For some people, it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track with manifesting your dreams. You’re probably asking, “Is the Law of Attraction even working for me?” The key to remember is that it can take some time for things to fall into place.

However, it can be reassuring to get some type of sign or message that things are working and heading in the right direction. But, you should know that you receive signs all the time, and these signs just may not be as obvious to you as you would like.

Asking for a Sign from the Universe

Here are some strategies to help you ask for a sign from the universe.

Get Clear

What are you looking for? Make sure you’re clear on your wants such as should you take a new job, should you date someone new. Put a time frame for a sign on your questions. For instance, “Give me a sign in 24 hours if I should take this new job.”

Allow Yourself to Feel Your Intention

Don’t get too logical with your wants. Simply ask your questions and make your wants know. Let them out into the Universe and trust they are being heard.

Ask for Clear Signs

  • Set a time frame for your wants or questions.
  • Ask that the Universe sends you a sign a few times. Most people opt for 3 times which seems to be a good number.
  • Ask that the Universe send you signs that can easily be recognized.

Stay Open and Let Go

This is one of the more important tips. Keep in mind the sign may not come in a form that you want. Make sure you stay open and trust that signs are already being sent to you. You just might not be seeing them as obvious as you want.

What’s the Fastest Way for Manifesting Something?

Simply put, the more you see it and also feel it, the more you will achieve it. The fastest and easiest way to manifest something you want is to make it clear what you want. Make sure you remain receptive as well. Make sure you are being direct in your wants to the Universe and watch for signs to help keep you encouraged. The only thing that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams is you.

Interpreting Signs from the Universe

Become Receptive

Some people have a hard time interpreting the signs from the universe. It can be stressful and can cause some anxiety. It’s important to develop genuine desire to hear what the universe is trying to tell you. You need to be able to open up and to become curious about signs the universe is trying to show you.

One great way to boost receptivity is to simply take some time to read how the Law of Attraction has helped other people. This allows you to see that it is possible over time, and it can give you an idea of the types of signs you might be overlooking in your everyday life.

Turn Attention Outwards

For the most part, the Law of Attraction revolves around your inner life. Reciting affirmations, visualization processes, dream boards and so on to help encourage your attention inwards. While this is vital, the ability to look outwards can be just as important too. You need to be able to see what the universe wants to show you in the world surrounding you.

Try to cultivate a habit of paying attention to what you come across on the streets, in your office, on your commute to work, and anywhere else you may go. Look for things that are out of the ordinary in your environment.

Look for Patterns

Once you are able to pick out things happening around you, focus on spotting patterns and any recurring experiences.

These can be written down or you can simply remember them. It’s key to make this part of your daily routine as if it’s second nature.

For instance, if you’re looking for love or a partner and are impatient about it, pay attention if you’re saying an advert for a specific place or concert. This might just be where you meet the love of your life or someone that’s going to introduce you to them.

Heighten Your Sensitivity

Once you’re able to recognize signs from the Universe, it’s time to improve on that. Particularly, it’s time to think about your inner life again. This time look for signs from the Universe.

We’re all connected to the Universe’s energy flow. Counting motifs can also be counted as signs.

Recurring dreams is a great example of this. They don’t necessarily need to be interpreted, but they can show clues about what the Universe is trying to portray to you. Having repetitive dreams about traveling might be indicating you should consider a move while seeing an old face could indicate reconnecting with them as it could offer great career advancement or advice.

Release Your Investment

Due to inherently subjective interpretation, make sure you are aware that you might have a tendency to only see what you want.

Sometimes it’s not really the Universe talking to you, but it might be your desire to finally experience change talking to you. To reduce the chances of this, fully surrender yourself to just what the Universe is trying to tell you.

If you want an answer or some sort of guidance, view yourself as a recipient who’s passive of the information, and then let go of your investment.

Trust in the Universe and its ability to know what’s best for you even if what it wants to show you isn’t what you were hoping for.

Signs the Law of Attraction Might be Working for You

Numbers 111, 1111, 11:11 Are Seen Everywhere

These numbers are often referred to as Angel numbers and have a strong and powerful meaning to them. They come in different numerical sequences and can be a great sign to show you things are aligning up the right way. They can let you know that things are going as planned.

