In this Vibration Jump review, I’ll go over what makes this program a bestseller, why it’s earned a reputation as one of the most effective manifesting programs on the market, and what it’s all about. Essentially, this is a program that’s designed to help those who are struggling to manifest their desires, due to a vibration mismatch. So, if you’re considering purchasing this program and you want to get the inside scoop concerning how this program works and whether or not it’s as effective as many people are claiming, read on to learn more.

Our Verdict: This program is designed for beginners, skeptics, and those who have experience with the law of attraction. The goal of the program is to change’s the user’s mindset, helping them to advance on the vibration ladder to level three, which is the level that needs to be reached in order to begin manifesting what they most desire. The program consists of four stages and includes a quick start guide, a couple of bonuses, and audio tracks, that together, are designed to help the user to advance on their vibrational ladder. However, it doesn’t offer as much guidance as the beginner may need and doesn’t come with much support in terms of a guide that the user can refer back to when they’re struggling to change their negative mindset. I would recommend this program to those who have some experience with the law of attraction and need more support, but I don’t believe that this program will be very effective if it’s not used in conjunction with other manifesting techniques.


This program is all about helping you achieve your goals, to finally manifest what you desire from the universe. But there are many roadblocks that people tend to struggle with, especially people who are naturally skeptical and negative. This is a program that promises to help you learn how to manifest what you most desire from the universe, by eliminating vibration mismatches and blockages.

The author believes that a vibration blockage can have a major negative impact on a person’s vibration signals that are sent out into the universe. These powerful blockages are found in the unconscious portion of the mind. The unconscious mind acts as a database of sorts and saves many of your most important emotions.

Because of this, even after you consciously carry out techniques that are designed to increase your vibrations, you may still encounter poor results when you attempt to use the law of attraction. It can be hard for someone to break through a vibrational blockage and send out the right signal to the universe, and that’s where this program comes in.

Vibration Jump Overview

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐+ 1/2

  • Easy to follow
  • Includes five audio tracks
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Program is well laid out
  • Includes free bonuses
  • Affordable

How it Can Help

This is a program that’s aimed at people who are completely new to the law of attraction, or people who are struggling to use the LOA and have had trouble converting their dreams into reality. The author claims that this is a program that can change your life for the better, forever.

Everyone wants to be more successful, but only a small percentage of people are able to actually reach all of the goals they set for themselves, which is why many turn to the law of attraction as a way to reach the root cause of their inability to achieve their goals or live the life they feel they deserve. Programs such as Vibration Jump give people hope that the reason, they’re not reaching their goals is merely a matter of not harnessing their energy and learning how to increase their vibration, so the universe can take notice. But is it really as simple as that? Some people who have experienced success with the law of attraction believe so, but skeptics will have a harder time believing that all they need to do to reach their life goals is meditate and write in a journal. But that’s one of the great things about this program. The author incorporates many exercises that have been used in the manifesting world for years, such as meditation and journaling, because these are the exercises that force you to focus your energy. Like any other LOA program, this one won’t work if you don’t follow the author’s instructions closely and use the program often. Consistency will be key.

However, there are so many manifesting programs to choose from, many people wonder what makes this program different, and why it’s earned a higher user rating for its effectiveness.

Many programs focus on manifesting techniques, without explaining why you may not be ready to begin manifesting. There’s also usually no mention of vibration, which is essentially the main way you communicate with the universe. If you have a low vibration, the universe will not be able to hear you or take notice that you’re sending out positive energy in order to manifest what you want.

Like many people who have used the LOA successfully, the author decided to create this program to show you exactly what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

About the Author

Stephanie Mulac is the author of Vibration Jump and created the techniques in this program to help influence the vibrational signals that the unconscious mind sends out into the universe. The program focuses on clearing vibration blockages that prevent a person moving up the vibration ladder.

The author created this program after struggling with money for years and not having any success using the law of attraction. She learned effective ways to raise her vibration, in order to send out the right signal to the universe and created this program to shared what she learned with the world.

How the Vibration Ladder Works

The vibrational ladder can be raised by following the four stages in this program. The beginning stages of the program focus on preparing the reader for the process, before they can advance to the most important stage of the program.  But before you purchase this system, you’ll need to take the free quiz.

Who Is This Program For?

