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In this Numerologist review we take a deep dive into the leading authority for numerology online.


The creators of say that their aim is to “support you in your journey to deeper wisdom and greater self-knowledge”, and that they do this by “revealing hidden patterns in your life and empowering you to make sustainable, positive choices”. Let’s take a closer look at how this works and exactly what they offer.

The hidden patterns mentions are discovered through the practice of numerology, which involves the relationship between numbers and coinciding events in your life. The free numerology report they offer makes this site a popular choice for people who are curious about numerology and the potential benefits it can have on their lives. has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from people who have been shocked by the accuracy of their personal numerology reading, making this an interesting resource to explore further. Features
  • Free customized numerology reading
  • Low price, high quality numerology education
  • Supports your journey into greater self-knowledge
  • Customized program
  • Ongoing program support
  • A large number of positive testimonials

What is Numerology?

Numerology explores the power of numbers. Whether it’s the numbers that are associated with the letters in your name or the date of your birth, a numerologist explores the meaning of these numbers and how they relate to your life. Some believe these numbers make up your personality and are responsible for your destiny.

In numerology, there are many numbers that are said to guide a person’s life, but there are a few key numbers to start with. 

Expression Number: This number is calculated by adding up the numbers in a person’s name using the number that’s associated with each letter in the alphabet. Starting with the letter A being equal to the number one. The total is added up and reduced to a single digit to reach the expression number. The expression number is considered a person’s very being. This number can help a person understand the issues and abilities inherent in their personality.

Life Path Number: This number is reached by reducing each unit of a person’s date of birth to a single digit number. Each of the resulting digits is then added together and reduced to a single digit again to get the life path number. While the expression number is a number you’re born with, the master number, or life path number, reveals the lesson you’re supposed to learn during this lifetime.

Day Number: This number is calculated by adding up the day and month of a person’s birth, then adding the present year, month, and day. This number is said to guide people on how to get through a specific important day. uses these and other important numbers to create a personalized numerology chart for you. They offer free and paid chart packages, which come with in depth explanations and guidance.

By visiting the site, you’ll learn a lot about numerology and how it works, and how the numbers discussed above can make up your numerology chart. You’ll understand the importance of your name and why in numerology, it’s believed that names are not an accident. And you’ll find out why your life path number is said to be a guide that will enlighten a person on the lesson they’re meant to learn in this lifetime.

Now that you have a taste for numerology, lets look at exactly what offers.

Free Numerology Reading 

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Numerologist offers a lot of resources beyond just numerology charts. There are a wide range of numerology materials such as a personality decoder, monthly astrology forecasts, articles on numerology and customized reports. But one of the most popular reports for good reason is their free numerology reading.

This free numerology report is a great starting point and includes some important information regarding your expression and life path number. It’s available free of charge and designed to give you an overview of your life path.

Getting your free report is easy, just click here and provide your date of birth and your full name. After you’ve entered this information you’ll watch a video presentation which provides the report details. This video will explain your numerology chart results and briefly touches on the importance of each number and what significance they hold. 

Receiving your free Numerologist reading is a fascinating and eye opening experience. Many people are amazed by how accurately the reading can reveal their history, and are empowered after gaining insight into who they’re meant to be in this lifetime.

The last portion of the free numerology report asks you to enter your current marital status. The number that this portion of the chart focuses on can reveal details of your past, present, and future relationships. The soul urge number clues you in on your deepest desires.

Overall, the free reading that Numerologist offers is highly regarded and a great place to begin your numerology journey.

Premium Reports

Once you have digested the free numerology reading, you can delve into a number of more in depth reports that Numerologist offers. These include:

Personality Decoder: An alternative to your Deluxe Numerology Report, your Personality Decoder is fully personalized to only the numbers in your chart you need to know right now to make empowering decisions and take command of your destiny. Included: 36-page report with readings on the 5 most telling numbers of your chart.

Daily Numeroscope: A personalized daily report that will help you avoid regret, make confident decisions & harmonize with hidden universal energies so you wake up every single day feeling divinely guided. Included: Daily number, lucky color, ruling planet, angel message & crystal reading for next 30 days.

Deluxe Numerology Report: The flagship numerology report where you’ll discover your true nature, undetected talents, secret strengths and more. Included: 60+ pages of personalized and detailed readings based on your name and date of birth.

Annual Numerology Forecast: A personalized forecast designed to illuminate your path ahead and empower you to make decisions that can change your life for the better, immediately. Included: 50+ pages of simple yet insanely accurate predictions for your year ahead.

Cosmic Collection: The Cosmic Collection explores the deepest corners of your personality. It goes far beyond your average horoscope to give you personalized guidance on your career, romantic relationships, health, and purpose based on your Planetary Ruler, Element, Personal New Year and more. Included: Fully personalized astrology report and 3 bonus reports.

