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You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but you’re not sure how it works and whether or not it’s right for you. What you may not know is that the Law of Attraction is at work, whether you’re sending out intentional messages or not. So why not use a program that can teach you how to broadcast the right messages in order to get what you desire? That’s where Manifestation Miracle comes in.

This is a great program for both beginners and those already familiar with the Law of Attraction. It’s a well-rounded system that includes a large guide and exercises that will train you on how to focus your mind on what you desire.

In our Manifestation Miracle review, we’ll take a close look at this program to learn how it works, who the authors are, and what you can expect for results.

Manifestation Miracle Features
  • Digital and physical package options
  • Includes Abundance workbook
  • Audio tracks on MP3 or DVD
  • Includes Money MindFlood system
  • A large number of positive testimonials
  • 60 day refund policy


Manifestation Miracle is a popular program that was created by Mark Ling and Heather Matthews. This program includes Law of Attraction training and promises to reveal the #1 secret for manifesting wealth, happiness, love and success.

If you’ve ever tried Law of Attraction techniques in the past and had no success, then you’re probably hesitant to give it another try. But the authors argue that if Law of Attraction practices haven’t worked for you, then it’s because you haven’t sent the universe the right messages. If you haven’t been clear about what you really want from the universe, than how can it give it to you? 

With the Law of Attraction, you have to focus and know what it is that you really want. For instance, if you’re focusing on getting a promotion at work, you’re not sending the right message to the universe. Instead, what would you buy with the money you received from a promotion? A new car? A new house? If that’s the case, focus all of your mental energy visualizing that new house or car as yours. Send the universe a clear message and you’ll get the results you’re searching for. 

Another issue that could have caused you to fail in the past is the book you read or the program you followed. Did the program seem full of fluff? Did you feel like the program was laid out in a straightforward manner and it actually taught you something, or were you left feeling hopeful, but confused? 

This is where the Manifestation Miracle shines. This program is well-written, structured, and designed to help you succeed. 

Package Details

This is a comprehensive personal development program that can change your life by teaching you how to utilize the power of your mind. The authors show that by engaging the Law of Attraction and the laws of the universe, you’ll be able to obtain everything you’ve ever wanted out of life, whether it’s improved health, love, or more money. This program is designed to give you the power to achieve your goals. 

This program is available as an eBook, which means you can get started reading it right away. 

  • The eBook consists of 159 pages. 
  • You’ll also get a complete audio version of the eBook
  • Videos for every chapter which feature both the authors


This package also comes with some great bonuses such as:

  • The Abundance Success Workbook
  • Abundant Wealth MindTrack
  • The Love and Happiness Super MindTrack
  • The Money MindFlood System

An In-Depth Look at the Guide 

The authors have split the guide into five different sections, which will allow you to pace yourself and focus on just one section at a time, followed by the included exercise. There is no rule regarding how fast you must go from chapter to chapter, but the authors clearly state that you should not read more than one chapter a day. 

Main eBook 

Manifestation miracle

The main guide is split up into five sections. 

Section one: This section delves into destiny’s role in personal success and clearly explains what the Law of Attraction is and how to use it, common mistakes people make, why the law of attraction doesn’t work for everyone, and what you can do to achieve your goals. 

Section two: Here, you’ll focus more on learning about your destiny and how you can send a clear message to the universe. 

Section three: This portion of the main guide discusses how you can use vibrations and daily affirmations in order to get what you want. 

Section four: You’ll learn how to shake off that negativity and become a more positive person. Often, negative energy can thwart your attempts at getting what you want from the universe. You’ve heard the saying like attracts like? The authors discuss how true that saying really is, and how you can use your new positive outlook to create a happier home, achieve your career goals, and get the most out of life. 

Section five: This is where you’ll get started using the techniques you’ve learned to pursue your desires. 

Law of Attraction Exercises

At the end of each of the chapters, you’ll find exercises that are designed to help the reader tap into their subconscious mind and access their hidden powers in order to realize their true potential. 

These exercises allow you to apply the tips and techniques used in each chapter in order to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. The authors don’t go into depth regarding what each of these exercises is on their sales page, but they claim that they’re designed to help you truly tap into your true potential in order to send the right message.

According to the authors, it’s very important that you pace yourself and do one chapter a day, followed by the included exercise. 

The authors claim if you work hard and apply what you’ve learned, you’re guaranteed to see positive results. Basically, you’ll get out of it what you put in. 

This entire program is designed to help you reach your goals by providing you with practical, effective, easy to follow techniques that can work for everyone. 

