As we learn and become aware of thoughts and just how powerful they truly are, it’s nice to be reminded by the stories that other people have from using the Law of Attraction. No matter how small or big their accomplishments and goals are, they are constant reassurance that when you are on the right track, you can manifest just about anything you set your mind to.

Manifestation Success Stories

Below are just a few stories of people who have transformed their life with manifestation.

Karen’s Story

“One thing I am trying to do less of is complain. I’m trying to learn to go with the flow a lot more than I have. It has been helping my relationship more, and as discussed, it’s helping me choose a lot more carefully where my time and energy is spent, as well as who my time is spent with.

Thoughts become things and this has been something that has stuck with me. I find that I am talking to people about it including my children. I know so many people who can benefit from thinking this way and it helps promote more positive thoughts than anything.

I feel a lot calmer now. As my husband and I have talked before, the more positive I am the more I notice the negativity. I’m not positive at all times, but I am working on this.”

Barb’s Story

“I recently read “The Secret” as I had heard about and wasn’t to let you know how grateful I am. I recently created a book club where 6 ladies and I have come together to read this book. Just as I started the book club I fell and broke my ankle. I was laid up for quite some time and was also blown away at how the timing of this book worked out.

Because of reading this book my life has since transformed. Many people would say it was a horrible time, but I would have to disagree and say that this has been the best time of my life. My life has transformed as well as the lives of 6 other ladies who are in the book club and have since read the book. Thank you for suggesting I read this book!”

John’s Story

My computer had recently got a virus and I didn’t know how to run an antivirus software. I took some time to ask for some guidance. I’m aware of what the Law of Attraction is and had never used it before. After feeling discouraged and under attack because every solution I found looked extremely tough, I turned the computer off and went to do some meditation. I began the Focus Process and came up with feeling loved and watched after. After this, I returned to the computer and began doing a search for how to fix my computer and was led to a YouTube video that took me through the repair step-by-step. My computer was fixed finally.”

Becca’s Story

I typically use meditation as well as a few other techniques I learned at workshops before I go out for shopping and I notice such an amazing difference. Rather than rooting rails of unwanted clothing, I find that my mind is led to specific clothing which has the ideal selection that I like and that fits me. They are always my size and what’s better is they are discounted!”

How Does Manifestation Work?

Similarly, to the Law of Attraction, manifestation is simply when you create thoughts and feelings that are positive. They help you create your reality. If you’re constantly feeling down or thinking negative, it’s possible you’ll be manifesting negativity to your life.

What Do You Want?

It’s important to decide on what you want before you start with any manifesting. While it can feel like it’s taking months or years to manifest anything, carefully working your way through things slowly can get you results a lot faster than what you would expect. Some people are able to manifest simple things in a matter of 24 hours.

For instance, don’t dream big with saying you want a business within 24 hours because that just isn’t a feasible want. Instead, you can ask to find someone to collaborate with, get a business loan, or get any type of loan that you might need.

Eliminate What Stands in Your Way

Unfortunately, there’s always going to be something standing in your way and it’s really important to eliminate these things. The three most common manifestation blocks can include:

  • Negative Mindset/Beliefs: if you find yourself in a bad place emotionally, get yourself in the right mindset before you begin manifesting anything. Negativity can’t be focused on as it won’t attract anything positive to your life. Take some time to practice self-care. Try some de-stressing methods such as meditation or other techniques.
  • Timing: Sometimes all you need is a little bit of patience. Everything you’re trying to manifest will happen.
  • Toxic People: When you decide to begin manifesting, make sure no one is holding you back. There might be people who don’t believe in you. They may complain about just about everything and they may even criticize you. It’s important to let go of those people and eliminate them from your life. Their negativity will only bring you down and will block you from being more positive.

Visualize Just What You Want

You might know the basics about visualization and maybe you’ve practiced it a little bit. While you’re manifesting, go somewhere private and quiet and visualize exactly what you want.

Take all of your energy and concentrate on what you see and let all good feelings about the item or outcome build up inside.

Add in as much detail as you can and don’t imagine how it’ll become yours rather what the outcome is going to be. Make the outcome as real as you want as if it’s already yours.

