Choosing the right path in life can be difficult. There are so many choices and opportunities presented to you throughout your life, and these choices can often leave you wondering whether or not you’ve made the right decisions. in times like these, you need guidance to show you the right path in life. In this Power Quadrant System review, you’ll learn about how this program works, and how it can help you choose the right path in life and take hold of important opportunities.

Our Verdict: This is a program that’s designed to help you find your true path in life. It comes with some nice extras, such as a one-month free trial to the Real Life Legends Club, and two books that provide the reader with more guidance. The fifty-three-minute audio program can be easily accessed online, after purchase. Overall, this system comes with plenty of material that you can take advantage of to make positive changes in your life.


Did you know that 50% of the population in America is not happy with the career choices they have made? The average person writes their satisfaction in life at 6 out of 10. This low rating is often due to people living a life they didn’t choose. The Power Quadrant System offers groundbreaking life management techniques that can help increase your happiness and life satisfaction.

Choosing the right path in life can be difficult. You may find yourself often wondering if you’ve made the right choices in life, whether or not you took the right path, and what your future holds in terms of your career and current or future relationship.

People often turn to the Law of Attraction to fulfill their desires, following certain practices such as daily affirmations and focusing on positive mindset. But this program is much different.

It doesn’t encourage you to turn to the universe for help. Instead, it relies on an ancient calendar that possesses important secrets that are encoded in our DNA that will allow us to recognize our true path in life, while showing us more about ourselves, where we should be in life, and how to recognize our soulmates.

According to this system, managing a life using the Gregorian calendar can contribute to unhappiness. This system, on the other hand, can unlock the power of DNA.

Power Quadrant System Features
  • Includes several free bonuses
  • Audio allows you to take notes as you focus on how the program works
  • The program is easy to follow
  • Low price
  • Money-back guarantee

How it Works

This program was created by Liz and Ric Thompson. The program’s main concept is that the use of the Gregorian calendar can disrupt the natural order and rhythm of the body. In order to obtain happiness and satisfaction with your life, following the practices of this ancient calendar can be the answer. This is a calendar that was used prior to the Gregorian calendar.

The program is based on an ancient calendar that has been used for thousands of years in South America. The authors believe that it possesses a way for users to gain insight into their future. This type of insight will delve deep into the mind’s motivators and allow the reader to learn from data that has been encoded into their DNA.

According to the authors, the following insights can be found within this program:

  • How to choose which duties to perform and not perform
  • Information about soulmates
  • The genetic codes for current and future children
  • Personality models to avoid
  • Information concerning the type of work the reader was meant to do from birth
  • How to determine if the current career path is right for you
  • How to choose the best career

And more.

The authors of this program are a married couple that have spent two years focusing on how to achieve happiness and life satisfaction. Both authors discovered the calendar that helped them get through rough times. Their struggles affected their financial situation and inner peace, and because of this, they began to lose hope. This calendar told the authors that they are not following the correct career path in life. Fortunately, both authors listened to the calendar and made important career changes. They learned all of this information that they refer to as the DNA decoder and the ancient calendar, when a woman introduced them to it. This woman told both authors a story about a stone that was discovered way back in 1600. The calendar was carved into the stone.

This ancient calendar will help the readers make important life decisions. It was used buy an ancient civilization in order to lead a happier life and to improve life satisfaction.

The authors spent more than 10 years testing these codes on people and taking what they learned in order to develop this program.

What You’ll Learn

In this program, you’ll find an audio file that is 53 minutes in length and focuses on teaching the listener about the ancient calendar and their energy reserves.

The main material in this program focuses on two main things: professional life and soulmates. Basically, the reader will learn which career is right for them from birth by utilizing codes that can also help them to find their soulmate.

Program Outline

This program works much differently than the Total Money Magnetism program which relies on hypnosis to help the listener make important changes that can result in a significant increase in a person’s personal savings. Instead, this system relies on an ancient calendar that holds the keys to important information about yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about the competing program, then click here to read our Total Money Magnetism review.

