Most likely, you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. Ever since ‘The Secret’ came out, the Law of Attraction has become popular among people everywhere.

While there are plenty of movies and books about it, it’s still a best kept secret to millions of people who have no clue what it is or how it could help them improve their life. Some people are aware of it but have no clue how to use it correctly and this means they aren’t creating the life they want.

The common saying with the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. Simply meaning that the Law of Attraction states we act like magnets. Whatever thoughts we focus on and whatever emotions we feel will be attracted to our lives.

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life

Once you can understand the power your thoughts and feelings hold, you can better understand how the power of the Law of Attraction can help your life improve. If you’re in the right mindset, you’ll be able to manifest whatever you want and anything you truly desire.

So, what happens if you can’t find the right partner? Or haven’t found the right job? Hate your current job? Struggling to make ends meet financially? Change your situation.  Get your mindset in the right place and make a new life for yourself with positive manifestation.

One of the biggest ways to change your life is with scripting.

Why Do I Need a Manifestation List?

Every day you come across different dreams and desires that you want. While some are temporary, some are more permanent. It’s easy to succumb to anxiety and confusion when it comes to choosing what it is you will manifest and script about first.

With a manifestation list, you can better make sense of the amalgam if dreams and wishes in your head. It’s going to help differentiate between things you need and desire in your life and then those that are mere passing cravings.

Law of Attraction Scripting

Scripting is a special technique used with the Law of Attraction.

When it’s done correctly, the results can completely blow your mind. It might just become the most powerful Law of Attraction tool around.

Scripting is where you describe your life as if you had what you are trying to manifest already. If you want a new job, describe how the first day goes and feels like. ‘

If you want a 6-figure salary, describe how it feels like to make that much money. What are you going to do with the money that you make?

If you want to find your soulmate, talk about how you already met them and how life looks like with them. How was your honeymoon?

Simply get a scripting notebook and find a new pen and begin writing things down. It all comes down to feeling good. Bring your most colorful imagination too.

Using Scripting the Right Way

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the journey of scripting.

Be Grateful

Before you begin scripting, take a moment to breathe and think about things you currently have in your life. What things are you most grateful for in your life?

Remember, the Law of Attraction works on your feelings and thoughts. Like attracts like. Whatever you are thinking or feeling you will eventually attract to your life.

By knowing this, you’ll find it’s easier to understand your feelings and thoughts. You’ll know they come from a place of gratitude. You’ll feel grateful sincerely and more positive things will come to your life.

Always begin your new life by showing gratitude for things you already have. This will help you realize how great life already is and will help make any intention you have stronger as they’ll come from abundance, joy, love, and gratitude.

Use Present Tense

This is something important to always keep in mind when scripting. You want to make sure you act as if you have what you want to try manifesting.

For instance, if you want to find a soulmate. When you begin scripting you can write something like: “This morning my soulmate and I woke up next to each other. The sun was coming in through the window and we got up and made a pot of coffee to enjoy together. I’m so happy that I can’t stop from smiling as I write this.”

When you are scripting, imagine that you are in the future and make sure to describe how the future you is feeling about the situation. In order to do this correctly, make sure to use present tense.

Be Precise

When it comes to scripting, you’ll find the overall goal is to create a new vision of yourself in a new life. As if you’ve manifested all of your dreams. The more detailed you can be, the better your manifestation will be.

This will test your imagination. Try really digging deep and describing everything.

What are you going to wear today? What are you going to do? How are you feeling? Who are you with and where are you?

Write down as much information that you can. Bring what you are visioning to life. Go all in without hesitation.

Get Emotions Involved

When you script, don’t forget to involve feelings. Feel great about scripting your life. Emotions are another huge part of the Law of Attraction.

When you script, you need to also imagine yourself in the vision you plan on creating and make sure you feel all emotions you plan on describing.

Make sure you are turned on about what you are scripting. If you are involving your emotions, you are vibrating at a higher frequency and this only makes manifestation more powerful.

Focus on What You Want as Opposed to What You Don’t

When you work with the Law of Attraction it’s important to focus on things you want as opposed to things you won’t want to. The Universe is an attraction-based Universe. If you give thought to a certain thing, you’ll only attract a lot more of whether you do in fact want it or not.

