You’ve heard about how the Law of Attraction has been changing lives all across the globe. You’ve probably heard of The Secret which has brought phrases such as “manifesting” and “positive thinking” to the lives and conversations of people. It’s something that’s been studied for years now.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

This concept is something all leaders and religions teach. It’s not something that needs to be understood or even believed in; it works in your life no matter what.

When you first start out it can be difficult to understand how it all works. It’s a matter of a few easy steps. Consider spending a few days thinking about the goals you want to achieve and if the Law of Attraction is what you truly want to spend some time on practicing and implementing into your life.

It starts with thinking about the goals you want to achieve in life and manifesting positive vibes to get you there.

Believe You’ll Get What You Want

Make sure you are maintaining a positive outlook and expectancy about your day. Make sure you are living each day with certainty and know that you have put the future in the hands of a greater power. Know that what you want is going to happen.

Receive What You Want

In order to get what you want you need to become a vibrational match for what you are trying to attract in life.

The easiest way to do this is to focus on creating positive love, joy and appreciative emotions and gratitude throughout the day. You can practice feeling these emotions that you would experience if you already had what you are after.

Be sure you are catching yourself when any negative emotions creep up on you. Work to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts as soon as you can catch them in your mind.

Law of Attraction Testimonials

For so many of us, it can be hard to switch from a negative mindset to a more positive one. We’ve lived a set mindset our whole life, and then to switch it up to a completely different mindset. However, many people have turned to vision boards, hypnosis, motivational speakers and even other people who practice the Law of Attraction.

Many people can use testimonials and other proven results to help them make the switch. It can strengthen our belief that the Law of Attraction does in fact work and can work miracles for people. There are many testimonials that people have read several times especially when they are discouraged as a reminder to be persistent.

Actual Testimonials

Mollie was having a hard time finding a job after she gave birth to a new baby. She started using the affirmation “I have freelance work already.” The following day this happened:

“I checked my email and found one from a client whom I haven’t heard form in some time. Later that same day, I was able to land an interview for a one-time job offer and an offer for a job which I simply could not refuse!”

Denise is a motivational speaker and a coach, and has had the following success:

“This past year has brought me more luck than ever! It’s been because I have experimented with the Law of Attraction as well as other principles designed around personal growth and development.

In a matter of a year I have achieved almost a half a million dollars’ worth of items that were free as well as items directly related to my goals!”

Canarybird, who wishes to remain anonymous, had the following success:

“I’m writing a post in an apartment that I manifested with the Law of Attraction. I had an exact apartment in mind as one of my friends, but at that given time I didn’t make enough money. When I did, I started thinking about the same apartment again. The woman who lived here also worked for me and had told me she had thought about moving, but not for about a year or two. I started to see this place as mine well before she left. Fortunately, or even unfortunately, she had something come up and had to leave me with a hole in my department, but she left me with an apartment. Luckily, I had keys to the apartment within a week and the rent was cheaper than I originally had thought. The landlady also said utilities were already paid since I was living alone. My terrace is now over the sea and I can see it from my bed, and from my door I have a clear view of mountains which is just what I was hoping for.”

Success with Subliminal Audio

One great way to use that will remove negative thinking and thoughts is with subliminal audio. Some people have limiting beliefs and have found success with this method. It helps align the subconscious mind to stop being so stubborn. For those of you who have a difficult time overcoming these disbeliefs and doubts or negativity, subliminal audio can help.

James from Scotland tried subliminal audio:

“Having 4 major and 3 minor surgeries to my back I have suffered with fibromyalgia and have been taking several medications for pain. I have been visiting my local healers where I have started to undergo a transformation- slowly but surely and for the better. Hypnosis has also come my way with subliminal audio, and I have noticed a decrease in medications I am taking. I feel more alive than ever and I have also become more relaxed.”

Ryan from New York has also used subliminal audio:

“I’ve used the Law of Attraction and thinking about what my goals were had helped to keep me focused. I didn’t think about the “magic” of it all. I found subliminal audio albums and was soon using it. I noticed things really took off and I’m now converted to the Law of Attraction. Since then, I’ve received 3 major things I have aimed for which were a promotion, resolution to family issues, and I have started dating someone. The Law of Attraction really is powerful, and I can’t thank you enough for finding the album!”

