Numerology stems from Egypt, Greece, India, and China. It has been around for hundreds of years and involves the study of numbers.

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Numerologists believe that by decoding the letters of a person’s name with the right number, a person can learn a lot about themselves or their loved ones.

In numerology, the numbers of a person’s birthday can be used to determine their path in life, including major life events and certain challenges that will cross their path.

In numerology, it’s also believed that each number has a certain vibration. When decoded correctly, a person can use this knowledge to improve upon every area in their life such as their career, love life, and spirituality.

In numerology, the focus is on learning the hidden meanings behind the numbers one to eleven. These numbers can be used to discover yours or another person’s weaknesses and strengths, hidden talents, and character traits. Once you know the meaning of each of these numbers, you can learn how to understand your partner better, focus on certain areas of your life that need improvement such as your career or relationship, and learn how to add more value to your life.

Below you’ll find the meaning of each of the numbers commonly used in numerology.

Numerology 1: The Problem Solver

People with the number one in their numerology chart are often quick to find the solution to a problem. However, they’re also very competitive and often need validation. The one can be perceived as self-centered and they often avoid people who will disagree with them.


People with this number often lack self-confidence and can be very vulnerable. In terms of their careers, the one doesn’t work well with others but is definitely a self-starter and a person who thrives when working alone. The one is a hardworking person who strives for greatness and can easily tackle any obstacle in their path.


In regard to their relationships, the one can also feel in total comfort living alone. They’re great listeners and have good communication skills, but they don’t have the same needs in terms of close personal relationships, whether on the friendship level or the romantic level.

When in a relationship they often focus too much on their work life or special projects, so much so that their significant other may feel neglected at times. The one needs a partner that’s very supportive and able to allow the one to wear the pants. The one is very compatible with the numbers two and three. They’re the least compatible with another one, or an eight or nine life path number. The one, eight, and nine are very independent. The number one is looking for a significant other who will be their foundation and home front.

The one is a confident leader, a lone wolf, and a person who can thrive in a solitary environment. Their partner must be willing to give the one more control in the relationship and be willing to give the one their way more often than not.

Numerology 2: Harmony

Numerology 2: Harmony

The number two tends to thrive more when they’re in a relationship. They also cherish close relationships with coworkers, friends, and family members. The two can basically get along with anyone. They often bring plenty of light to the room and are usually considered the life of the party.

For some two’s maintaining tranquility in a relationship can be so important to them that they will forget who they are and will continue to give and give in a relationship, even if they don’t get anything back in return. The two can be too passive and has to learn how to put their foot down and stand their ground.


When it comes to their career, the two is very successful and a total team player. They’re the perfect person to start a business with or work on a project with. The two will pull their own weight and then some. They can also work hard to keep the peace at work.

In the workplace, they’re known for their unwavering support of their coworkers and they typically choose careers that allow them to help others. They don’t like being the life of the party and usually have the purest intentions when it comes to helping others in the workplace.


When they’re alone, the two tends to feel loneliness more powerfully than any other number. The two yearns to be part of something bigger, to belong to a group. This can be a particular group or they may just have an intense yearning to be part of any group.

While the two is all about relationships, they’re more known as having a proclivity for dealing with people in an effective, sensitive manner.

They are the best partner to have, yet they can be too clingy at times. The two simply needs to be around people in order to be happy. In turn, this can leave their partner feeling suffocated and overwhelmed. Another two would be the perfect match.

In terms of coexisting, the two is a true pleasure to have around at work, since they seem to a sense of peace wherever they go.

The two is very diplomatic, thoughtful, and understanding. Basically, they make excellent roommates, coworkers, and friends. With the right match, they can also make the perfect partner. They’re true visionaries that spend most of their time reflecting on their life and how they can improve their life and the lives of others. In fact, the two seems to really thrive when it comes to helping others. They will help someone without expecting anything in return, all the two really wants is peace.

The two is also a very good listener, the type of person that will allow you to vent for hours without interrupting you. They are always there for their partners, friends, family, and coworkers.