If you’re focusing on what you don’t want, you’ll send out a message of lack and you won’t attract more in life.

Scripting Exercises

Scripting can really help with manifesting just about anything. Here are a few exercises that can help you on the path to a better life full of your wants and desires.

 Morning Scripting

You can add scripting to your morning routine as a great way to help set intention for the day.

By using the very first hours of each brand-new day to use for scripting your ideal day is a rather powerful way to better manifest what you want for each day.

Take a minute to think about yourself at the end of that day. How do you currently feel? Have you accomplished anything? What are you grateful for? Did anything amazing happen through the day? Make sure you describe all of it.

Scripting in the morning can be a great addition to the day and only takes a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Script Your Ideal Week, Month, and Year

If you are someone who doesn’t want to script on a daily basis, consider scripting less frequently and over longer spans of time. For instance:

  • Scripting Your Week: At each week’s end, imagine what you want next week to look like or what you want to happen. Use scripting to make that happen.
  • Scripting Your Month: Each month, take some time to manifest your following month. Write down each emotion and all feelings and other amazing things that’ll happen.
  • Scripting Your Year: Each new year, take some time out and create what you want the following year to look like. What have you achieved this year? What all have you done? How have you felt this past year? Who all is with you in your life?

By scripting over longer time spans, it is an ideal way to harness the Law of Attraction’s power to better manifest your life one week, month, or even year at a time.

Scripting Your Job

Did you know the average person spends about 90,000 hours working?! That’s about 1/3 of your whole life! It better be a great job in that case, right?!

However, if you find yourself dragging to get out of bed on time each morning, if you don’t feel valued at your job, and if you spend your day wishing you were somewhere else, scripting exercises just might be for you.

Take a step back and think about what you want your dream job would be. What would your ideal job be and what would you be doing? Would you be in the same field and would your career path change? Think about all the little details.

Once your vision is all thought out, it’s time to begin scripting. Write everything down and write down all the emotions you feel as well.

Imagine you are at your ideal job and describe what all you see. Get into detail and don’t forget to feel great about scripting!

Scripting Your Ideal Relationship or Partner

For most people, having a supportive partner is important. If you’re looking to manifest your partner or other kind of relationship, scripting can help with manifesting your desires.

Take time to imagine what you’re looking for in a partner and relationship. What do they look like and what qualities do they have? What strengths do they have? Where did you meet and describe what a normal day with them looks like? How do they make you feel?

Scripting can be a great method for sending intention to the universe about the type of relationship and partner you want. If you can focus on being grateful for the love you have while feeling joy and excitement, you’ll attract more of this in your life. Scripting can help you get closer on your intentions and you’ll be able to manifest something in no time.

Scripting Your Home

Some people think that the word “home” is a physical building, but in fact, it’s referring to your body. This is your permanent home and the place you live first.

Many people spend a lot of time reinventing and remodeling their physical appearance. When you stop to think about your body, think about if you are taking good care of it or not. Do you take time to nourish it well enough? Do you move around enough? Do you talk to it and if so, what do you say?

Once you’ve analyzed that, it’s time to script.

Imagine you have an ideal body. What are you currently doing? Are you eating healthy and how do you look and feel overall?

Script an ideal day in your perfect body then sit back and let the Law of Attraction do its work for you.

Script Your Dream Vacation

Who doesn’t love to travel? People of all ages, incomes and sizes love to travel each year, and some travel to far away places like overseas. This is a great way to discover new cultures and more.

Do you like traveling and is there anywhere in particular you’d love to travel? If there is, consider scripting about a dream vacation.

Take a minute and think about what that dream vacation looks like. Where would you go and what are you going to do? Who is with you and what are you smelling, seeing, and touching? How is the food where you are and how are the local people?

Make this an epic travel scripting session.

The Law of Attraction is always in motion no matter what. It’s always working on things in vibrational alignment with emotions and thoughts. Being aware of the law allows you to take control and manifest just about anything. These steps can help you attract the things you most desire and want in life. So what are you going to manifest in your life with scripting?