Take Action

Take the rest of your day now to live life to the fullest and live it as you normally would. You don’t need to do anything specific to make manifestation happen. You now are just waiting for what you’ve visualized to appear in your life.

However, should you get the urge to do something specific, pay attention to your gut feeling and go with whatever action it leads you to do. If it feels natural, then do it!

Appreciate and Recognize

While this step might not appear to be significant, it can help shape your future manifestation efforts. Basically, you want to make sure you fully appreciate everything you have once your goal has been achieved. It becomes easy to forget that everything you have you asked for at one point, so make sure you are being proactive and being thankful.

The more you emphasize and make the connection, the better you will become at manifestation in the future.

Signs Manifestations Are Close

When you find that you’re trying to manifest something specific in your life, there are signs you can look for that will let you know your manifestations are near. Sometimes the signs will be small while other times they may come in a larger form. Here are a few signs to consider:

  • You hear about your desires
  • You feel excited
  • Repeating numbers pop up everywhere
  • Others are talking about your goals

Manifestation Exercises to Try

Some people struggle with manifesting their dreams and there are some exercises you can try. These exercises can help get you into alignment to better help you get what you want.

Gratitude List

This 15-minute exercise can have you feeling better and creating more desires that you want in your life. Simply et some time aside everyday to sit down someplace quiet. Take this time to clear your thoughts and write a list of everything you are grateful for. What about your job are you grateful for? What happened to you today that you are grateful for?

Pre-paving What You Want

This is where you mentally take some time to plan out your day to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. You see things step-by-step and they go easily and effortlessly. Even the smallest tasks.

Make sure you are aware of negative thoughts that come into your head in regard to any task that you’ll need to take on. Simply put, if there’s an errand you need to run that is typically a pain to take care of, make note of that negative thought.

Then realize it’s not set in stone and the experience doesn’t play out like it used to. Change the experience this time around. Then, pre-pave what’s going to happen and know that’s how it will turn out.

Give a Task List to the Universe

The point of this exercise is to get out on paper what you want to accomplish and what you want the Universe to accomplish. You make 1 column on one side of the paper and another column on the other side. For instance, you can meditate for 20 minutes a day, do yoga, have lunch with a friend that day, and respond to emails.

Examples of what you want the Universe to take care of can include finding a way to help you make the car payment each month, finding the right person to fix a bug on your computer, finding a simple solution to clear out the garage, etc.

Use the Prosperity Game to Create More Money

This practice entails the practice of receiving checks from the Universe. Everyday you receive a virtual check, and each day thereafter it doubles in size. One day you’ll get $1,000 and you’ll need to spend that money by end of day. The next day you’ll get $2,000 and you’ll need to spend that. This can be done with real checks or you can print out fake checks to use. The point of this game is to help you manifest more money to your life.

Goal Setting

Make sure you can set a goal before you begin any manifestation. Decide in your mind you are going to accomplish this goal. Write it down as this can help make it more real to you. If you are not sure what you want to achieve, consider taking a few days to think about this. It can be anything from getting a promotion or new job to meeting someone you want to be in a relationship with.

Audio Books

Audiobooks can be a great way to get motivation and information needed while being on the go. Listening to these audiobooks that can help with manifestation can be great for getting everything you need while being on the run with errands or even at the office while you take a break.

Unclutter Your Life

Consider eliminating unnecessary stress in your life as well as other obstacles that might be holding you back from achieving what you truly want. By freeing yourself from these stresses you can clear a path to the things that you do want in life. This can include throwing away old newspapers or other things that might be holding on to negative energy. Get rid of old clothes and magazines as well.

Read More

Consider reading books that are going to help you focus on your goals more and keep you motivated. There are also books on the Law of Attraction to consider that will help you discover powerful tools and resources to help get the most out of the Law of Attraction.


Spend some time doing some daydreaming. The more you imagine things working in your life, the more you can enter the space of feeling good about different possibilities that your desires hold. The more you can convince yourself that everything is working out for you, the more your desires will come to you.

Manifesting is a great way to achieve anything you want in life. The Law of Attraction can work in mysterious ways and can be something easy to instill into your daily routine. Millions of people are living their best life, and so can you!