Have you been using the law of attraction techniques for several months but you’re not sure if it’s working for you or not? Have you been looking for law of attraction specific person signs that can reassure you that you’re doing everything right? I’ve compiled a list of signs that can clearly indicate that you’re sending out the right message and whether or not the universe has heard you.

Law of attraction specific person signs can include:

  • Coming into a small or large sum of money
  • Sleeping better at night
  • A boost in positivity
  • Improved intuition
  • Seeing angel numbers
  • Seeing rainbows
  • Noticing your spirit guide more often

These may seem like subtle signs, but if you’re unsure that you’re using the law of attraction correctly, then these simple signs can be great indicators that you’re on the right path to manifesting your desires and achieving your goals. Remember, in order for the LOA to work, you must continue to send out positive energy to the universe and show the universe that you’re grateful for everything you have received thus far and everything you will receive in the future.

Knowing more about these subtle signs can help to keep you feeling motivated, which can naturally increase your vibration, forcing the universe to stand up and take notice. This can result in faster, more powerful results. Continue reading to learn more about these powerful signs that can show you that you’re on the right path to greatness.

Signs the Universe Has Heard You

While for some it will be immediately obvious that the universe is paying attention, for most people this is a very subtle process, so knowing what signs to look for can help you to determine whether or not you’re sending out the right message to the universe and if you’re not, what changes you can make in order to make the law of attraction work for you.

If you’re tired of waiting to realize your dreams, keep an eye out for the following common signs that the universe is about to deliver your desires.

Improved Intuition

Most people can tell when their intuition feels sharper. As an example, you may speak at the same time as a friend, or you may even sense that a certain person is about to text you a few minutes or seconds before they do. Intuition can be very powerful, which is why it’s crucial to listen to it when it strikes. These experiences can be a sign that the frequency of your reality is starting to increase and that you’re on the right path toward realizing your dreams and manifesting your desires. This type of heightened intuition can be overwhelming for some people, but don’t let this stop you from using The LOA. If you’re this close to having your desires manifested, then it’s important that you continue to follow your heart and not allow anything to get in your way of realizing your goals.

Improved Intuition

Angel Numbers

According to some numerology experts 11:11, 1111, 111, are considered angel numbers and it’s believed that seeing these numbers more often is an indication that everything in your life is beginning to align and move in the right direction. Some people will start noticing these numbers everywhere. As an example, you may wake up at 11:11 or spot a license plate with 1111. You may notice addresses on buildings with these numbers, or pay a bill with $11.11 as the total.

Regardless of where you see these numbers or when, each time it can encourage you to continue to focus your energy on using the LOA in order to get the attention of a certain person or to manifest other things that will have a major impact on your life.

Vivid Dreams and Improved Sleep

When you begin using the LOA to its full potential, most people tend to put more trust in the universe. And the result? You’ll sleep better at night and wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed. This is your subconscious responding to your deliberate choice to go for positivity over negativity. This type of improved sleep can also mean you’re experiencing less anxiety and depression. When you sleep, if you experience wonderful, peaceful, vivid dreams, your manifestation potential has definitely increased.

Spirit Guides

Are there certain totems or a type of animal that means something to you? You may feel connected to a particular type of animal and associate them with happiness. Or, in the past, you may have experienced something that led you to view an object like a heart-shaped stone or white feather as your own personal sign.

When a person is vibrating at a higher frequency and the LOA is working well for them, they’ll usually see more of these totems or spirit guides. This is a huge indication that they’re on the right path. If you don’t have a totem or spirit guide, trying researching a meditation that will help in terms of connecting a symbol with your intentions.

An Increase in Your Cashflow

A person’s natural state is normally one of abundance and this is what the universe wants. When a person is moving toward a successful manifestation they may find that they encounter more and more cash in unexpected places. This will often begin in small ways, such as finding money on the street or in a jacket that hasn’t been worn in months. However, depending on your intentions, you may even start to come into large sums of money as well.

