Can law of attraction change physical appearance? Many people believe that it can, but why? Many believe that the physical form is merely a product of manifestation. Since we were born, we have been unconsciously internalizing and storing information we have received from other people. While it may have started with adults, some of us may have heard how beautiful or handsome we were as children, while others heard only negative things about their appearance. Of course, this can lead to low self-esteem and image problems, but can this type of negativity actually cause us to grow into a beautiful or unattractive adult? Let’s find out.

Can law of attraction change physical appearance? It can. But before the universe can help you manifest the changes in your physical appearance you must first learn to love yourself for the way you look and for who you are. If you’re constantly talking down to yourself about your appearance, then the universe is only going to feel negative energy from you. This can also cause your vibration to lower. Because of this, it’s important that you practice visualizing yourself the way you want to look. Spend time each day paying extra attention to yourself, whether you give yourself a home facial or get your hair professionally cut and dyed. The key here is to love yourself the way you are and raise your vibration. Otherwise, you’re simply sending out only negative energy.

Now that you know it’s possible to use the law of attraction to change your appearance, continue reading to learn why we often feel the way we do about how we look and how you can learn to love and accept yourself the way you are.

The Ugly Duckling

Many people have been the victims of bullying at one point or another during their childhood, but even those who have experienced this type of cruelty aren’t aware of how much of an impact it has on them at the time and even in adulthood.

It started during childhood, the labeling of beautiful or unattractive. It could have been the opinion of our parents, other family members, classmates and even our friends. As children, we’re much more impressionable and susceptible to how people perceive us, whether it’s good or bad. This type of input, whether positive or negative, is believed to be what sculpts our physical appearance as adults.

Many children are picked on during those crucial years of development. Some may have heard praise while others heard snide remarks that had a major impact not only on how the child felt about their appearance but it also majorly negatively impacted their self-worth. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. All it takes is one negative comment and it can impact a person’s appearance their entire life.

Self-Image Issues

Self-Image Issues

Regardless of how innocent or small that negative comment may have been, it had some impact on how a person defines themselves as an adult. Most people aren’t aware that the way in which they speak about themselves and how they perceive others can affect a person’s outward appearance.

It’s also why some people will grow up with a chip on their shoulders, focusing on those negative comments and growing up with self-image issues. If you ask most adults whether or not they’re satisfied with their appearance many will tell you that they’re not. Which is why the plastic surgery industry makes billions of dollars a year. But plastic surgery will not fix the deep-rooted problem that lies inside many of us, that deep feeling of dissatisfaction that tells us we’ll never be perfect or look the way we really want to. But before you make an appointment with a plastic surgeon, you need to try the law of attraction.

Many believe that it’s possible to change their appearance using the law of attraction, that manifesting a better body or fewer wrinkles is actually doable if you know how to send the right message out to the universe.

The first step toward manifesting a change in your appearance using the LOA is believing that you really can manifest what you need from the universe, that you can attract exactly what you want.

Once you have started to believe it’s possible, every cell in your body and your brain will fall into line and cooperate. You must tell yourself often that it’s possible to get the body you want, that you can have younger, healthier looking skin. If you believe that you can lose weight or that you can manifest important changes in your body, the universe will deliver.

Thinking About the New You

You will need to spend several times a day practicing visualization techniques and daydreaming about your new face or body. This is the basic concept of the LOA. In order to change your appearance, you will need to change your perception of how you look in your mind. A person’s perception of reality can change their reality. So, you must imagine that your appearance aligns with what you have imagined. If you want long, thick hair, you have to visualize how it will look, feel, smell, and how you’ll feel when you have it.

Talk about your desire out loud, often. If you give off a positive vibration, the universe will notice your positive energy and help you to manifest what you need. Think about the changes in your face or body that you want to occur and again, say these things out loud and do so freqeuntly throughout the day. When you repeat things over and over, the brain begins to believe. If you keep talking about how large and unattractive your nose is, your brain will focus on this negativity and your nose may seem more prominent than before. But if you begin to talk about how finely shaped your nose is, you’ll find that it isn’t as big as you once thought.