Numerology 3: Creativity

Considered very dynamic and a ball of energy, the three is very direct and somewhat childlike. The number three is also connected to the perception of ideas, highly intelligent, and thoughtful. They are not only creative when it comes to art, but also in science and business. Their creativity is what drives them more than a passion for life or love. They can be very impulsive with their creativity and often don’t think about the consequences. This life path number is driven by emotions and can be insensitive at times. But the three is also considered a good speaker and listener.

The three may not always be able to deliver what they promise and in some situations, they will try to avoid responsibility.

The three is very creative, easygoing and thrives at self-expression. They are social butterflies who tend to thrive around others. They are very encouraging and supportive, especially when it comes to supporting another person’s creative expression.

The three represents optimism, creativity, and social interaction, inspiration, and tolerance.

With a three life path number, it means that a person often requires creative solutions. They inspire creativity and optimism in others.

The type of energy the three represents includes positive communication, imagination, and joyfulness.

In a social setting, the three is perceived as uplifting. While it can initially appear as though the three is participating in a group activity for the social aspect of it, the three’s participation is more about inspiring the creativity of those around them.

Threes encourage creativity in everyone they interact with. The three isn’t competitive, in fact, they often praise those around them and feel genuine joy when they meet another gifted artist.

Numerology 3: Creativity


The three is playful, generous, social, and a true team player. They are the cheerleader of the workplace. They’re also the ones that think outside of the box. They can be relied on to pull a failing project together, they’re team motivators, and they’re the type of person you want around when the clock is ticking and a deadline is closing in.

The three will fail at a job that is routine and monotonous. They often lack patience, especially if they find their work unchallenging. They will thrive in sales positions due to their excellent communication skills.


The three may prefer having more than one partner at a time. The three is known as a flirt and tends to fall in love very easily. They’re also a good match with life path numbers nine, five, one, and three.

Threes struggle with commitment, but once they do decide to settle down with someone, they’re very loyal. The three needs a partner that has a good sense of humor, a partner that is flexible and not overly sensitive.

Numerology 4: Focus

The four is a natural planner and organizer. The four is a pro at executing, implementing, and handling large projects. They can see the big picture, yet they also see every little detail.

In numerology, the number four symbolizes long-term security. A four will focus on creating a secure foundation for their future.

This number symbolizes conscientiousness, focus, and pragmatism.

The four is a very sincere person. They’re also conscientious and honest. Loyal to a fault, dedicated to both their home life and career, the four is often perceived as very intense.

Because the number four represents work, some consider this number unlucky.

However, the four is designed for success. They’re very down to earth and eager to take on newer and bigger challenges. In fact, they thrive on challenge. Their focus can be very intense, especially if they’re in the middle of a project and struggling to see progress. When they four is having a hard time, whether at home or at work, they can be difficult to deal with. They may even neglect family and friends when work isn’t going well.

The four has a hard time dealing with their own limitations and needs coworkers and partners that can help to keep them motivated when they’re down.


In a relationship, the four is considered very dedicated and thoughtful. They believe in investing in the long term and make a good match for life path numbers eight, three, and one. However, they need inspiration and appreciation from their partner, to keep going.

The four will work hard to make their relationship work. They can make a great partner for like-minded individuals, but those who don’t have the same work ethic as the four may find them overbearing at times.


In the workplace, the four is very pragmatic and goal-oriented. They always have a specific goal in mind and are highly likely to achieve them. These are the goals the four sets for their future. But in order to achieve these goals, the four must be willing to put in the work. Because they so often hit their deadlines and seem to achieve each and every goal, they are often perceived as overachievers by their coworkers. But this doesn’t bother the four, who is more than willing to work hard to achieve what they need to.

The four is very practical and needs the facts before beginning a major project. They’re great at saving money for the future.

Protective and conservative, the four has a strong sense of worthiness and dignity.

The four also brings trustworthiness, punctuality, productivity, and dependability. Their true essence is focus. They have a strong focus on completing an action and get plenty of satisfaction from accomplishing difficult goals.

The four makes a great banker, accountant, engineer, or manager.

Numerology 5: The Free Spirit

Numerology 5: The Free Spirit

The five loves to travel to far off places is a free spirit and needs flexibility.

