You’ve done everything right. You’ve created a dream jar, said your affirmations several times a day, and visualized your desires but you’ve received nothing. What can you do when manifestation is not working? If it’s been several weeks and you’re beginning to worry that the LOA is not going to work for you, there may be some things that you’re doing incorrectly that can make it difficult for the universe to clearly hear your message.

When manifestation is not working it could simply be a matter of you allowing doubt to creep into your mind. In order to get back on the right path, try meditating two to three times a day while focusing on your desires and letting go of negative thoughts and energy. In many cases, it’s these negative thoughts that are affecting your ability to manifest your desires. Make sure your home is a place that promotes positive energy, comfort, and relaxation. Stay away from people who are toxic and those who constantly bring you down. Focus on your goals and trust in the universe. If you’re struggling with your faith, do some LOA exercises such as creating a dream jar, visualization board, or write down new affirmations.

Continue reading to learn more about the common reasons why the LOA fails to work and what you can do to raise your vibration.

Holding Onto Your Faith

If you feel like you’re on the verge of giving up on your dreams and desires because you’ve been following the LOA with no success, then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many people tend to give up, never realizing their dreams.

When you use the law of attraction, it means that you’re focusing on attracting what you want in your life based on your thoughts and beliefs. If you want something but you feel like you’re undeserving or you feel like you aren’t good enough, then you’re the one that’s preventing the law of attraction from working. These negative thoughts are what can stop or delay the universe from delivering what you want.

You may spend several hours each day saying your affirmations and visualizing your intentions, but if you’re dealing with some type of mental block then this can really hold you back.

You can easily work through these mental blocks by writing them down. This will force you to acknowledge each of your doubts and fears, which can make it easier for you to deal with them. Take time to analyze these mental blocks and what you can do to work them out. While this may be easier said than done, it is totally possible.

It’s crucial that you get rid of these mental blocks.

Space for Your Intentions

Space for Your Intentions

Just like you need to clear out space in your home when you buy a new piece of furniture, you also have to make some space for your new intentions. The law of attraction states that two things are not able to exist in the same space.

This means you have to let go of old negative energy and thoughts that you’ve been holding onto for years before there is space in your mind for new beliefs. If you fail to do this then you’ll soon realize that trying to affirm new beliefs and ways of thinking will cause issues with the old.

Recognizing Your Fears

Did you know that fear can also cause resistance and prevent you from manifesting what you desire? If you’re stuck focusing on your fears, then the universe will only send you more. Remember, like attracts like. Once you have overcome your mental blocks you will quickly begin to notice a shift in your energy. New pathways and opportunities will begin to open up for you. You must learn how to overcome your fears by letting go and trusting in the universe. Once you’ve set your intentions, then it’s important that you have total faith that you’ll receive what you desire. No matter what you intend, the universe always delivers.

How to Deal with Doubt

Usually, it’s when success is just within reach that many people give up on using the LOA. If the process of using the law of attraction has taken much longer than what you expected, you must remain trusting and calm. Don’t abandon the process. Instead, you need to reaffirm your faith in the process.

Truthfully, your reality it what you make it. Don’t listen to family and friends who tell you that you’re not being realistic by putting your faith in the law of attraction. You can achieve anything you want and do anything you want. However, if you allow doubt to enter your mind it will only serve to lower your vibration and can end up delaying your intentions.

If you really believe that your goals are achievable, that your intentions will happen, they will manifest much quicker.


The mind must go through a type of decluttering process before you can expect your desires to manifest. Unfortunately, during this part of the process, many people tend to lose interest in the process and simply give up. Keep in mind, anything that’s worth having will not happen instantly.

When you’re focusing on your desires, it’s important that you feel the emotion of your intentions. These are the feelings you would experience if your desires came true. It can be difficult to try to manifest a desire if you’re too worried about what will happen if you end up failing. Focusing on what you don’t have will only slow down the process.

The time will come with your goals or intentions are in alignment, so you must be patient. At times, things can take much longer to manifest, despite the fact that you’re doing everything right. This can be a matter of it being the wrong time. Your old thoughts and ways must be cleared out to make room for the new.