In order to see results, you can’t just hope the changes take place, you have to act as though it’s already happened and focus on that happiness. As an example, if you want to lose fifty pounds, start ordering new clothes in a smaller size. You must believe the universe has already delivered what it is you want to change in order for that change to take place. It’s all about raising your vibration, sending out positive energy, and getting the universe to answer.

Have faith that the universe will give you the body or face you’ve always wanted. The most important way you can prepare for this is to understand that want you really want to manifest is a feeling, which is far more than just a visual change. What you want and need is to feel the way you would if you had that long hair or the perfect body. By prepare I mean feel confident and happy in your appearance. If you start to doubt that the universe can deliver what you need, then you’re only sending out negative energy. This will cause the energy to send more negativity your way. Like attracts like. If you want to experience positive changes then you have to send out positive energy. This is the most important way you can prepare your body and mind for the inevitable changes.

How to Prepare

How to Prepare

If you want to feel the way you will when you look the way you want, then go with that feeling. Make changes in your life and do things that will make you feel both confident and happy. Take extra time for yourself. Try spa treatments, pamper yourself, and think positively about your appearance,

Instead of envying other people, appreciate yourself. Don’t envy the qualities in others that you’re hoping to possess, instead, appreciate them. If your friend has the body you want, instead, of feeling envious, appreciate all of the hard work that went into getting that body. Compliment your friend and send good vibes their way. But when you compliment someone, try to genuinely feel this appreciation. Know that you’re going to be in their spot very soon. A genuine compliment will make both the receiver and you feel good, which will help to raise the vibrations for both of you.

Releasing Any Resistance

Stop fighting the way you look and learn to love and accept yourself. Next, visualize the way you want to look, then love and accept the new version of yourself as well. Being upset or talking down about your looks will only lower your vibration, which can make the process take longer. If you haven’t noticed any positive changes in your appearance since you started using the law of attraction then, it could be due to your resistance. Consider how you’ve been feeling about yourself lately. Are you confident that the universe is going to help you manifest the new look you’ve been visualizing? You have to look deep inside yourself and determine whether or not it’s your lack of confidence, self-love, or faith that is preventing any changes from occurring. As an example, you can’t imagine yourself as a size four and have it manifested if you keep talking down about yourself for being overweight.

Maybe you’ve been unable to raise your vibration because you’re having trouble visualizing the changes you want to make, all you know is that you want to be more attractive. If this is the case, use a bunch of old magazines and cut out photos of models, and actors that possess the physical traits you’re looking for. If you want a faster fix and a way you can immediately start feeling more confident and better about yourself then just try smiling more. When a person smiles, they automatically become irresistible to others. When you start to love yourself and exude confidence you’ll also start to appear more attractive to other people, especially yourself.

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I’ve Tried Everything But the Universe Still hasn’t Manifested What I Desire

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you have still been unable to receive what you need from the universe, then this may be due to the fact that you’re having trouble letting go of past negative experiences, toxic people, or negative thoughts. In order for the LOA to work, you must have a positive mindset to raise your vibration. This is the only way to get the universe to manifest your desires. If you need help manifesting your desires, click here to read my article on the Law of Attraction: How to Let Go.

How Much Time do I Need to Spend Visualizing My Desires?

You don’t need to spend much time daily visualizing your desires, especially if you already have experience with the LOA and the universe has helped you to manifest in the past. However, if you’re a beginner and you’ve tried visualization exercises two to three times a day with no success, then I recommend reading my 15 Minute Manifestation review. You’ll get an in-depth look at how this program works and how it can help you learn how to correctly use the law of attraction in order to manifest all of your desires and all without having to devote too much time daily to visualization exercises.

Final Thoughts

Can law of attraction change physical appearance? With the right mindset and visualization exercises, the law of attraction can change the way you look. However, this will obviously be a lengthy process, so you shouldn’t expect to lose fifty pounds overnight. In order to use the LOA to change yourself physically, you must first learn how to really love and accept yourself the way you are. This may sound silly, considering the whole point of this self-love is to raise your vibration in order to get the universe to help you change how you look. But because the universe gives back what it receives, if you want to see positive changes in your appearance you need to send out positive energy, which you can’t do if you’re feeling negative about how you look and who you are.

How Can the Law of Attraction Change Your Face?
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How Can the Law of Attraction Change Your Face?
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