The five symbolizes change and risk. The five is very capable and talented. They’re able to accomplish what many people cannot.

But the five also has trouble prioritizing and can often spread themselves too thin. People with this life path number are full of ideas, are very active, and very flexible. They love trying new things and work hard to avoid a monotonous life. They don’t dwell on the past and tend to only focus on the future. Fives are very passionate and lack patience. They need results now, which is what can cause them to take unnecessary risks.

While some may find the five’s love of adventure refreshing, they can also be very irresponsible. The five has trouble learning how to channel their energy into their work and often struggles to achieve major goals without some outside help.

But the five also has good communication skills and a logical mind. However, they often don’t stay in one place long enough to really establish a foundation.


The five needs someone who is just as free-spirited as they are. The five doesn’t like to be tied down or stuck in one place for too long. If you’re not flexible and don’t have a natural love for adventure, then the five is totally wrong for you. The five has to have a partner who is willing to take risks. They need an equal. In a relationship, the five can be unpredictable and must constantly be in motion. They are not homebodies and enjoy trying new things and visiting new places with the right partner.

The five can also change their mind often, which can be frustrating to their partner. While they may be committed to their relationship, their impulsivity and unpredictability can make their relationship very rocky at times. Which is why the five needs someone who is just as flexible.


The five works best as a freelancer or at a job that allows them to travel. They are not the type of person that does well in an office setting. The day to day nine to five jobs are not challenging enough. The five may jump from job to job and can have trouble narrowing down their professional goals or exactly what they want to do in life. They have trouble focusing on small details and can never see the big picture. They can also be easily distracted and may make impulsive decisions. A job that allows them to make their own hours, one that doesn’t have tight deadlines or major projects is the best choice for the five. Considered one of the most open-minded and curious of all the numbers in numerology, those with prominent fives in their charts need to learn how to use their strengths in order to be successful.

Numerology 6: Sincerity

If your numerology chart is filled with the number six, then you’re someone who usually speaks from the heart, someone who truly means what they say and the person who always backs up what they say with their actions. The six is very affectionate, loving, warm, and kind.

The six was made for family life and thrives in long-term relationships. They aren’t into casual dating and instead, are more interested in getting to know someone, or are constantly in pursuit of a life partner when they find themselves single. Basically, the six is focused on relationships.

In numerology, the six represents healing, harmony, affection, and family.

The six is very comfortable with interacting with others and treats everyone with an open kindness.

A six always takes their responsibilities seriously and looks for people who are in need of care and nurturing. They strive to maintain a harmonious family relationship, are very compassionate, sympathetic, and caring.

The six is closely connected with love, responsibility, and balance. Some believe that the number six in numerology represents the perfect number.

People with this life path number may find independence to be impossible. These codependent people can struggle when they’re alone and often find comfort in friends and family. They need a partner that is equally as affectionate but generally do the best with someone that is willing to take the reins, such as the number one life path number.

The six enjoys helping others and providing support to the weak. Many people turn to the six when they need help or a compassionate ear. However, at times, the six can have trouble offering advice or giving support to the right person, at the right time. They are not very good at determining the difference between interfering in someone’s life and helping someone.


The six is very passionate with their partner, but they are also nurturing as well. They often attempt to sacrifice themselves in order to support and care for others. They are very selfless and feel that they can bring a lot of value to others.

But with the wrong partner, the six can also be a total pushover. They can be easily taken advantage of and have trouble speaking their mind when they disagree with someone.

They often overthink things and have difficulty feeling secure at the beginning of a relationship.


In the workplace, the six is a team player. They are usually the motherly presence at the office and are quick to jump to a coworker’s defense if they feel that their team member needs support. However, they lack the aggressiveness needed to make it to the top and often fear conflict. In order to be a success in the workplace, the six must learn how to overcome their passivity and take the lead for once.

Numerology 7: Intellectual

Numerology 7: Intellectual

The number seven in numerology is considered sacred and it symbolizes the triumph of spirit over matter.