The program’s main audio file goes over the color system which can be used to identify the listener’s color in order to determine which color their personality falls under. This will reveal the type of people who can cause problems and the people who will support the listener.

During this program, the reader will learn what color their spouses are, as well and the reasons why they may have problems in their current relationship.

The program teaches people why they are not getting the type of results they need. It also discusses what a listener should do instead. This program can reveal the listener’s life purpose in addition to the important gifts they were born with that they have not been utilizing up until this point. This system also comes with a workbook that the listener can use to take notes with.

The Four Audio Tracks

As I mentioned earlier, this system consists of an audio file that will guide you through the important changes you need to make in your career and love life. This audio track is actually separated into four different sections.

  • The first section involves your career. The program asks you if you ever feel stuck in your career and resentful that you have never reached your career goals. The track is designed to help you find the right career path based on your strengths. It will also help you to focus on yourself allowing you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do to achieve the best career.
  • The next track focuses on work. Many people are not sure what their purpose in life is and often end up in a career they’re not supposed to be in. The program encourages you to follow a career path that you’re passionate about in order to realize your dreams.
  • The third portion of the audio program is about interest. It discusses how to listen to your inner self in order to understand your likes and dislikes. The goal of this track is to help you understand your likes and dislikes, and how to identify another person’s interests in order to improve your connection with them.
  • Spouse code is the last section of the program and it discusses common problems in relationships. The authors have identified misunderstandings as one of them. The track is designed to help you crack the spouse code which can allow you to build a long-lasting and stronger relationship. If you’re able to decode your spouse code, you’ll understand your partner deeply, which can help to solve and prevent any problems in your relationship.


In addition to the audio file and workbook, buyers will also enjoy a free trial membership in the Real Life Legends Club. This program comes with VIP access to the club where you’ll find interviews with many of the biggest names in the personal development industry including John Gray, Neale Donald Walsh, and Tony Robbins. This trial membership is available for 30 days.

Additionally, with the purchase you’ll also get a couple of books. The first book is called the “Action Blueprint “. The second book is called “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”. Both of these books are designed to teach the reader how they can create a happier and better life by following a variety of principles.

Will This Program Really Make a Difference in Your Life?

This is a system that focuses on every aspect of the listener’s life. Regardless of what their life crisis maybe this is a guide that is designed to help the reader to overcome it. One of the best things about this system is the fact that the listener is learning from people who have experienced rough times and were able to work their way through it using this guide as a solution.

The solutions that are found in the guide are presented to the listener by using real life scenarios that are designed to help them connect the dots easily. Another benefit of this program is the fact that it is a one-time payment so you will not have to worry about monthly subscription costs. The addition of the bonuses will give potential buyers more incentive to give this program a second look.

The VIP access to the exclusive club and the two books are both designed to help you further your progress in life and achieve the happiness you deserve. The only real drawbacks for this program are the fact that you’ll need to have internet access in order to listen to the material. Additionally, the bonuses in the program continue to change and will be dependent on what the creators have to offer. In most cases, the available bonuses change on a monthly basis.

The Ancient Calendar

The authors of this program believe that every person’s success lies in their DNA. By using the calculations with the use of the ancient calendar, a person can control the outcome of their life based on the decisions they make. This calendar is very ancient and fell out of practice during the Roman Reign when it was replaced by Caesar’s calendar which is still in use today. The authors in this system point out that there are some flaws in the calendar that we use today. The authors point out many of the loopholes found in the Gregorian calendar that were initially looked past when the calendar rounded a whole year off in a matter of 10 days and considered October as the eighth month of the year. While some of the calendar’s miscalculations were rectified later on, this guide still insists that the new calendar has forgotten an entire moon cycle.

The primary goal behind the calendar is spiritual healing, which makes a person realize their own potential, allowing them to utilize The Law of Attraction and harness power from the universe.

