Law of Attraction writing exercises can help clear your mind and will allow you to focus on your true intentions. Basically, they can help hone your power to attract whatever you need from the universe. Writing your intentions down solidifies them, which is why beginners who are new to the Law of Attraction are highly encouraged to use these exercises as a concrete method to make their desires a reality.

Law of attraction writing exercises can include:

  • Creating a desires list, which will detail a list of everything you want out of life, whether it’s in the next day, week, month, or far into the future. This can be something as simple as enjoying a meal with the family, getting a raise at work, or buying a new car. This will help you to clearly focus on your desires, boosting your positive vibration and allowing the universe to hear your messages.
  • Showing the universe that you’re grateful for everything you’ve received is just as important as telling the universe what you want. Some believe it may be more important. Write down every positive thing you have in your life, noting what the universe has given you and focus your thoughts on how grateful you feel.
  • Scripting is another fun and effective writing exercise that will show the universe what you want out of life. This exercise involves creating a story about yourself and including your desires. This story should be written as though it’s already happened. Remember, keep your energy and thoughts positive and keep in mind that it’s important to include only realistic desires.

Using these Law of Attraction writing exercises will help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction more effectively and how to focus your mental energy and thoughts on the positive in order to receive what you want from the universe. Remember, like attracts like.

Creating a Desire List

When you’re creating a desires list, begin by taking a blank sheet of paper and writing “ Today I Desire”. Under the title start writing a list of exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to be totally honest. It doesn’t have to be major plans for the future. It can be as simple as saying you want to enjoy lunch with friends or enjoy a quiet night at home with your loved one. In terms of what you can manifest, there really is no limit. Think of everything you’ve ever wanted, but haven’t received. The sky is the limit for what you want and what you can expect to have in your life. The more you love and believe in yourself and in the power of the universe, the longer your list can be. The more you attract from the universe, the stronger you will be.

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Each night before you go to bed, read your desires list out loud. Try to feel your desires for each of the items on your list as you’re reading. Always thank the universe out loud when you receive something from your list. As you receive each of your desires, be sure to check them off the list. You can also continue to add more desires to the list as you think of them. Nothing is too little or big. If you desire it, write it down. Even when you begin to receive these gifts from the universe, it’s important that you continue to read the list out loud each night and give thanks for every gift that has come your way.

Creating a Desire List

Remember, patience is very important. There’s no quick fix or magic working here, this is all about the universe recognizing your energy and desires and giving you exactly what you need. Your continued focus and positive energy will be important here.

For a while, it may not feel like it’s working, or that the universe has not heard you. The important thing is to remain positive and try to keep the faith. You can do this by reading your list each night. If time allows, you can also read it first thing in the morning. Remember, focus on how you feel about each of the items you desire as you read the list. This will help to send out the right vibration to the universe.

As your list gets smaller, you can create a new list weekly, or monthly, whatever works for you. You should feel pleasure as you check off each item, regardless of how small it is. Writing down your desires and setting aside time each day or night to focus on these desires will remind the universe that you’re expecting them. The Law of Attraction will respond to your expectations. So, get ready and make your list, ASAP.

Make a Gratitude List

A gratitude list works in the same manner as the desire list. It allows you to focus your feelings and vibrations on the universe, sending a clear message of how grateful you are of everything you have received. Again, the size of each gift isn’t relevant. Begin by taking out a clean sheet of paper and write “ I Am Grateful For” at the top of the page. Under the title, write down everything you’re grateful for, whether it’s a better parking space, last night’s dinner, or a promotion at work.

The point of doing this writing exercise is to help strengthen your connection between you and the universe. When you focus all of your mental energy on what you’re writing, it sends a much clearer message to the universe, ensuring you’re heard. This simple exercise can also give you a clearer look at your life and accomplishments. I recommend doing this type of writing exercise whenever you start to question the Law of Attraction, or when you feel down in general. Remember, it’s just as important to let the universe know how grateful you are as it is to tell the universe what you want.

Scripting Your Life

This is a Law of Attraction technique in which you’ll write a story that’s based on your life and how you want to change it. When you write, pretend you’re writing an autobiography and instead of writing down how your life currently is, write down the best version of your life story, from the present into the future.

You can include anything you’ve been trying to manifest. What you write down doesn’t have to include your entire life story or future goals. If you want to get married, buy a new car, or lose weight, you can write down a story about each of these things. You’re the writer here and you have total control over your story.

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This manifesting exercise will require you to write down your story as if it’s already happened. Make sure you focus on how you would feel if all of your desires come true.

As an example, how would you feel if you met the man or woman of your dreams? What would it feel like to drive around town in your dream car? How does it feel to sit down to a meal with your family in your new home? You get the idea.

This technique will only work if you focus on writing the words that make you feel good. It will help to keep your vibrational energy high and your energy positive. This can result in your desires manifesting faster.

Staying Positive

Make sure you focus on positivity during this time. This exercise shouldn’t be taken too seriously in order to avoid any negative feelings and instead promote positive energy. During this exercise, it’s important to have as much fun as possible. Negative energy will make it harder for the Law of Attraction to work. It should be a lighthearted exercise that allows you to focus on your happiness, positive energy, and happy thoughts for the present and the future. Feeling gratitude for what the universe has given you thus far will help to strengthen your positive vibration.

It’s also crucial that you keep your story believable. The more realistic your goals are, the faster you’ll see the results you’re hoping for. If you feel any type of resistance then try making your writing more general which might mean using fewer details. Make sure you regularly read this script in order to keep your vibrational energy high and in alignment with your desires.

Daily Scripting Exercises

create a list

Scripting doesn’t have to include your goals for life. It can actually be something you do on a daily basis, as a way to show how you’d like your day to go. Basically, it’s about creating your day and night in advance. Whether you want to write about how well tomorrow’s meeting goes, or what your first date will be like, write a script for it. You can essentially script every element of your day, or you can just add some important highlights. You don’t have to limit the script to a single part of the day, but it can help you focus more positive energy on that particular event. Write down what will make you happy and the small goals you’re hoping to achieve.

Just remember to write the script as if it’s already happened and focus on your emotions.

This is a fun, positive exercise that can help you to even realize what you yourself can do to improve your day or night. As an example, if you write about a great meal you had with a new love interest, consider what made it a great evening and what you can do to ensure it turns out exactly the way you want it to. With this type of positivity, the universe will be on your side and will work with you to ensure it happens.

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Final Thoughts

Like attracts like, and often, when we begin to doubt that the universe has heard our message, we begin to feel negative and start sending out the type of negative energy that can confuse the universe in terms of what we’re trying to attract. Fortunately, there are ways you can reaffirm your desires. That’s where Law of Attraction writing techniques come in.

Law of Attraction writing exercises are a great way to focus on your desires and the messages you want to send out to the universe. It can also give you some insight on what the universe has already given you and allow you to properly express your gratitude for the positive things in your life. Practicing these techniques daily or even weekly can help to speed up the process and allow you to receive your desires at a faster rate. Remember, these exercises can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Regardless of how frequently you use these exercises, it’s important to keep your thoughts positive, your mental focus strong, and your energy up. Be receptive and the universe will provide.

Law of Attraction Writing Exercises -Journal Prompts
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Law of Attraction Writing Exercises -Journal Prompts
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