Monthly Astrology Forecast: A personalized reading of the most pivotal & profound astrological events headed your way every single month. With this forecast, you’ll better anticipate problems, cope with change, and look forward to all the wonderful surprises ahead. Included: Personalized monthly report on your core chart aspects, plus key transits and planetary influences to watch out for.

Manifesting with Numbers: A video program design to help you unlock the secret manifestation power of numbers. With beautiful video modules, guided rituals and powerful techniques, this is a numerology experience that gives you direct access to the 10 most powerful forces of the Universe. Included: 16 video modules, audio mp3s, transcripts, activation rituals and 4 never-seen-before bonuses.

Abundance Angels: This 28-day guided meditation journey is divinely designed to help you call upon the Universe’s most powerful Archangels for immense healing, transformation and manifestation. Each day you’ll receive a powerful Angel message from Kari in your inbox. Included: 28 10-minute guided meditation tracks and 6 bonuses.

Life Path Illuminations: Combining 3 powerful modalities, Numerology, Chakra Healing and Brainwave Entrainment in the form of personalized affirmations, Life Path Illuminations is a 3-dimensional healing methodology for those seeking deep self-discovery and lasting transformation. Included: 77 personalized healing attunements, 4 brainwave entrainment sessions, 3 subliminal healing audios and printed guidebook.

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The site’s blog is updated frequently and features a variety of topics ranging from horoscopes to how to activate your divine energy. This portion of the site is perfect for both beginners in search of information on how to get started with numerology, and numerology enthusiasts interested in learning new techniques or staying up to date with the latest information. 


Numerologist has a regular podcast called the Cosmic Current. This is a monthly and weekly podcast that offers astrology and numerology forecasts. It features a wide range of columnists and gives those interested every reason to come back and learn more. 

The Numerologist Team is run by a small team of dedicated and passionate numerologists, teachers, and writers that have come together to bring the most accurate and profound numerology reports to people around the world. My personal experience with the folks at Numerologist have been nothing but great. I have always found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and genuinely focused on providing valuable resources.


  • The free numerology reading makes getting started easy.
  • The site offers a wide range of educational tools.
  • The weekly and monthly podcast will allow you to learn from the experts.
  • The premium numerology packages are beautifully designed and very complete.


  • No significant cons to mention.

Numerology at its Best

On the site, visitors have the opportunity to explore numerology at a deeper level. Numerologists believe that numbers and coinciding events can help a person to learn more about themselves, their future, and their true potential. Once a person has received their first reading they will begin to understand what these numbers mean. The number you’re given are unique to you. People who want to know what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months can take advantage of premium forecasts to better understand what lies ahead in their lives. 

Who is this Site For?

This site is designed for both beginners and those with numerology experience. It offers material for everyone, even skeptics. If you don’t know much about numerology but would like to learn more, you can take advantage of the blog section of the site, which features a variety of topics. Or, you can start with your free reading to learn how spot-on these numerology charts can be. Just keep in mind that the free numerology report isn’t complete. In order to get a complete report, you’ll have to pay for the premium chart. 


If you feel stuck at a dead-end job and you’re barely making ends meet, wealth and career are two main areas covered in the premium numerology report. The report can help you find out what you can do to improve these areas, so you can make appropriate life changes. 


If you’ve had a string of bad relationships and often wonder if you’ll ever meet the right person, Numerologist may be able to help. A numerology report won’t be able to reveal the identity of your soulmate, but it can teach you more about yourself and what type of partner you’re really searching for. Using tools like the life path number, and through self-discovery, you’ll may be able to find your perfect match. You can also learn how to change or strengthen your current relationship.


If you’re stressed, unhappy, or tired, and feel hopeless about your health, the numerology report can help you discover what type of life changes you need to make in order to increase your physical well-being. 


Do you pay close attention to your horoscope regularly? This site also offers a section on astrology and provides free readings with the purchase of one of the numerology chart packages. 


There is also a section on divination. If you believe in angels and believe they can provide a type of spiritual guidance, then this site has plenty of material worth reading that can strengthen your belief that angels do exist and that they provide daily guidance throughout a person’s life. 

Tarot Readings

For many, tarot card readings can be fun and informative. If you’ve never had your cards read by a pro then you’re missing out on what a tarot reading can tell you about your past, present, and future. You can learn more in the site’s section on tarot readings. 


Of course, Law of Attraction followers may find the site lacking in resources and information on manifestation. If you’re looking for a Law of Attraction-based program you won’t find it on this site. We recommend Manifestation Miracle if you’re searching for a traditional LOA program that can provide real results. Conclusion and Rating

Manifest With Product Rating Updated March, 2023: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is a site that caters to both skeptics and true believers alike. If you want to learn more about the importance of numbers and the hidden power they can have on your life, than this is a great resource.

If you’re interested in a full numerology reading, you can sample the free report and get a taste of what this site has to offer. 

Overall, considering the options, we feel that is by far one of the most helpful and informative numerology sites around, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of numerology, we recommend taking advantage of the free numerology chart to learn more about yourself and the world of numerology. We gave this site a rating of five out of five stars.

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