You might look at the clock and it says 11:11 or you might see a license plate with the numbers 111 in it. You might even be number 111 in line somewhere, or your grocery total might come to $111. No matter what form it is say “thank you” internally and acknowledge this deep connection you have with the Law of Attraction.

Intuition is on Fire

When you’re clear spirited and working on the path of manifesting dreams, you’ll see that your intuitive faculties are sped up.

This could be saying something before someone else does, or they say something that you were going to say before you do.

You check your phone right as it begins to ring, know where a car space is when the sign says full, but you go anyways. When you’re tuned in you just have a way of knowing it.

You See Spirit Guides, Totems, or Animals

This experience can be personal as certain things mean things to people and not anyone else.

Finding a white feather in a park or even seeing something like a unicorn being followed by white butterflies.

No matter what it is to you, you know it as soon as you see it. Your “friends” will make an appearance, and this means they are showing you that you’re on track with the law.

Road Blocks

Do you live in a big city? Regardless of where you live you might come across heavy traffic from time to time. Has this ever happened for no apparent reason? In the bigger cities this seems to happen daily. However, have you ever stopped to think if it’s a sign from the Universe?

Are you pursuing something in life and find that there’s always something blocking you? This might just be a message from the Universe that you should take a step back and adjust energy before moving forward.

Losing or Breaking Possessions

When you lose or break a possession, especially something that is cherished, it’s the Universe’s way of saying to move on and let go.

Often times, when something is broken, it might bring up feelings of frustration, anger, or feeling of loss. These emotions typically stem from the subconscious and they will run deeper than you might realize.

If you find that you lose something or something breaks, consider taking a step back and try to figure out what the message is that the Universe is trying to tell you.

You Begin Seeing Rainbows

Many people find that the rainbow appears and resembles good luck. Some people even go as far as making a wish when they see one. Rainbows have a magical energy about them, and they are a symbol of clarity.

You Begin Finding Money or Accumulating Savings

The Universe overall wants you to be successful with the Law of Attraction and wants to make sure you’re on the right track. When you are on the right track the Law of Attraction shows up to support you in the form of money and you start seeing it more and more.

No matter if it’s a penny, a nickel, or a dime its’s money. A trickle will turn into prosperity depending on your intentions.

You Have Deeper Dreams and More Sound Sleep

As you begin to trust the Universe a little bit more, you allow your body and mind to relax more and more. You’ll find that your dreams become more vibrant, real, and peaceful as well.

You’ll also find that your subconscious mind loves when you take care of it. This means you’re choosing love over fear. This also means stress and anxiety won’t show up in your dreams as they won’t have a reason to.

Synchronicity Accelerates

You’ll find that you meet new people who are in your life to help you on your path. You’ll find you’re attracting the right resources that’ll help unfold what’s next for you.

All you need to do is say “yes” to these new opportunities and adventure that life’s going to present to you. You’ll begin to notice that the more in tune you are with things the more miracles will unfold and come your way.


The brain function will follow the Law of Attraction. As it starts working for you, the brain’s neurons react. This causes excitement and anticipation which is similar to that of watching a high-speed car race. Your amygdala which is found in the brain, lights up under brain scans while the Law of Attraction is doing its job.


You’ll notice you’re a lot happier than you normally are and you are also more content. You won’t be able to figure out why, but you’ll notice it’s undeniable. This is how the universe lets you know that what you want is being manifested. However, remember to stay on course. Some people consider doing things they would never do as they feel the universe is manifesting their desires.

Your Ears Begin Ringing

Have you ever had that annoying high pitch ring in your ears?

This shouldn’t be cause for concern as this is another great sign that the Universe is working for you. It’s commonly seen as a sign from the Divine. This is typically known to be a sign that an angel or spirit is around and is trying to tell you something.

Make sure you pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and worlds while the ringing is taking place as this is a great way to tune into that message.

Random Encounters

Have you run into someone that’s offered you some advice that was insightful? Or have you recently been wondering about someone or something and then stumbled on the answer?

These random encounters will happen all the time and the more you are open to them, the more you’ll experience and see. People are sent your way to challenge you and to guide you on the path you should be on.

Remember that like attracts like and if you change your focus, then the object you want might just drift away since you appear to not want it as much.