The law of attraction money is for people who are serious about manifesting money using the law of attraction to send out their desire for wealth to the universe. You can’t use LOA to earn great wealth just by hoping and wishing it works. You have to expect it. You must accept that it’s going to come to you, no matter what. This is exactly how the law of attraction works. 

However, aside from expecting the money to arrive, there are some other ways you can manifest money. Keep in mind, during this time, you can’t waiver in your certainty that money will arrive. While bad things may happen during this time, as long as you hold onto your certainty, the money will come. 

Key Takeaway: It’s never easy to let go of a negative mindset or an uncertainty for the future. But in order for the law of attraction to work there are many steps you need to take in order to show the universe you’re confident that money is coming your way. This can include shopping for a new car or home, planning a vacation, dressing for success, and generally exuding confidence that the universe will finally deliver the wealth you deserve.

Continue reading to learn how to show the universe you’re ready and waiting.

When it Happens 

One of the best law of attraction tips for receiving money is knowing that it’s going to happen. You literally have to wholeheartedly expect to receive money at any time. Regardless of what’s going on in your life at the time, knowing that you’ll receive a lot of money eventually can be a very powerful way to manifest what you desire. 

Confidence in the power of the law of attraction is essential. Many people fail with LOA because they don’t truly expect wealth or success.  But you must also have realistic expectations in the beginning.

You have to have the right mindset and confidence that you will eventually receive the wealth you deserve.

If you’re totally broke and desperately trying to manifest thousands of dollars to pay your bills, then you can’t expect to receive the money in time. This is because your fear-based thoughts will be the most powerful. Since like attracts like, you’ll only end up attracting more negative energy than positive. Learning how to remain positive as you wait to receive money will be important. You must accept that this type of manifestation will take time. 

You can learn to train your brain to have a more positive outlook on life and the day to day goings on using mental exercises, affirmations, and meditation. Even setting aside some time every day to reflect on what went right with your day and to be thankful for all that you have can have a major positive impact on how you feel and your self-confidence. It can also make you look forward to tomorrow and confident that the universe has serious plans for you in the future. You just must learn to stay positive and be patient. You must be receptive to any changes and focus on the positive aspect of your day to day life.

The Dangers of Negativity and Doubt

Did you know the average human mind has anywhere from sixty thousand to eighty thousand thoughts a day? While many of those thoughts are repeated thoughts, it’s still important to note that many of those thoughts are based on fear and negativity. This creates reluctance for the future, stress, and anxiety. 

Most people dwell in this type of negative realm, so it can be incredibly difficult to manifest money when this is the case. But when you know that something is going to happen, often faith can help a person to transcend their fears. Yet this often can’t work in the short term. The LOA takes a lot of energy produced over a long period of time. We’re talking weeks, not just a few days. 

The Expected Outcome 

Expected Outcome 

Everything in your life that you deem real or material is actually a fabrication of your mind. Reality is not base reality. There is only a one in a billion chance that what you’re experiencing at this moment is real. 

Try looking at energy and matter on a quantum level, where an object can be in two different places at the same time. Add the advancement in technologies over the past fifty years, and you probably can easily imagine that life can, in fact, be just one big simulation. 

Whether or not you believe that theory doesn’t matter. What’s really important is focusing on the fact that anything in life can be manifested including specific situations, relationships, and money, just as long as the energy has been directed toward a specific end. In order to help that energy along you must plan around the expected outcome. 

As an example, if you want to manifest a big payday or create additional income, then you have to plan around that expectation. Just imagine someone telling you that they’re planning to visit and want to stay in your spare bedroom. So, what do you do? You get the spare bedroom ready. Basically, you’re planning for the expected outcome. You’ll air out the room, change the sheets, vacuum, and get ready for your guest. 

Similarly, if you’re expecting to receive money, then you must plan for the occasion. If you want the money to purchase a new home, then go to open houses in the neighborhood of your choice. 

If you want the money to buy a car, go test drive your dream car. 

Or if you’re desperately in need of a vacation, then start planning it. Call travel agencies and learn about flight schedules, hotels in the area, and sightseeing tour. 

When you plan something, it will slowly manifest into your life. 


Another way you can easily manifest money is by envisioning it coming to pass. The more you’re able to visualize it at a deeper level, the more real it will feel. Often, a person can’t envision something incredible happening because they don’t want to set themselves up to be disappointed. Because of this, they impose self-limitations that prevent them from achieving their dreams. 

Everyone daydreams, on a daily basis, fantasizing what they want in life, whether it’s love, money, or success. Visualization can also be a form of meditation.

Before you fall asleep at night, think of how you’ll use the money the universe is sending you. What are your hopes and dreams? Think about what you’ll do as soon as you receive the money, envision the vacations you’ll take or the car you’re going to buy. Visualize the money itself. Make these mental plans, focusing on how much you’ll spend for your new home, your new work wardrobe. Plan everything down to the penny.

Planning can help you expect money, but if you’re not able to envision it in your mind, then there’s no way it’s going to happen. 

How Meditation Can Help

If you have a tough time letting go of negative energy, meditation can always help. It can clear your mind and make room for positive energy. 

There are many ways you can meditate. It can be done indoors or out, wherever you feel the most comfortable. The goal of meditation is to rid your mind of the negative thoughts that are holding you back, causing you stress and anxiety, and causing you to doubt yourself. 

You can meditate for as long as you want, as often as you need. Doing so can help set you on the right path towards a wealthy, successful, future. 

Meditating will not only help to turn your negative energy into positive energy, it can also clear your mind and will help to alleviate stress, tension, and even depression.

Meditation itself is very relaxing and it can be a great way to refocus your mind, turning from negative thoughts to positive ones. Focus on the message you’re trying to send to the universe. This message will be heard clearly because you’re not focusing on what went right or wrong for the day, instead, you’re using all of your mental energy to send a clear message to the universe.

Law of Attraction Resources 

There are many books and programs you can find that focus on the law of attraction money and they can help you to achieve the type of positive mindset that money is coming your way, while also holding fear and doubt at bay. These programs will help guide you on the right path, ensuring that this time around, your message to the universe is received and heard. 

Programs such as the Einstein Success Code can help clear your mind and boost your confidence, allowing you to let go of your negative thought process and actually look forward to a successful future that’s yours for the taking. 

Additionally, sites such as can help you make peace with yourself. You can learn about who you are as a person and realize that you are deserving of a successful future.

The Law of Attraction- Wealth & Money: How it Really Works
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The Law of Attraction- Wealth & Money: How it Really Works
Find out what you need to do to manifest money using the law of attraction, how you can rid your mind of negativity, and what type of techniques can help.