A manifestation journal can be a powerful tool that will help you send a clearer message to the universe, allowing you to manifest your desires, faster. But if you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction or how it works, then you may need help getting started, and a look at manifestation journal examples will ensure you’re doing it correctly. Using the Law of Attraction can seem intimidating at first, but this guide on keeping a manifestation journal will teach you exactly how to use the Law of Attraction to enjoy the richer, fuller life you deserve.

Journaling Manifestation: When you start a manifestation journal, you’re training your subconscious to have a more positive outlook on life and feel confident that the universe will manifest your desires. As an example, if you want a new car, write a journal entry that details how the car sounds as you’re driving around, how easily it handles, what the interior smells like, the make and model of the car, the color, and even where you’re driving. Manifestation journaling will help you feel more confident about the Law of Attraction and the power of the universe to provide what you want.

Learning how to keep a manifestation journal or Law of Attraction journal can be a great way to raise your vibration and send out a clearer message to the universe. Journals and diaries can be very powerful tools that you can use to help make your desires a reality. Continue reading to learn more about this type of journal, positive mindset journals, success journals, Law of Attraction diaries and much more.

The Perfect Manifestation Tool for Beginners

Manifesting your desires is a process that can take days, weeks, months, or even years, depending on your goals. But there are tools we can use to help shorten this timeline.

Writing down your goals can be a powerful exercise. If you enjoy that type of exercise then keeping a daily journal of your intended manifestations – not your current reality, but the way you want your life to be, can be even more powerful. In fact, imagining living your ideal life through the pages of your manifestation journal can do wonders in how quickly you manifest your desires.

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The Power of Journaling

Many people tend to feel timid about writing their thoughts down in general, so a journal that’s dedicated to the life they want can be challenging. You can begin with a gratitude journal by writing an outline of all the successes that you’ve already had. Later on, you can fill in the details to make these complete journal entries. This gratitude journal is a great first step to manifesting your desires. Practice reading and rereading what you’ve written to let the gratitude sink in and so you realize how the Law of Attraction has already been working in your life.

Then you can take the same outline process and apply it to the successes that are yet to be materialized. Quickly list all the dreams and desires you have for your life, big and small. Then go back and fill in as many details as possible. This will make it easier to visualize your desires. Then go back again and add even more details using real emotions…how you feel after having a particular desire fulfilled.

In this way, your journal will become a vision board of sorts. You can also go back and add pictures of your desires. However, if you focus solely on writing them down it can make it easier for you to visualize your goals in the future. You don’t have to write in your journal daily, however, doing so can be very powerful and it may help you see the big picture, allowing you to write down the tiniest details such as the color of the house or car you want, what you want to buy with the money you receive from your new promotion at work, or even the type of clothes you’re able to afford.

The Power of Journaling

Keep in mind that repetition is what you really need in order to train your subconscious, and that’s exactly what this type of journaling can do. Because of this, it’s important to remember that when you’re writing you only use a positive concept. This will help to program your powerful subconscious to be more positive in general and ditch any negative energy. If you don’t feel like writing in your manifestation journal daily, then you should at least go back and read past entries.

Once the subconscious believes that it’s going to receive what you desire, then it will do everything it can to take you there – you’ll be able to finally manifest what you’ve been journaling about.

Starting a Journal

You can begin by purchasing a diary or journal that catches your eye. It can even be a plain spiral notebook, just find something that you feel you’ll enjoy writing in. You should only use this journal for the purposes of writing down the type of experiences you want to feel, and write them as if they’re already a reality.

As an example, if you want a promotion at work, then write in detail about how your work day was as if you have been promoted already.

Example: Since I started my new position as VP of Sales, I’ve met with several new, important clients that are going to take our company to the next level. At this point next year, I predict we’ll have brought in four new multi-million dollar accounts.

