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The site is an authority on numerology and other occult related topics. 

The creators of the site state that it can help visitors to discover truths about friends, family members, and even themselves. These hidden truths are discovered through numerology charts, which involves the occult meaning of numbers. The site also delves in divination, but the free numerology report in addition to its other chart packages are what makes this site such a popular choice for people who believe in the powers of numerology. 

But despite the site’s name, it doesn’t solely focus on numerology, in fact, it delves into astrology, tarot, and more. 

There are several informative articles that will cover a variety of different occult topics, so those interested in the occult will find it hard to tear themselves away once they start reading the blog posts or the other areas of the site. 

The true numerology believer will find a resource in and can use this site as a tool for all things numerology and occult related. 

What is Numerology? 

Numerology explores the power of numbers. Whether it’s the numbers that are associated with the letters in your first and last name or the date of your birth, the vibration and energy of these numbers that are related to your life are said to make up your personality. Some believe these numbers are also responsible for your destiny. 

In numerology, there are so many numbers that are said to guide a person’s life. 

The life path number is said to show the path you’ve chosen in life, while the expression number can show you what your shortcomings and talents are. The personal year number can give someone a little insight regarding future or present cycles. 

Expression: This number is calculated by simply adding up the numbers in a person’s name using the number that’s associated with each letter in the alphabet. Starting with the letter A being equal to the number one. The total is added up and reduced to a single digit to reach the expression number. The expression number is considered a person’s very being. This number can help a person to understand the issues and abilities inherent in their personalities, which is a result of a person’s evolvement in many of their past lives. 

Life path: This number is reached by reducing each unit of a person’s date of birth to a single digit number. Each of the resulting digits is then added together and reduced to a single digit again to get the life path number. 

While the expression number is a number you’re born with, the master number, or life path number, reveals the lesson you’re supposed to learn during this lifetime. 

Day: This number is calculated by adding up the day and month of a person’s birth, then adding the present year, month, and day. This number is said to guide people on how to get through a specific important day. uses these numbers and other important numbers to create a personalized numerology chart for each site visitor. They offer free and paid chart packages, which come with some nice extras.

On the site, you’ll learn a lot about numerology and how it works, and how the numbers we have discussed above can make up your numerology chart. 

You’ll learn the importance of your name and why in numerology, it’s believed that names are not an accident. Considering the expression number is calculated using the letters in a person’s name, and the effect this number is said to have on a person’s life, numerologists believe that names don’t happen by chance. It may seem as though the name was randomly picked for reasons unknown, or it’s just a family name passed down, but this number can reveal many things about each individual and who they really are. 

The site places a lot of emphasis on the importance of the life path number and teaches site visitors how to use the chart they’re given to learn more about this number and how it impacts their life. This number is said to be a great guide that will enlighten a person on the lesson they’re meant to learn during this incarnation. 

Free and Premium Western Numerology Charts 

As we’ve mentioned the site offers a little of everything, but its main focus is numerology charts. Beginners can also take advantage of the wide range of educational material they’ll find on the site such as the instruction books for sale, articles on numerology and the ready-made reports that are available as a single purchase or you can purchase the premium package and get many of these reports for free. 

Premium: This report is available in digital format, so you’ll receive it shortly after you buy. This chart comes with a one-year money back guarantee, two years of free daily readings, and monthly readings for nine years. This report is one hundred pages in length. 

Free report: Since it’s free, this report is the most popular option. It can give you a narrow view of your numerology chart but does include some important information regarding your expression and life path number. It’s available free of charge and designed to encourage you to purchase the premium package, which most people do if they receive a free report that seems to ring true. 

To get the free report you’ll need to provide your date of birth and your full name. If you normally go by a nickname such as Tammy instead of Tabitha, you’ll be prompted to use your nickname instead of your legal name. After you’ve entered this information you’ll watch a video presentation which will provide report details. 

This video will give you your numerology chart results and briefly touches on the importance of each number and what significance they hold. 

Once the first video is finished, you’ll watch another video, which discusses the expression number. As we discussed earlier this number can reveal your history and who you’re meant to be during this lifetime. This number is essentially a blueprint of your life based on your unique traits. 

The last portion of the free numerology report will require you to enter what your current marital status is. The number that this portion of the chart focuses on can reveal details of your past, present, and future relationships. The soul urge number clues you in on your deepest desires. 