This is a great program to try if you’re new to the law of attraction. It’s also a good choice for people who use different types of vibration increasing methods, such as a manifestation journal or meditation. Skeptics may be hesitant to give other LOA programs a try, but since this program is designed with the busy professional in mind, it’s not as time-consuming as other LOA-based programs, so it will give busy professionals more of an incentive to give it a try.

Package Details

Basically, this program will focus on manifesting money, improving your love life, and strengthening your spiritual connection. This is done by strengthening the three main vibration areas. If a person is currently vibrating at the first level, then they’re someone who struggles with money and often finds themselves in debt. People who vibrate at level two are people who struggle with their finances, but they’re still able to live a comfortable life. This program is designed to teach readers what to do in order to make it to the third level, which is the level that a person is financially-free.

​The program will discuss how it’s necessary to move up the ladder in order to manifest their desires from the universe. The issue here is that most people have trouble doing this and end up wasting most of their time trying out different manifestation techniques, only to become frustrated with the LOA and their lack of results.

When you’re at level one or two, manifesting your desires is impossible. So, if you’ve tried to use the LOA in the past and didn’t end up achieving your goals, then it’s because you were not at the third level. Advancing to level three is essential if you want to begin living the life you deserve.

The Money Vibration Test

If you’re skeptical, the author offers a free quiz that you can take to determine if you have a vibration blockage. The quiz is called the Money Vibration Test. This self-assessment quiz consists of questions that determine your level of vibration. Once you take the test, you’ll receive a report that discusses where you’re at on the vibrational ladder.

The fact that the test is free may seem like a nice extra, but the problem here is that the author will not allow you to view any information about the program without first taking the test. Once you land on the website, you’ll be asked several questions. Fortunately, this quiz is short and simple, but in order to proceed to other areas on the site you will have to enter your email address after you’ve completed the questions.

Some people, especially those who are skeptical about the program in the first place, won’t appreciate subscribing to this program in order to make any progress on the site, although you can unsubscribe once you have received an email from the author with your report.

Purchasing the Program

If you decide to buy the program, you’ll receive all the program material within seconds, so you can almost immediately start downloading the quick start guide, bonuses, and the audio tracks. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t offer a hard copy of the quick start guide, so in order to access it you’ll need to use a tablet, smartphone, or your PC.

Quick Start Guide

This short, fifteen-minute guide will introduce the reader to the basics of the program and what they can anticipate taking away from this system. This guide is very short and lacking in any real supportive information that you can use throughout the program. Competing programs offer a more in-depth guide that discusses not only the techniques used in the program, but the law of attraction in general, so the lack of information in this guide will be disappointing for some.

In the guide, you’ll learn about the four stages of the program and how to follow them.

The Four Stages

As I mentioned above, this program features four stages. The first stage of this program allows the reader to choose the category of their life that they want to focus on raising their vibration. Most people will choose money, however, there are other categories to choose from including relationships and spiritual connections.

In the second stage of the program, the reader will spend time preparing for the next stage. Stage three includes the Vibrational Jump method. This method is all about helping the reader to advance on the vibration ladder in order to begin experiencing success in many aspects of their life. It’s designed for people from all types of financial backgrounds, especially those who are struggling with money. The fourth stage comes once you have raised your vibration. In this stage, you should begin to experience manifesting success.

Vibration Audio Tracks

The audio tracks are designed to help you get rid of any negative energy, working to increase your vibration to a level in which you are able to start manifesting what you want from the universe, including a balanced love life, the accumulation of wealth, or simply a life that’s free from worries. These tracks help the program user to focus on their desires, allowing positivity to take over. The goal of listening to these tracks daily is to raise their vibration, allowing them to advance to a level three vibration. Keep in mind these tracks must be listened to daily as you focus your mind on your goals. Fortunately, these tracks are very short, so you can anticipate devoting just twenty minutes a day to increasing your vibration.


This program comes with a couple of bonuses:

  • A daily success journal
  • Workbook


The workbook allows the user to focus their unconscious vibrations more effectively.

Daily Success Journal

This journal will help readers experience the thoughts that can help increase positive vibrations and boost energy levels.

Raising Vibrations

In order to make the law of attraction work, you need to raise your vibration. When your unconscious mind is not aligned with your desires, you will only end up manifesting the exact opposite of what you want. Low vibrations will prevent you from manifesting what you desire.

Everything in the universe is made up of matter and energy and everything vibrates. A person’s vibrating frequency can be raised or lowered depending on their actions, how they feel, and their thoughts.