In terms of a new car, you might write something like: I took my new BMW i8 convertible out for a spin this afternoon. The sun was shining and it was the perfect weather to take the top down and smell the fresh ocean air. The smell of the new leather seats combined with the roar of the 369 hp engine and the thrill of the acceleration as I drove past the ocean left me feeling euphoric and happy for a day away from the office.

The point is to keep a manifestation journal about the life you would like to be yours. Be as detailed as possible. Include sights, smells, sounds, and make sure you clearly express your gratitude to the universe as you write what you know in your heart will soon be yours.

How to Give Your Goals Power

Write out your ideal life events on a regular basis, as if they’re already unfolding the way you want them to. You must allow yourself to feel these desires as if they’re already happening. You need to really dig down deep into your emotions. This Law of Attraction journal will allow you to clearly envision your idea of the perfect life, so as you’re writing it’s very important that you’re feeling everything you write. This is only one tool in your Law of Attraction arsenal, but it really is one of the most powerful exercises you can use. The more you write in your journal, the more power you give your desires, the higher you raise your vibration, and the more the universe will sit up and take notice.

It’s possible to raise your vibration even more by entering a theta brainwave state. This is a great strategy to use in combination with a manifestation journal. If you’re interested how theta waves can more easily help you manifest you desires, then click here to read our 15 Minute Manifestation review.

Gratitude Journal Manifestation

A journal can also be used to record your recent successes, however, if you decide to do so, you should use a different journal than the one that you use to manifest your desire. A gratitude journal can contain all of your successes as a way to show the universe that you have recognized that it has delivered your desires and how grateful you are. Include both major and small successes. Doing so will not only show the universe that you’re grateful, it will help you to recognize every success you’ve enjoyed recently, which will give you more confidence in the universe and in your ability to manifest what you need from it.

A Positive Mindset

A Positive Mindset

For most beginners, the biggest challenge is learning how to be more positive and shake off those constant nagging negative thoughts. Aside from a manifestation journal and a gratitude journal, a positive mindset journal can also be a great idea. You don’t have to write in this journal daily, otherwise, you’re looking at managing a total of three journals. Instead, consider keeping a positive mindset journal if you find yourself having a difficult time learning how to be more positive. You can write an entry in this journal whenever you start to feel yourself feeling negative or even when you’re doubting the power of the universe and whether you’ll be able to manifest what you’ve asked for.

When you’re writing an entry in your positivity journal, make sure you only focus on the positive, even (and especially) if you’ve had a bad day. If you find that you’re saying to yourself that you didn’t enjoy your day or that you didn’t like a movie, event, or person, turn it around and write about what you did like. This can be a powerful tool to quickly dissipate negative emotions, and also to see that there can be a positive take on almost every situation.

Make sure you read and reread your entry before calling it a day. This can help you feel more confident that your Law of Attraction journal will help you soon manifest what you desire. As you go to this positivity journal each time you start feeling negative, you’ll realize over a period of days that you write in it less frequently. Essentially, you’re training your brain to automatically look at the bright side, which can be a great help to focus your energy on manifesting what you want from the universe.

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How do I write a manifestation list?

A manifestation list is simply a list of your desires, both big and small, but the power is in the energy and feeling that you bring to it. It can include something as simple as having a steak dinner with the family, or something as major as buying a new home. When you’re writing in your journal you can include an extensive list of your desires that you can add to whenever you think of a new goal. This is another great exercise that can help raise your vibration, while also working on your visualization skills.

Final Thoughts

Journaling manifestation can allow you to achieve your goals by making the desires you have more tangible. If you’re doubting the power of the Law of Attraction, or having trouble clearly visualizing what it would be like to achieve your desires, then learning how to keep this type of journal can help you adopt a more positive mindset, allowing the universe to clearly hear your message. There are a lot of obstacles when getting started with the Law of Attraction, especially if you’ve been pessimistic about life thus far and have had trouble switching to a more optimistic outlook. With just a little time spent journaling, you will find that over a period of weeks you’re naturally seeing more positives in life. You may also notice some small positive changes taking place, which is a true indication that the universe has heard your message and is working on delivering.

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