As you watch this video, you won’t be able to rewind it or fast forward it, however, you can pause it. 

If you want a more in-depth numerology reading you’ll have to pay for the premium report package, which comes with some nice free extras. 

Chinese Numerology Chart 

Aside from the premium numerology report, the site now also offers a Chinese numerology chart. But what is Chinese numerology? How does it differ from western numerology? Most people are familiar with western numerology and how it works, but eastern numerology is very different. The Chinese believed that numbers were incredibly important. In fact, they believed that the entire universe was based on numbers. 

Unlike western numerology, Chinese numerology is based on a grid system. With this grid system, every single row, whether it’s vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, will add up to the number fifteen. So, what is the significance of the number fifteen?

It takes fifteen days for a new moon to become a full moon, and as you know, the moon is a very powerful energetic force. Like western numerology, Chinese numerology has been around for thousands of years and it’s actually based on the Lo Sho grid. This grid was inspired by the shell of a turtle. 

As we mentioned, the Chinese numerology chart is a bit different than the western chart. In Chinese numerology, the numbers one through nine are used. There are a couple of different ways you can go about interpreting a Chinese numerology chart, either the western or eastern culture way. 

The numbers one through nine have a different meaning compared to western-based numerology. 

In eastern numerology, the number one represents independence and the ability to overcome obstacles. It can also represent aggressiveness and a hot temper. 

The number two is somewhat similar to what the two represents in western numerology.  The two represents a person who is determined and driven. It’s also believed to be a very lucky number. A two may also have low self-esteem, can become easily jealous, and can be dramatic at times. 

The three is an outgoing, happy, person that lights up a room. Twos are considered very social beings who are often overly optimistic. However, they’re also known to be scatterbrained and can even be egotistical at times. 

In eastern numerology, the four isn’t the best number to have in your Chinese numerology chart. In fact, it often indicates a difficult life full of struggle. A four in your chart can also indicate that you’re very stubborn and set in your ways. 

In Chinese numerology, the five can either be a negative or positive number. In a positive light, the five can represent balance. On the negative side, this number can represent a person who is easily frustrated and negative. 

The six represents a person who is compassionate and caring. These people are very peaceful and considered excellent caregivers. However, they can also be overly emotional and unpredictable at times. 

The seven is a deep thinker and very spiritual, but they tend to become too wrapped up in their own world and may even neglect those closest to them. 

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese numerology and it represents wealth. However, eight can also represent greed. 

The number nine signifies a happy, long-lasting marriage, it can also signify that a person is often considered condescending and a bit of a know it all. 

Since the Chinese numerology chart is so different from the more popular western numerology chart, many site visitors can enjoy very different and detailed readings when they purchase both reports. 

This numerology chart option is available at a comparable price and length and also comes with the free reports. 


Romantic Compatibility: This report is said to help you better understand your partner and make better decisions in the relationship. 

Customized Personality: This report will analyze different parts of your personality in order to help you achieve your full potential. It’s designed to help you find profitable opportunities and solve ongoing financial problems. 

One-Year Forecast: Just like it sounds, this report will cover every aspect of your life and predict opportunities and challenges for the next year. 

Personality Exposer: Do you have trouble reading people? This guide can help you better understand clients, coworkers, family, and friends. 

Good Luck Amplifier: This is a guide that will teach you how to use numbers in order to increase your wealth and success

Mastering the Matrix: A guide that mainly focuses on the law of attraction tips, the Mastering the Matrix can help readers to realize their dreams. 

Wardrobe Secret: Learn how to choose the right clothes to match your energy. 

One Minute Relationship Forecast: A report that can help with understanding troubled relationships. 

Palm Reader: This guide goes over the basics of palm reading. 

Your Lucky Stars: You’ll learn how to determine your luck for the next three years.

Psychic’s Handbook: This guide claims it can help you access your hidden psychic abilities.

Premium software: You can generate lucky numbers and use this program for instant readings. 

Training Section 

Training Section 

Calculating your life path number: In this section, you’ll get a crash course in numerology and learn how to calculate the destiny number. The destiny number of the second core number in your chart. This portion goes over what the destiny number can reveal and gives you step by step instructions. 

Calculating your soul urge number: Just like with the life path number, the site will walk you through the process of calculating your soul urge number. It’s believed that this number can help you to reconnect with the forces that guide you through life. 