 Program Video

This two-hour long program video includes both authors. Throughout the video, the authors discuss many topics on the Law of Attraction and how you can benefit from using this program. 

Money Back Guarantee

The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. So, if you’ve completed the program and it doesn’t offer the type of results you’re looking for, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

The Practical Approach to the LOA

Overall, if you’re someone that’s interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction, how it works, and how you can use it, then this is the program you should invest in. Many similar programs focus too much on the philosophy of the Law of Attraction, and don’t add much in terms of how you can actually use it and what you need to do. Whether you’re merely curious about what the Law of Attraction is, or you’re a serious believer, this program can teach you a lot about the subject, and arm you with some great information if you decide this is the route to go to achieve your goals. 

We like that the authors focus on helping you to get started using these techniques, without wasting time. 

The fact that the program also provides you with helpful exercises that focus on what you’ve learned in each chapter is a great way to cement the information, in addition to applying and honing these techniques until you see results. 

While for some, the slow pace of the program is a drawback, for others it will ensure they have a clearer understanding of the teachings. 

Is This Program Worth the Price?

If you’re wondering whether the authors are the real deal, you can feel confident in your purchase thanks to the money back guarantee. As we’ve mentioned, you can try this program for two months and request a refund should you determine this program isn’t for you. 

If you’re a skeptic and want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and take advantage of the variety of free bonuses, then this program comes highly recommended. 

The authors claim that you don’t have to be a believer in the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you just have to follow the included techniques. 

With that in mind, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

woman feeling successfulWhether or not this program works is ultimately up to the buyer. Have they followed the author’s instructions, reading a single chapter a day? Have they done the exercises at the end of each chapter? Do they apply what they’ve learned from the program and used it to harness the power of the universe in order to get what they desire? 

Obviously, the person who believes in the Law of Attraction will be more likely to get the most out of this program, compared to the skeptic who halfheartedly decides to give it a quick read. 

The authors don’t promise you’ll see overnight success, or that you’ll become a millionaire if you follow the program. Instead, they teach you how to use the universe to your advantage and discuss how you can make important changes in your life in order to make this happen. 

Many people have found this program to be very inspiring. It will not only teach you how to use the universe to reach your goals, it will also provide you with the confidence you need to make it happen. 

People who have followed the program will tell you that positive thinking helped make their wildest dreams come true, but is it really as easy as changing your outlook on the world and switching to a positive mindset?

The Law of Attraction isn’t complicated. It’s not magical. In fact, it’s an unchanging universal principle that’s pretty simple. Objects, people, and feelings are drawn towards their matching counterparts. Like attracts like. 

Not believing in the Law of Attraction or believing in it won’t change anything. It’s a universal principle. However, if you become in tune with the universe and believe, you’ll be able to expect and predict what will happen for you and to you. Your own awareness of the Law of Attraction can affect your life.

How it Works 

Just like the law of gravity may seem initially complex and hard to understand, the why behind the LOA can also be complicated. 

Gravity is actually still somewhat of a mystery to researchers. We understand that it’s gravity that prevents everything on the planet from just floating away, but the real why behind this is a complex matter. 

The LOA is very similar. Just like with all of the laws of the universe, we know that these laws do work, even if we don’t understand how or why. 

In order to really understand the Manifestation Miracle and how to use LOA to your advantage, you must learn how to become in tune with your relationship with the universe. Basically, it’s crucial that you take a good look at how you feel about how you and the universe interact. 

Do you think you can influence the things that happen to you, or do you believe things simply happen to you? 

Some people believe that they’re a product of everything that has happened to them. This belief that a person is not really in control of their lives is called an external locus of control. People with this mindset must learn that they actually have what is called an internal locus of control. 

The LOA works in the same way. In truth, your feelings and thoughts really do have an effect on the events that take place. Just a shift in your understanding of the truth about your relationship with the universe and how you have the power to influence and change your life because of it can help you to begin attracting better things into your life.

Most people still aren’t convinced about this universal principle which attracts like to like. Most people write it off as new age magic, so it’s therefore not real. 

Fortunately, advances in science and technology now allow us to immediately and visibly experience the effects of our thoughts. Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence that proves thought alone has a tangible, immediate effect on the environment around us and on ourselves. 

How to Use This Program 

This program will discuss the ins and outs of the LOA and how you can control the type of message you send out into the universe. 

The authors will also delve into the ways you can use this program and its teachings to improve your life. Since the LOA is a universal law that’s already working in your life, you can begin to start intentionally feeling and thinking about what it is that you want to attract, such as a relationship or money, and make the LOA work for you. 

The Law of Attraction will work with or without your permission. It’s your understanding of it, combined with your awareness of how it works, and how it can improve your life that will attract more of the things you desire. 