People that have this life path number have a hunger for knowledge. They are considered very deep and tend to feel uncomfortable around large groups of people. Considered quiet and solitary, the seven is often trapped in their own head, preferring to be alone.

To some, the seven may seem too dark. They have a tendency toward depression and anxiety and often withdraw from those around them in order to pursue their own interests.

The seven would make a good researcher, investigator, or scientist. They often possess a higher than average IQ and generally enjoy learning as much as they can about specific subjects. They typically value knowledge more than material possessions and are very curious by nature.


The seven struggles in relationships and so does their partner. While they’re prone to anxiety they will never let on and usually hide their feelings from their partner and family members. Because they isolate themselves from family, friends, and their partner, they tend to end up alone. Partners of sevens often describe them as closed off and distant, lacking the type of communication needed to keep a relationship strong.

Since they are usually stuck in their own head they have a difficult time making genuine connections with people on a romantic level. They don’t like being in a relationship with partners that are overly affectionate or demanding of their time. Since they’re mainly influenced by their focus on intellectual pursuits, they can be hard to connect with and deal with on a romantic or friendship level.


The seven is also a problem solver by nature and is considered spiritual, highly intuitive, and wise. They enjoy solving mysteries and analyzing situations. Their main goal in life is to learn as much as they can. To the seven, beauty and perfection are very important.

They prefer to work alone and can struggle to work as part of a team. When given a heavy workload, the seven will thrive. They go above and beyond in the workplace, in the right setting, but have difficulty making tight deadlines since they usually do more work than what’s necessary, focusing on perfection.

Numerology 8: Hardworking and Motivated

A natural overachiever, this life path number has some pretty high standards, but they’re often harder on themselves than anyone else.

The eight works hard to achieve their goals. Not only are they usually very motivated to get the job done, but they can also easily motivate others, making them a great natural leader. The eight is a natural when it comes to finances and loves creating and sticking to a budget. They owned their own home at an early age and began saving for their retirement before the age of forty. They know how to read the economy and are often right at home working in high-stress positions such as a CFO for a major company.

If you have plenty of eights in your numerology chart, then you’re the very essence of strength and power.

The eight can easily transform negative energy into positive energy. Eights like to be in control and have the energy of a true leader.

However, the eight must walk a fine line and not let their ego get the best of them. It can be too easy for the eight to become power hungry, willing to step over anyone to achieve their goals.

But the eight has many fine qualities as well including trustworthiness, leadership, a good understanding of finances, they’re very reliable and competent.


In a relationship, the eight is best described as true and sincere. They can be very demanding on their partners and often need a partner that is just as motivated and ambitious as they are. The eight is also very set in their ways, so you’ll have to take them as they are, there is no changing them. While the eight needs an ambitious partner, there is no worse matchup than an eight with another eight, except maybe a relationship between a one and an eight. If the eight isn’t controlling, they can actually make a great life partner as long as they can accept their partner’s limitations.


As we have already mentioned, the eight is a natural leader. They’re focused, motivated, and will do what it takes to get the job done. They can become too ambitious at times, which can make their coworkers feel as though they have to walk on eggshells if something or someone is standing in the eight’s way. The eight has a tendency to pursue goals that are connected to power and status. At times, they can even be too ambitious and lose sight of the importance of being a team player.

Numerology 9: The Humanist

With plenty of nines in your numerology chart, you probably already know this means you love your fellow man. The nine believes in humanity, that everyone is equal and it’s one of the reasons the nine makes such a great leader.

Givers by nature, the nine is a true pleasure to be around, whether it’s in the workplace or at home.

To the nine, material possessions don’t hold much value. It can be hard for the nine to find the right balance between reality and the ideal world. They have this drive to save the world and feel like failures when they can’t help everyone in their path that needs it. Because of this, they are often prone to depression and mood swings. They’re considered very vulnerable at times and have trouble making major decisions. While they want to help everyone, they’re constantly worried their help won’t be enough.

To some, the nine may seem emotionally unstable, while to others, they can seem caring and wise.


