Manifesting money can be simple, just as long as your energy field matches the results you want. If so, you can dramatically increase your chances of manifesting as much money as you want. Your emotions, attitude, beliefs, and thoughts all contribute to your energy and can determine how much, if any, money you’ll attract. 

If you don’t believe in the law of attraction money, you can think of it as basic psychology. If you believe that you’re going to make money and you align your intentions, emotions, and thoughts with receiving the money, then you’re going to significantly improve your chances of making what you desire a reality. 

Manifesting money is probably one of the most discussed LOA topics. Maybe you want to attract money in order to have the house you’ve always wanted or to finally have some financial breathing room. 

Key Takeaway: Manifesting money is tricky and it can be challenging if you don’t have the right mindset. However, there are several things you can do to change your outlook on life and reinforce your message to the universe. Learning how to manipulate the LOA to your advantage can be life changing. You already possess the power, you just don’t know how to use it. Our tips and tricks will give you the tools you need to help you achieve the wealth you so deserve.

So, what can you do to increase your chances of manifesting the money you need in order to have the life you want?

Let’s find out. 

The Right Mindset

When you’re trying to manifest money, the best way to go about it is with the right mindset. Think of the right mindset as the overall vibe you’re sending the universe. 

If you have had experience with the LOA in the past, then you already know that a positive way of thinking is what makes it work. But for some, even if this fact has been repeated over and over, they fail to focus on ways to change the way they think.

If your thoughts on focused on greed, desperation or neediness, then you’ll most likely fail. Those are the wrong vibes to send out for attracting what you want. You may end up only attracting something negative because your vibes are positive. 

Instead of sending out vibes of desperation and need, send out vibes of hope and confidence that the universe is working for you, sending you exactly what you’re telling it you need.

Being negative will not help to improve your life, it won’t add money to your bank account, and it won’t change your life for the better. Instead it will keep you frozen in terms of your happiness  and success. Using the LOA successfully requires you to make some important changes. It’s up to you to move forward and make your dreams a realization.

When You Know 

When you want to manifest money, you have to know it’s already there, waiting for you. This applies whether we’re talking about opportunities or cash found on the street. 

Know that the money-making opportunities and the cash are right there in front of you. All you have to do is adjust your sight to see it. You can do this by changing your vibes, emotions, and thoughts to ones that are able to detect money. 



People commonly get confused about the relationship between detachment and desire. Desire involves what you want to create. This vibe is best described as excitement and passion. The stronger your desire, the better. 

Now detachment is all about how those desires manifest for you. When you become too attached to how and when your desires show up, you end up sabotaging the manifestation process. Instead of sending out the vibe of abundant wealth, you begin to send out signals such as stress, worry, and concern. 

Once you notice that you’re starting to become worried or frustrated, take a deep breath, take a break, and go back to focusing on your desire. 

Beginners often struggle with this and may need more structure in regard to exercises they can follow in order to switch to a more positive mindset. Programs such as the Manifestation Miracle can teach you how to manifest using the right mindset, so you only attract what you want. Remember, with the law of attraction, like attracts like. If you’re constantly worried and stressed over not having the money you need, you’re only attracting more negativity. 

Who You Are

If you’re reaching out to the universe for the first time, then the odds are you’re doing so because you’ve hit some hard times and don’t know where to turn. Your self-confidence and self-worth are at an all-time low. You may feel defeated, hopeless, and desperate to make serious changes in your life. Success may have been within your reach in the past, but lately, you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Is it merely just a bad year? A string of bad luck? Or could it be due to the type of messages you’ve been sending out to the universe lately?

Are you naturally a negative person? If so, then you may find it more difficult to switch a positive outlook on life compared to an easygoing person. Our numerology numbers guide can teach you more about who you are as a person and can even help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This information can help you choose the right type of manifestation techniques that can set you up for success and the type of results you’re looking for. 

When it’s Time for an Upgrade 

When you’re trying to manifest a fortune, it’s best to start small and work your way up to manifesting larger amounts. Gradually manifesting larger sums allows your power and confidence to grow, so you’ll have the right mindset and vibes needed to manifest a larger amount. This means when you’re trying to manifest thousands of dollars you won’t constantly worry that it’s not going to happen. You’ll be confident in your ability to send out the right message to the universe. This is a technique that many experienced LOA followers have found to be effective. 

Having a Purpose 

Giving your money a purpose is another important step. This should be done down to the last dollar. This can be done in a couple of ways. First, make a list of all of the non-negotiables. These should be things that must be paid every month. Next, make a list of the things you’d like to do, such as invest in property, or put some money in your child’s savings account. Add all of these expenses up and that final number will be your goal. 

Another option is to simply set a goal for the month. Pick an amount that seems like a lot, but not too much. A number that seems doable. It should be more than enough to pay off your monthly expenses and slightly more than what you need for things you want, such as a new wardrobe or a fancy dinner. 

Giving your money a purpose will show the universe that you’re very clear on what you want. 

But don’t limit yourself to this type of short term goal. Know that more money is in your future. By starting off with a smaller goal, you’ll reinforce your belief in the power of the law of attraction once you reach your goal. After you’ve successfully hit your goal, aim higher. Don’t go all out and choose a money goal that’s simply impossible. Instead, make it slightly larger than your first money goal. Keep this going each time you’ve achieved your goal, until what once may have seemed liked an unattainable amount is now the norm for you.

Don’t expect to wake up in the morning one day and find a bag of money on your porch. The universe is very mysterious and will send money your way in the form of a promotion at work, a major increase in your stocks, etc. You may not win the lottery, but the universe will still deliver what you need.

Taking Action 

Taking action is often a step that most people forget. You can’t say you want twenty thousand dollars one month and just expect it to show up in your account without taking the steps to sell your services, products, or build your business. Taking aligned action shows the universe that you’re doing your part to create your intention. In return, the universe will do their part to bring the intention to you. 

Final Thoughts

By following the steps in this article, you should have no doubt that you’ll be able to create the income of your dreams. Manifesting money can take knowledge, skill, and the right intent. With the right vibes, mindset, and by taking action, you’ll find that manifesting the income you’ve always wanted is even easier than you thought it would be. If you find yourself struggling in the beginning, practice some visualization techniques to get your mind back on track and to create positive energy to send out to the universe.

Manifesting Abundant Money & Wealth- The Real Technique
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Manifesting Abundant Money & Wealth- The Real Technique
Learn how to send the right message out to the universe in order to manifest money and find out what you can do to change your mindset for better results.