But it can be difficult to become used to getting in the right mindset and sending out the right type of signal. Whether you’re struggling to release your doubts and fears or you’re unsure of how to get a clear vision, the exercises in this program can help you to develop a clearer understanding of just how the LOA works and how you can start making positive changes now. 

Attracting Wealth 


attracting money

Money is the number one reason people become interested in learning about the LOA. It’s not surprising. If you work hard for a small paycheck and you’re still in debt, a change is needed. The good thing about this program is that when you learn how to use the LOA, money is easy to come by. Once you begin following the exercises, you’ll begin to see changes very quickly. Many people have reported that seemingly random job opportunities and unexpected checks, or even finding money has happened as a result of sending out the right message to the universe. 

Manifesting Love

The next most popular reason people buy this program is to find love. Finding the right partner can seem like an unwinnable, challenging game at times. Fortunately, this program is the perfect tool for finding love. Because the LOA involves working on your desires and on yourself, it makes you a more positive, attractive person, someone who has a clear vision of what they need and want in life. 


Health comes in third on our list of why people buy this program. Many people don’t consider using the power of the LOA to improve their health, but it can actually be a great tool for that purpose. Because the LOA works with your thoughts and these same thoughts can affect your physical reality, you may be unintentionally attracting poor health into your life and you don’t even realize it. Learning about the LOA will help you to realize that your thoughts do have a direct effect on everything around you, including your physical health. A positive attitude can go a long way toward improving both your mental and physical health. 


The LOA can connect you with higher spiritual planes of existence. When you begin practicing the exercises, you’ll begin to see beyond your ordinary, mundane world. Instead, you’ll see a newer, elevated world that’s brimming with possibilities. 

Most people discover a spiritual force inside that connects them to everything in their environment. The LOA demonstrates that everything is connected to you and you are connected to everything. 

Enjoying Life 

The result of using the LOA exercises in this program will only be limited by your imagination. There are endless things you can attract. From getting the perfect parking spot or earning good karma, you can use the principles found in this program in any way you please. 

Working with the Law of Attraction 

If you’ve come this far, then you now understand what the LOA is and how it can work in your life. Now it’s time to begin practicing what you’ve learned in the program. 

Remember, the possibilities of the LOA are only limited by your imagination. Begin thoughtfully. Taking the time to think about the process is important. You must accept where you are in life now, and where you want to be. 

The foundation of the LOA is believing that it works. You can try out some of the techniques you’ve used in this program on small things first. In order to get a feel for how it can work in your life, start by choosing something minor that seems possible. If you’re filled with doubt, testing what you’ve learned with something simple is the first step to mastering the LOA. 

When we say small things, this can mean randomly finding twenty dollars or getting the parking spot you’ve always wanted or reconnecting with an ex. These are all great options because they’re easy to believe in. Once you get the results you’re looking for, it will help to reaffirm your belief in LOA and you can now move on to bigger and better things. 

Putting What You’ve Learned into Action 

Once you have completed the program, you should have the tools and knowledge you need to make some serious changes. As discussed in the main guide, deciding what you want is actually the first and most critical step. You must have a very clear vision of what you desire. Whether you want to majorly overhaul your life, or you want to attract something minor, you have to be clear about what you want. 

When you try imagining this new thing in your life, fully imagine it using your five senses. You should spend some time quietly meditating, imagining what your life will be like once you have acquired this new thing. Whether it’s as profound as finding your soulmate or finding money on the street, you must feel this new thing with every portion of your being. 

Try imagining what this new thing smells like, looks like, feels like, and sounds like. You must make it real in your mind. Don’t only focus on receiving this new thing. Instead, think about what your life will be like after and imagine how it can change your world. 

Preparing Your Body and Mind 

The first step is important because it will prepare both the body and mind to receive whatever it is you’re asking the universe for. The brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. When you’re fully engaged in sensory imagination, the brain will fire up the body. Heart, blood flow, muscles, every part of the body will be geared up to take part. 

When you take part in this type of imagination exercise, you’re essentially aligning yourself with your desires. This opens you up to the possibilities and prepares the body to receive whatever it is that you’re trying to attract. 

Practicing Unconditional Love 

unconditional loveIf you don’t believe that you deserve what you’re trying to attract, then you won’t get it. The subconscious fears that are deeply rooted send messages to your brain. If a small part of you doesn’t believe that you deserve what you’re trying to attract, then this part of you is essentially competing with your desires. 

At times, it can seem almost impossible to completely free yourself from fear, doubt, or the feeling of being unworthy. Your instincts may try to combat your positive thoughts, further hindering your success. 