Problems with the Gregorian Calendar

The Julian calendar was the Gregorian calendar’s predecessor and it was a type of solar based calendar that was introduced back in 46 BC during the reign of Julius Caesar. The Julian calendar featured 365 days in addition to a leap year that worked by adding a day to February every 4th year. It’s the calendar we’re familiar with today. But why did the Julian calendar fall out of favor? As the authors claim, there are many things wrong with the Gregorian calendar which can be the root source to your current unhappiness.

With the use of the Julian calendar a year was 465 days and 6 hours. More than 1,000 years after the introduction of the Julian calendar the calendar began to drift and seemed out of sync with solstices and equinoxes. The Gregorian calendar was then introduced in order to fix these errors and date computations.

The existing Julian calendar was reworked, with the result of a shortened year that consisted of 365 days. This change in the Gregorian calendar meant that the leap years would continue to occur every 4th year. However, over a period of 400 years, the number of leap years fell from 100 to 97. This was fixed by making some centurial years non leap years despite the fact that they fell 4 years after the previous leap year.

Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was announced just five years after people began calling for a solution to the drifting Equinox dates.

But with the addition of this new calendar 10 days were erased from time. These were the days between October 5th and 14th. In order to make a smooth transition to this new calendar the day after October 5th was declared the 15th which reset the drift that had built up since the Julian calendar introduction

The Gregorian calendar was first implemented in Italy in addition to Spain, followed by Portugal. Fortunately, the rest of Europe followed suit rather quickly, however, Britain remained using the Julian calendar for several years. Turkey did not use the calendar until 1917.

So, what makes the authors so certain that the use of the Gregorian calendar is what has caused so much unhappiness around the world? What is wrong with this calendar and how can it have such an impact on where we are in life? This is a solar calendar that’s based on a 365-day year with each of the years divided into a total of 12 months. However, these months have irregular lengths. But why? 11 of the months either contain 30 or 31 days with February as the exception. The days of the year in the calendar have been broken into 7 day weeks, with the weeks numbered from 1 to 52 with an occasional 53 week year. In most parts of the world it is the standard to begin each week with Monday. However, countries such as Canada and America begin their weeks on Sunday.

But to astronomers, this calendar is completely useless since this calendar has a 10-day hiatus in it. In order to calculate positions backward in time an astronomer must rely on the Julian date. This connection with the universe could be to blame for why the authors feel that the Gregorian calendar is responsible for people taking the wrong path in life. But is the Gregorian calendar really to blame for our total disconnection with the universe? The authors believe so which is why they have turned to the ancient calendar to find the answers.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The program is based on an ancient calendar that can help guide you on the right path in life
  • This program comes with plenty of extras including a free membership to an exclusive club
  • Program is well laid-out and very easy to follow
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee gives potential buyers every reason to purchase
  • Low price
  • Bonuses


  • You must have internet access to listen to program material
  • The methods used in this program have yielded results, but have not yet been scientifically proven

Does This System Work?

This program offers a wide variety of materials that are designed to help you to make positive changes to your life and to really focus on your career goals and happiness. When the system is used correctly, many followers have claimed that is been proven effective. The user can put the material found in this system to work and apply it to a number of things in their life in areas in which they’re unsatisfied. By using this program many people will find that their lives have improved significantly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re dissatisfied with your life and tired of the daily struggle then this is a system that can work for you. This program provides the user with a step-by-step guide that is designed to help them recognize their true calling in both their career and love life. Considering the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose. To learn more, click here to get your download of the Power Quadrant System, now.

Final Thoughts

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In this Power Quadrant System review, we learned how this program works, what type of material is included, and how you can utilize the material in this system to make positive changes in your life. Will this program work for everyone? Probably not. But it does enable the user to make important changes in their life that can have a positive impact on their happiness. The system works as a guide to reveal the path to a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle. It also comes with plenty of material, including some great bonuses and a free trial membership to the Real-Life Legends club, in addition to a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Overall, what you do get out of this program is inspiration to make positive changes that can make you happier now. Because of that, this program earned a rating of five out of five stars.