Success with Hypnosis

Subliminal audio is just a mild type of hypnosis. For people who can’t get rid of the disbelief or other negative thoughts, hypnosis might just be the next thing to try, especially if subliminal audio has not proved to be successful for you. Several people have tried natural hypnosis and have had amazing success.

Marion from Los Angeles tried natural hypnosis:

“Natural hypnosis took me on a journey that had me feeling like all was well all over the world, and more importantly, my world. I find that I am more relaxed and focused- all the time now.”

Karin from West Hollywood also tried natural hypnosis:

“This hypnosis really motivated me to work on achieving my goals and to overcome the obstacles in my life that I ‘thought’ I once had. The whole process was delightful and was an inspiration for me.”

Hacks That Will Change Your Life About the Law of Attraction

People often wonder how they can use the Law of Attraction in their own life. Where to begin? How do you make it work in your life?

Begin Each Day with Positivity

Right when you wake up you will find is a perfect time for your mind. There’s a huge transformation when you’re getting up and getting ready for the day. Your mind is going from dreamland to reality and a more concrete mindset of day-to-day life.

Right as you are waking up, instill a sense of positivity into your mind. Find one thing you’re grateful for and instill it into your subconscious mind. This helps you find ways to find good in the day before it even begins!

You should consider also taking up meditation or yoga to help with spiritual practices. Give yourself a little bit of self-love.

Balance the Scale

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there will always be some negativity in the day as you go about your day and interact with people and the world.

While you are working on being positive and avoiding negativity, there are times you need to get in the mud to get the work done.

Fortunately, positive thinking and feelings are far more beneficial and stronger than the negative. This means it’s easy to balance the scale of what you are currently manifesting though your day-to-day life. You can take a few minutes of your day to think only positive things.

Give Yourself the Present

Make time to take a break from the thoughts that are always going through your mind. Bring yourself back to the present. Making sure you are present accelerates progression of manifesting.

Being in the present allows you to feel joy and peace. This is what truly allows you to manifest fulfillment and happiness. This allows us to crave our being rather than objects, events, money, or other external things.

Take 1-2-minute breaks through the day to stop and breathe and to let go for a brief moment. This allows you to enjoy what is happening and going on right now.

Magical Question

Before going to bed at night, there’s one question to ask yourself which has the potential to help you refocus. Ask yourself, “What was the best thing to happen today?”

Questions encourage the mind to answer it. By being able to ask yourself these big questions and the right questions, you elicit responses in the deeper parts of your mind which can make a huge difference in what is manifested in your life.

Access Slower Brainwave States

Accessing slower brainwave states is one thing that’s been known and used by mystics, sages, and shamans all across disciplines, periods and parts of the globe.

These brainwave states allow the mind to communicate a lot more clearly with the subconscious mind. Simply put, when you are in these states, what you think consciously, and what you feel and visualize are more quickly programmed into the subconscious allowing you to be able to manifest things better.

The slower the state of your brainwaves, the faster the mind is able to act on the subconscious to create in reality.

What Ifs Questions

By asking yourself positive what ifs questions, you can leverage your emotional state. This often times works a lot better than using positive affirmation statements. Questions can open the door to possibilities. When you find yourself feeling awful, ask yourself a “what if” question that will end on a positive note. Some examples can be:

  • What if this works out the way I want, or better yet, even better?
  • What if I get home and have forgotten about all of this, and it ends up solving itself?
  • What if I come by that money I desperately need in an unexpected way?
  • What if that attractive man over there is thinking about me too?
  • What if things are how they are right now because that’s what needs to happen in order for me to achieve my goals?

Learn to Breathe

Silly as it sounds, breathing the right way can affect a lot. Breathing patterns which we unconsciously use on a day-to-day basis can actually affect your physical health, thoughts and even your emotions. These breathing patterns will even affect energy flow that further affects every aspect of your mental, spiritual, and physical reality.

Yogic breathing can actually be done to help. Even simply taking a few moments every day to focus on bringing your attention to your breathing and taking full, and deep belly breaths will help create a powerful change in your daily life.

The Law of Attraction takes minimal effort to incorporate into your life in some instances as do the hacks listed above. However, there are amazing results that you can expect to get in return. These hacks will fit into your lifestyle allowing you to benefit from all the Law of Attraction has waiting for you!