if you’re constantly in a negative mindset, you can only expect to receive more negativity in your life. Ultimately, it’s up to us to determine how we decide to shape our life, yet before we do, we must trust that everything will work out for the best and have faith in a higher power. Without faith, we’re not able to unlock our full potential. But by focusing on the positives in life and believing in a higher power, we can expect to receive the things in life that are meant to be.

Is Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Biblical?
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Is Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Biblical?
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