When you’re able to raise your vibration to a higher level you can increase your connection with source energy. The spirit, body, and mind will be in harmony, giving you a clearer mind, more energy, and the ability to make a connection with the universe. When a vibration is raised, the person will feel fortunate, energized, and closer to reaching their goals.

How Will I Know I’m Moving Up the Vibration Ladder?

Those who are new to the law of attraction and manifesting may not know how to tell the program is working and whether or not they’ve been able to raise their vibration. Below, you’ll find signs that clearly show that you’re moving to a higher vibration:

  • You will discover new spiritual gifts
  • Experience moments of overwhelming love and gratitude
  • Feel more calm
  • Feel more positive
  • Feel peaceful
  • Feel as though you’re in sync with the universe
  • Experience a flow of inspiration
  • You will also find more ease and flow in all of the actions you take towards manifesting your desires.

Moving up the vibration ladder may seem impossible to some people, especially those who experience negative thoughts frequently. But the author claims that’s you don’t have to feel positive every day or radiate positive energy around the clock, in order to experience results.

As a human being, you’re allowed to feel negative, depressed, sad, and unconnected with the universe at times. The goal is to find the perfect balance.

The author includes some bonuses in this guide that can help you raise your vibration by focusing on positivity.

Meditating while listening to the included audio tracks can help to raise your vibration. Research has shown that meditating can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, but it can also help you gain mental clarity, improved self-awareness, and can allow you to advance to a higher state of consciousness. When you meditate, you begin to instantly vibrate on a higher level since your mind is in the receiving mode. For some it can be challenging to reach a higher vibration through meditation, especially if that person has never meditated before. However, the included audio tracks make it much easier to focus your mind and energy on positivity and increasing your vibration.

The included journal encourages the user to write down their negativity and let go of it. It can also be used to write out your goals, positive things that have happened each day, and affirmations.

The author does a great job of including important materials and exercises that are designed to teach the reader how to change their mindset and focus on their goals.

Now that you know how this program works and why it’s so important to increase your vibration, let’s learn about one of Vibration Jump’s competing programs and why it’s also earning high user ratings for LOA effectiveness.

If you’re eager to get started, then click here right now to purchase the Vibration Jump program and start learning how to move up the vibration ladder, now.

Vibration Jump Vs. Instant Manifestation Secrets

The Instant Manifestation Secrets program is one of Vibration Jump’s top competing programs. There have been mixed reviews for both LOA-based online programs, so which one is a better choice for the beginner?  The Instant Manifestation Secrets program also focuses on how the reader can manifest their desires, and it does so by teaching the reader about the three levels of the mind and how to use the LOA in order to manifest their desires into reality. This is a program that’s designed for skeptics, beginners, and those who have used the LOA in the past, with no success. It will teach you how to reprogram the subconscious in order to break through the negative thoughts that normally dominate the mind. Like Vibration Jump, the program is all about learning important techniques that can ensure your success with manifesting. But unlike Vibration Jump, which has a goal of teaching you have to increase your vibration, the competing program teaches the reader how to gain control over their thoughts. So, if you’re struggling to increase your vibration using this four-stage program, the Instant Manifestation Secrets program may be a better choice. It offers more guidance for the beginner and takes a slower approach to manifesting that many people who are new to the LOA need. It also comes with a longer main guide, which discusses the techniques used, why and how they work, and how the LOA can have such a huge impact on your success. Unfortunately, the quick start guide for the Jump program is a very short read and doesn’t offer much extra information that a beginner would benefit from.

To learn more, click here to read my Instant Manifestation Secrets review.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to follow
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • Free vibration quiz
  • Audio tracks
  • Bonuses
  • Not time-consuming


  • Online based
  • Short guide
  • Must provide your email before you can learn more about the program on the website
  • Will not work for everyone

Final Thoughts

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐+ 1/2

In this Vibration Jump review, we discussed what you can do to eliminate any vibration mismatches, how to elevate your vibration in order to move up the ladder and manifest what you desire, and how this program is designed to help a person use the law of attraction effectively. This program is designed to teach you how to change the vibrations that affect the unconscious area of the mind, in order to send out the right signal to the universe. This is the perfect program for anyone who has unsuccessfully used the law of attraction in the past, or anyone who needs a refresher course, and those who need some help clearing their negative thoughts. I gave this program a rating of four and a half stars out of five.