This step in the process is important because it brings more awareness of your feelings and thoughts. The only effective way to combat doubts and fears is to become more aware of them, acknowledging each one and approaching them with compassion and love. 

People experience these types of feelings for deep-seated reasons. It may be that someone has made that person feel undeserving. These feelings can weaken your message to the universe.

The Possibilities are Endless 

Addressing your doubts and fears is important, but after they have been acknowledged, they must be replaced with gratitude and appreciation. These positive, new feelings can change your expectations and perspective and can open you up to the possibility of greater things in your future. 

Your focus should be on understanding your role in this process instead of feeling ashamed or guilty. Recognize how your fear has manifested. Just because the fear is there doesn’t mean that all the bad things that have happened to you are your fault. It only means that the LOA has responded to the signal you’ve sent out. Even though it may not be what you have wanted, you can take peace in knowing that you were heard, that the LOA works. Let this awareness guide you.  

Next, think of everything good in your life, reflecting on your ambition, dreams, and hopes. You now know that when you believe something will happen, it does. 

Instead of feeling boastful or experiencing pride, this is more about seeing how the LOA is already part of your life. 

This step is important because it’s all about gratitude, awareness, and connections. Once you have seen that the law of attraction has worked, it can reinforce your understanding that it’s a universal law. 

It’s also important to express gratitude at this time and appreciate how this law has already worked. Expressing gratitude is the key to setting yourself up for success.

Realizing Your Desires

If you’ve completed the program, following the correct protocol and reading just one chapter a day, followed by the exercise, then now is the time to live the reality you desire. You can spend time imagining exactly what you want, clearing away your fears and doubts and realizing how the LOA has already worked for you in the past. You have been practicing this type of exercise throughout the course of the program, and now it’s finally time to live it!

If you’ve been practicing these techniques, focusing on something simple, now is the time to take action and get the results you’ve been dreaming of. If you’ve purchased this program in hopes of using it for small things like getting the ideal parking spot, get in your car, drive and head out to that parking spot with the expectation and full intention of finding it empty and waiting for you. Say it out loud. “That parking spot will be empty.” While this may seem silly, it’s actually a critical step. 

If you’re using the LOA for something much bigger, then this exercise can be tricky, just use your imagination. If your goal is to lose a lot of weight, go shopping and purchase the outfit that fits the size you’re shooting for. If you want to buy a new car, head to your local dealerships and shop around. If you want something as major as financial freedom, begin planning what you’ll do once you have the money and free time. 

As you’ll learn in the program, this step is very important for a couple of reasons. First, it aligns you with your desires. The major concept behind the LOA is that like attracts like. Once you take action and act as though you already received what you desire, then you’re sending a message to the universe, loud and clear, that you’re serious. 

This step is also important because it allows you to truly feel the gratification that comes after you’ve received what you desire. It will reinforce the visualizations you’ve been working on throughout the program and solidifies your belief in the entire process. 

Staying Positive

If you still feel as though you haven’t grasped this program or understand how the law of attraction can positively impact your life, or how it works, you can go through the three-week process all over again. Some beginners have reported that they didn’t have much success during their first attempt but felt much more confident the second or third time around.

That’s what’s so great about this program. If you begin to feel yourself doubting your own self-worth or struggle to send out a clear message, you can always use this program as a LOA refresher. 

Some people will experience results immediately, while for others it can take several weeks or months. This will ultimately depend on your message, your goals, and your mindset.


  • You don’t have to believe in the Law of Attraction to see results 
  • You can complete this program at your own pace 
  • This program is easy to follow 
  • Included exercises teach you important ways to use the Law of Attraction to reach your goals
  • The authors have laid out the program in an easy to follow manner


  • This program will only work if you closely follow the instructions 
  • You should only read one chapter a day 
Manifestation Miracle Conclusion and Rating

Manifest With Product Rating Updated March, 2023: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Manifestation Miracle

The Manifestation Miracle isn’t really a miracle. It’s based on the Law of Attraction, and it will take some work on your part to get what you want. The authors have done a great job of teaching you how to send out a clear message to the universe. The included exercises are easy to follow and help beginners to easily grasp the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is universal. It will work with or without your intention, but if you find that you continue to come up short, you must address these fears and doubts because they’re what’s holding you back from seeing the results you’re looking for. 

Overall, whether you’re someone who’s merely curious about the Law of Attraction or you’re a true believer, the Manifestation Miracle is the real deal. It’s a well-rounded program that will give you the ins and outs of how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. We gave this program a rating of five out of five stars.

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