Can Your Desires Really Bring Happiness?


manifest happiness

In order to achieve real happiness you have to enjoy what you do. While you need to plan for the future, you can only really live in the moment. The future and the past are only really part of your imagination. Try not to make the wrong assumption that once you have manifested your desires that they will make you instantly happy. Happiness comes from within and you can choose when to be happy, regardless of your current circumstances.

If you’ve tried manifesting your desires for a period of several weeks or more and you haven’t had any success, then you need to consider that you may not have sent out a clear message or that you’ve allowed negative thinking to cause serious doubt and lower your vibration.

Cycles of Lack

For most people, getting caught in a cycle of negative thinking is just too easy. This type of self-perpetuating cycle in which you think your manifestations aren’t working is what is having the most impact on your success. If you feel stuck in this cycle, I recommend meditating. Put aside fifteen to twenty minutes a day and focus on your desires, the message you want to send out to the universe, and recognize that you’re worthy of your dreams. You can do this two to three times a day or more, whenever you start to feeling doubt begin to creep in. Reaffirming your faith in the LOA in this manner can do wonders for your positive mental attitude and it can also raise your vibration.

However, if you aren’t obsessing over negative thoughts and feelings, but you’re still failing to manifest, then something else may be going on.

Simply not believing that the LOA can work is another common problem. If you’re skeptical about what you’ve said, the affirmations you say, or you’re a very logical person and cannot bring yourself to embrace the LOA, then you’re holding yourself back. If this sounds like you, then one of the best things you can do is to read up more on the LOA.

Your Environment is Counterproductive

In some cases, manifestation may not be working because of what surrounds a person, not what’s inside of them. Look around at your environment. Look at the way you approach your social life, take a look around your home. What types of people do you normally interact with?

If you’re involved in a toxic relationship or you’re around people who often bring you down, then your ability to manifest can seriously be hindered. Additionally, if you fail to create the type of home that promotes good energy, relaxation, and positivity, then your vibration can also be brought down.

It’s time to take a serious look at what’s in your home. As an example, are you attempting to manifest a relationship while your home is filled with items that remind you of your ex?

Missing Subtle Signs that the Universe is at Work

Missing Subtle Signs that the Universe is at Work

Now, many people complain that they’ve been using the law of attraction to manifest their desires for months and they’ve gotten nothing back in return. The LOA simply isn’t working, the universe isn’t listening. But often, people fail to recognize the subtle signs the universe sends their way. The universe will send many small signs that can indicate that you’re slowly but steadily moving towards your goal. Many people miss these signs because they’re looking for an entirely different type of sign. The best thing you can do in order to spot signs from the universe easily is to speak with someone who has successfully learned how to use the LOA and ask them what type of signs to look for based on their experiences. After you’ve talked to this person you’ll soon begin to see that the universe really is working for you.

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Final Thoughts

The universe is always at work, whether you know how to use the law of attraction or not. What’s important is that you learn how to train your brain to send out the right message to the universe.

When manifestation isn’t working it’s often a matter of the person either failing to see the subtle signs from the universe that their desires really are on their way, or it can have to do with the person becoming stuck in a negative way of thinking. If you’re struggling to keep the faith in the law of attraction, try meditating each day and focusing on your desires and goals. Take time away from people who are negative, those that tell you that you’re wrong for putting your faith in the universe. Let go of old negative thoughts and memories in order to make space for new, positive ways of thinking. Ensure that your home is set up to promote comfort, positivity, and relaxation. Make your home a space that you enjoy, one that can even help to raise your vibration the more time you spend there. With these changes you’ll soon notice that the universe is at work and that it’s only a matter of time before you see some serious positive changes in your life.

When Manifestation is Not Working: Raising Your Vibration
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When Manifestation is Not Working: Raising Your Vibration
Find out what you may be doing wrong when using the LOA, why it's taking so long for your desires to manifest and what you can do to change it.