The site’s blog is updated frequently and features a variety of topics ranging from horoscopes to how to activate your divine feminine energy. 

This portion of the site is perfect for both beginners in search of information on the occult, and numerology enthusiasts interested in learning new techniques or staying up to date with the latest information. 


The site has a regular podcast called the Cosmic Current. This is a monthly and weekly podcast that offers astrology and numerology forecasts. It features a wide range of columnists and gives site visitors every reason to come back and learn more. 

How it Works 

This site focuses on numerological analysis, a four-thousand-year-old practice. They offer customized reports based on select personal information including your date of birth and your full name. If you’re interested in numerology and want to have your numerology chart done for you, you can pay a small fee and get a personalized numerology chart within minutes. 

The website itself is well laid out and easy to navigate. Whether you’re interested in learning more on the subject or simply want to take advantage of their free report, you’ll find plenty of helpful material on the site. 


  • The free chart only requires your date of birth and full name 
  • You can sign up for free numerology lessons via email
  • The site offers a wide range of educational tools for free 
  • The weekly and monthly podcast will allow you to learn more from the pros 
  • The premium numerology chart comes with several extra reports 


  • The free report isn’t complete
  • The site uses an algorithm to generate charts, not a trained numerologist. 

Numerology at its Best

On the site, visitors will have the opportunity to explore numerology at a deeper level. Your date of birth, name, and even a telephone number can be analyzed. Numerologists believe that these numbers can help a person to learn more about themselves, their future, and their true potential. Once a person has received their numbers they can begin researching what these numbers mean. The number you’re given is unique. 

Site visitors who want to know what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months can take advantage of the free forecasts with the purchase of the premium numerology chart package. 

Who is this Site For?

This site is designed for both beginners and those with plenty of numerology experience. It offers material for everyone, even skeptics. If you don’t know much about numerology but would like to learn more, you can take advantage of the blog section of the site, which features a variety of topics. Or, you can choose the free report option to learn how spot on these numerology charts are, just keep in mind that the free numerology report isn’t complete. In order to get a complete report, you’ll have to pay for the premium chart. 


If you feel stuck at a dead-end job and you’re barely making ends meet, wealth and career are two main areas covered in the premium numerology report. The report can help you find out what you can do to improve these areas, so you can make the appropriate life changes. 


If you’ve had a string of bad relationships and often wonder if you’ll ever meet the right person, a report may not be able to reveal the identity of your soulmate, but it can teach you more about yourself and what type of partner you’re really searching for. 

Using tools like the life path number, and through self-discovery, you’ll be able to find the perfect match. you can even learn how to change or strengthen your current relationship. 


If you’re constantly stressed, unhappy, tired, and feel hopeless, the numerology report can help you discover what type of important life changes you need to make in order to realize your dreams. 


Do you pay close attention to your horoscope regularly? This site also offers a section on astrology and provides free readings with the purchase of one of the numerology chart packages. 


There is also a section on divination. If you believe in angels and believe they can provide a type of spiritual guidance, then this site has plenty of material worth reading that can strengthen your belief that angels do exist and that they provide daily guidance throughout a person’s life. 

Tarot Readings

For many, tarot card readings can be fun and maybe even a little informative. But if you’ve never had your cards read by a pro then you’re missing out on what a reading can really tell you about your past, present, and future. You can learn more in the site’s section on tarot readings. 


Of course, the law of attraction followers may find the site lacking in resources and information on the subject. If you’re looking for a law of attraction-based program you won’t find it on this site. We recommend the 15 Minute Manifestation if you’re searching for a unique LOA program that can provide real results. Conclusion and Rating

Manifest With Product Rating Updated December, 2019: (4.5/5) is a site that caters to both skeptics and true believers alike. If you want to learn more about the importance of numbers, astrology, tarot cards, and the law of attraction, you can find a wide variety of articles and blog posts that can teach you everything you need to know. 

If you’re interested in a full numerology reading, you can sample the free report and get a taste of what this site has to offer and whether or not numerology holds a ring of truth. 

Overall, considering the hundreds of competing sites online, we felt that is by far one of the most helpful and informative numerology sites around, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of numerology, we recommend taking advantage of the free numerology chart to learn more about yourself and the world of numerology. We gave this site a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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