Regardless of how much or how little cash you get, make sure you tell the universe how grateful you are. This will help you to attract more good in your life.


Some people claim that they saw rainbows on the day they landed their dream job, came into a large sum of money or met their future spouse. Rainbows are believed to be a source of magical energy and are said to represent clarity.

Whether or not you believe that, rainbows are definitely capable of focusing your mind on positive energy and boosting your mood. When people stare at rainbows in all their magical splendor, their vibrations tend to heighten, which means they’re more likely to attract what they want from the universe.


A Boost in Synchronicity

Another very clear indication that the law of attraction is working for you is a noticeable increase in synchronicity. This comes in many forms. As an example, you may begin to meet many new people who are able to help you on your path to success, love, greater happiness, of financial abundance. You will be surprised at how each of the steps towards manifesting your desires now seems to be unfolding naturally. It’s important to trust in these opportunities and take hold of as many of them as possible.

Make sure nothing gets in your way to manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals. Take a look at your life and try to determine what could and may be holding you back, and what’s preventing you from using the law of attraction effectively.

Changes in the Way You Feel

While this may not seem like a big deal, one of the biggest clues for most people that the universe has started to pay attention is based on how a person feels from day to day. If you often struggled with depression or anxiety in the past, if you could describe your past moods as dark or hopeless, but you’ve begun to naturally feel more optimistic, this can indicate that the LOA has begun to work for you.

How you’re feeling and your state of mind can determine everything. When you feel better, mentally, you’ll be more receptive to the universe. This means that your resistance is decreasing and your trust and confidence in the universe are building.

While you may not feel like you’re on cloud nine all the time, you’ll have a much easier time letting yourself do whatever you need to in order to feel good, regardless of how silly or frivolous it may feel or even how unrelated it is to your manifestation.

Keep in mind that whatever you want, you want it because you’re chasing a particular feeling. If you’re able to create those feelings now then you’re aligning yourself with the universe and making yourself more receptive to whatever it has to offer.

With the law of attraction, the journey is what it’s really about. This includes the process of getting what you need and what you want in order to feel good about your life and the path that you’re currently on. Remember, keep being patient and put all of your trust in the universe. Try to avoid getting attached to specific outcomes, or worrying constantly that what you desire is never going to come your way. Doing so will only cause you to put out negative energy into the universe, and remember like attracts like.

Obstacles in Your Path

This part of the process can really set you on the wrong path. You may begin using exercises that are meant to increase your positive vibration, focusing on the positive, and expressing your gratitude to the universe. Basically, you feel as though you’re doing everything right. But then you begin to manifest things you don’t like or want and start wondering where you’ve gone wrong.

You were loaded up with certain expectations regarding what this entire process was going to be like and how your manifestation was on its way.

So, when things start to not go your way you may start doubting the universe. It’s human nature and it happens to everyone when they first start using the law of attraction. But these series of bad events may actually indicate that things are moving forward, so try to remain calm and keep the faith.

While you may not be loving life while this is going on, try to remember that positive things are on the way.

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Final Thoughts

When used correctly, the LOA can totally change your life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work overnight and it may not provide the type of results you’re looking for, at least not in the beginning. But over a period of several days or months, you will begin to notice your life beginning to change for the better.

The law of attraction specific person signs will be different for everyone. But ultimately, you’ll notice subtle changes that can occur over a period of several days or weeks. This can be as simple as sleeping better at night, finding extra cash in your wallet, or the person that you are trying to attract has started greeting you every morning. While you may not instantly achieve your goals, these subtle signs can indicate that the universe has taken notice. During this time, it’s important to keep sending out your message to the universe. Remain positive, focus on your goals, and always remember to show gratitude to the universe for all that it has given you.

Using the Law of Attraction for a Specific Person
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Using the Law of Attraction for a Specific Person
If you're using LOA to manifest your desires, then you may be anxious for signs that you're using it correctly. My guide will show you the signs to look for.