In a relationship, the nine can be very demanding and doesn’t know how to give without expecting to get back something in return. They also have a tendency to dramatize everything, turning a small fight with a partner into a major one. A relationship with a nine can be a rollercoaster at times. They can easily swing from feeling as though their relationship is perfect to sinking into a deep depression if they don’t get the type of attention they need.

However, the nine also needs their freedom. Because of this, committing themselves to one person can be difficult at times. This also means that they will not do well in a relationship in which their partner needs total control. Nines can be naïve when it comes to love and often play hard to get. Their best relationships are those in which their partners are understanding, flexible, and easygoing.


The nine is great at attracting money, but they prefer working in fields in which the money is used to do good in the world. People with this number usually work for nonprofits, or volunteer during their free time, believing they have the power to change the world around them. They can be eccentric in their pursuit to make the world a better place and can easily crash and burn in the workplace if they’re struggling with a project and feel overwhelmed or they don’t see the type of progress they should. At work, just like at home, the nine can be hard to please. The nine needs results.

On the upside, the nine is said to work well with people. They are usually very flexible and adaptable and have a need to serve others. They excel at bringing results, however, their work must not be too routine.

Numerology 10: The Individual

Numerology 10: The Individual

The number ten in your numerology chart symbolizes a person who is okay with being alone, someone who often takes their own path. These people have a natural desire to do some exploring and they’re okay with exploring on their own.

Tens are very determined, independent, explorers, and often have all the potential in the world to realize their dreams and achieve any goal they set their minds to.


They don’t do well with the same old routine at home. Instead, they prefer partners who are either understanding of the ten’s drive to head out and try new things or a partner who is willing to set out on new adventures with them. Because the ten is so adventurous and quite a loner, their partners may feel a little neglected at times, if they’re not secure in their relationship. Fortunately, the ten is also very wholesome and loyal.

The ten is a good match with other tens, but can also do well with other numbers as long as their partner understands the ten’s need for freedom and adventure. They love being alone at times, but also don’t mind an affectionate, attentive partner. They roll with the punches and are also quick to resolve issues and often steer clear of drama.


Since the ten is full of potential, they are often sought after for lead positions, whether it’s manual labor or in an office. The ten may not be a take charge kind of person, but they are often able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ways to reach goals. They work well with others but often prefer to work alone whenever possible. Because of this, they may not be the best team player, yet they still know how to get the job done and can be relied on to see a project all the way through to the end.

Numerology 11: The Old Soul

The person with the number eleven in their numerology chart is considered an old soul, someone who is very spiritual and intuitive. The number eleven is considered a master number and one that’s said to possess an enormous amount of power both in the physical and mental sense. Additionally, the eleven is said to be very mature, extremely respectful, understanding and can easily empathize with anyone.


The ultimate partner, the eleven is very understanding, sweet, and affectionate. They are very kind and joyful and tend to easily light up a room. In a relationship, they’re someone you can really rely on. A good listener and someone who will never let you down, the eleven is also very adaptable.

The eleven is very passionate and has a strong drive when it comes to meeting the needs of their partner. They prefer taking their relationship slow and are careful to only choose partners they feel are suitable for long-term relationships.


The eleven can also be a workaholic and can push themselves too hard. When the eleven is in over their head, they can be very vulnerable and often isolate themselves from both coworkers and family when things at work aren’t going their way. They can also be very inspiring and often lend a hand to coworkers who have trouble getting the job done.  Considered very hardworking, they often work long hours and take great satisfaction in a job well done.

The Best Numerology Resource

If you’re a skeptic, then by now you may be a little surprised at what you’ve read so far about your specific life path number or that of your partner’s.  Many people feel that in terms of characteristics and even career choices, numerology is often pretty accurate.

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Last Words

As you can see, numerology can tell you a lot about yourself, who your partner is, and can even tell you what type of career is right for you. In fact, many people believe that a numerology chart can help to guide you down the right path in life, help you choose a partner that’s perfect for you, and can help you realize your full potential.

Numerology will not only tell you more about yourself, but it can give you a clear look into how you’re perceived by others. It can help you understand why you’re struggling at work and whether or not you’re even on the right career path. Truly, numerology has a lot to teach you about who you are and where you’re going.

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